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Violence Rages In Hamburg As G20 Summit Kicks Off (Videos)


Violence Rages In Hamburg As G20 Summit Kicks Off (Videos)

Protests continued in Hamburg on Friday as G20 summit kicked off in the city. Since Thursday when the poststs started, 45 people have been detained and 159 police officers have been wounded in clashes according to media reporrts.

Police is deploying reinforcements because the 20,000-strong force providing security during the G20 summit is not enough to stop the violence.

A police helicopter was nearly hit by a pistol flare light on Friday:

Demonstrators set a number of cars on fire and vandalized some police vehicles.



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  • Fraggy_Krueger

    This special demonstration has some interesting backstory. A lot peaceful camps had been harassed beforehand, with nasty juridical tricks, the police ignored court orders and dispersed camps, some demonstrations had been denied… but “Welcome to hell” was winked through and granted a route which one knew – the police never would let go to till the planned end

    And that´s what happened. One just had to look how the police formations were staggered and where the heavy water throwers were placed. As also a lot of willing Antifa members were present, it just needed a spark. The moles of the Verfassungsschutz always work accurately, when needed.

    They wanted riot rising, they wanted this development.

    Now budget and forces can be stepped up again and it is easy to deny other demonstrations – and police violence is justified in Germany, anyway.

    Why don´t these *uckers just meet on a aircraft carrier or Helgoland. This would safe so much trouble and money for the tax payer.

    • Michelledphillips

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  • John

    Good times….

  • Solomon Krupacek

    putin and his bandits in G20

  • paul

    I am no fan of the G 20, but I fail to see why burning private cars and
    smashing shop fronts is anything more than vandalism. May be if
    ministry building and court houses where attacked then at least you
    might think that this had something to do with the state. But just
    destroying the average Joe’s property is low life behavior.

    • Jonathan Cohen

      Not if average Joe voted for Merkel, though I did notice they torched an economy car, not just luxury cars. I don’t know why they didn’t keep their destruction to luxury items.

    • Barba_Papa

      Because these protesters are professional protesters. This is their job. They’re radicals who can’t be bothered to work, so they live off welfare from the state they hate. They are the very guardians of the Truth and they know what is best for everyone. Which gives them the right to do whatever they want and enforce their views on everyone. And woe to whatever nation they will ever manage to take over because they will show no mercy to anyone who disagrees with them.

      • paul

        Yes I completely see the situation as you describe it. The threat is very
        real. These people are not just at the fringes. It all rather reminds
        me of the Cultural Revolution in China. May be you are too young to
        know about this. One of the things I remember from this revolution
        was the practice of people being forced out on to the streets and
        being made to apologies and confess their sins to a ‘peoples court’.
        I now regularly see YouTube videos of very similar events happening

        • Barba_Papa

          I did not experience that time myself, but I do know about it. I have noticed the ugly similarities with the Cultural Revolution. Unfortunately the CR was only ended by the Chinese army stepping in and crushing it. Who is going to crush the SJW movement in the West?

          • paul

            It is funny that you should say this as this is exactly what I was
            thinking. Who will stop this? Can it even be stopped? I fear not.

      • cortisol

        In France protests earlier this year there were rumored to be private military contractor soldiers (small percentage of overall) acting as agitators for the protests. I see no reason why it would be any different in this riot. The globalist scum wanted it to develop this way, so it did. They will probably blame the “far right” and push new gestapo laws.

        You must remember, antiFa is made of yesterdays communists, who have seeked and found a new host in ideologies such as LGBT, anti-Russia, climate change, pro unlimited uncontrolled African migration, etc. All same things as elites are pushing in their “west”. These ideologies ultimately only aim to disperse nations and people, and gain full control over theme. Per se the ideologies are irrelevant.

    • FallenByTheHand

      I agree with you. Usually it is only a minority ‘Black Block’ group that does all this vandalism. Sometimes (not always) undercover police is present masked as Black Block to do exactly this. But usually the majority of protesters are either peaceful or organise less violent actions. In Hamburg, several groups have tried road blockades, a group has blockaded the port of Hamburg, some people tried to swim across the river to enter G20 territory. But what gets the most media attention is always the Black Block and the burning cars they leave.

  • Moussa

    Can someone explain to me what the G-20 is and why the German people hate it so much!

  • Lal De Mel

    Is this a reflection of the clash of Civillizations and the end of the traditional western civilization?