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Violence And Riots As Trumps Becomes 45th US President (Color Technologies At Work In US)

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The inauguration is over but anti-Trump protesters are showing no signs of slowing down.

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Tolerant peace-loving liberals.

Dod Grile

The Black Block stuff is only going to leave some poor patsies dead. The fools caught up in those co-intelpro type entrapment operations are really quite stupid.

Nigel Maund

These people behave like totally uncivilized animals that they are! They need a few cracked heads and a damn good beating to wake them up! There are codes of conduct in civilised society and a respect for public and private property. This kind of behavoir is intolerable and the US will need to address it. Peaceful protests are infinitely more potent where people’s health, rights and public / private property is respected as the great Indian leader Mohandas K Ghandi understood all too well. Ghandi’s peaceful protest and non co – operation with the Colonial Government forced Britain to accept the inevitable of Indian independence. Anarchic and reckless behavoir deserves what it will inevitable get.

Dod Grile

If that were so there would not be a multi-trillion dollar global arms industry. Most of human history indicates otherwise.

“A few cracked heads.” You yourself show otherwise. Tell me, is the protection of some property, private or otherwise, worth cracked heads, broken bones and mangled bodies?

True and honest peace comes with equality, justice and respect in the inherent worth (dignity) of others. Until then there will be war, bloody, most violent and foul, sadly.

Nigel Maund

Unfortunately, we have created a society where there is neither respect for different opinions, for the rights of other people or respect for public and private property. The do gooders have had it their way for far too long and you now see the net result. Education begins at home, however, most families have both parents at work and leave discipline to the schools and workplace. However, this is not happening because most schools can no longer control their classrooms. Trying to educate youngsters that violent and destructive behavoir once they are already adolescents who have habitually gotten away with no accountability for their actions has resulted in what you see now. 40 years of this nonsense has resulted in the street riot culture of unrestrained hooliganism and a disdain for authority and property. So, now what on earth are you going to suggest that works?? …….Please can you stop it and be reasonable? … I don’t think so because they are not going to listen. Put them in the already overcrowded jails? …Not an option either. So, one is left with water cannons, tear gas and the policeman’s baton as all other options don’t have any impact. That’s the case pure and simple. Have a look at how the Swedish police have lost control of the City of Malmo due to their hands being tied behind their backs so they are absolutely impotent against out of control immigrants. Now the army will have to patrol the streets!…. see http://www.zerohedge.com archives. I rest my case.


Agree. Crack those heads, tear gas, rubber bullets, arrest and forced work camps. No problem with protest, but trashing property and attacking folks is anarchy. Personally, I’d give these worthless fuckers the Stalin treatment. Wouldn’t kill them, but one year of hard labor and oatmeal three times a day would improve their attitude.

Rodney Loder

Paid performers, crazy move, these people will be no match for the altright, maybe the idea is to create a rough house environment, probably the first anti-peace protest the beltway has ever seen.

Chris Harper

Glad these idiot liberals are on their side. True colors comin’ out big.

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