Violence and Repression Escalate Following Bolivian Coup [Graphic Videos, Photos 18+]

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Violence and Repression Escalate Following Bolivian Coup [Graphic Videos, Photos 18+] 4 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.

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Following the coup in Bolivia, repression against those who are attempting to protest in support of former-President Evo Morales is on the rise, with increasing violence.

It should be further noted that the coup against Evo Morales came less than a week after he cancelled an agreement with a German company for developing lithium for batteries like those in electric cars.

The Morales move on November 4th to cancel the December 2018 agreement with Germany’s ACI Systems Alemania (ACISA) came after weeks of protests from residents of the Potosí area. The region has 50% to 70% of the world’s lithium reserves in the Salar de Uyuni salt flats.

A report by Bloomberg News in 2018, said lithium demand is on the rise and it shows no promise of stopping, thus Bolivia would play a vital role in the events in the following years.

“Demand for lithium is expected to more than double by 2025. The soft, light mineral is mined mainly in Australia, Chile, and Argentina. Bolivia has plenty—9 million tons that have never been mined commercially, the second-largest amount in the world—but until now there’s been no practical way to mine and sell it.”

Stratfor claimed that the coup may make the country more politically unstable, which is undoubtedly true, but it is also possible that the self-proclaimed interim president Jeanine Anez might reverse Morales’ decision to cancel the agreement with ACISA.

“In the longer term, continued political uncertainty will make it more difficult for Bolivia to increase its production of strategic metals like lithium or develop a value-added sector in the battery market. The poor investment climate comes at a time of expanding global opportunities in lithium-ion battery production to meet rising demand from electric vehicle manufacturing.”

Violence is increasing throughout the country, following Morales’ resignation and the seizure of power by the right-wing opposition.

Clashes are happening in many cities across the countries, and there are numerous videos and photographs showing that the military and police are on the side of the right-wing opposition that carried out the coup against the elected President and his government.

The residents of the municipality of Yapacani, in the Santa Cruz district, denounced the onslaught of the military who took to the streets after President Evo Morales announced his resignation.

“We demand the immediate resignation of Senator Añez [Jeanine Anez who proclaimed herself interim President] for instigating violence. The criminal responsibility of Camacho and Mesa for the death of our Bolivian brothers. The resignation of all institutions for the defacing of the sacred emblem that is the wiphala.”

There are videos of military personnel moving in to clash with civilians:

Bolivian media reported that “the current fascist and racist regime continues with violent persecution and hunting in Bolivia especially in El Alto and Cochabamba.”

On the evening of November 12th, military helicopters shot at the indigenous people in La Paz. The original communities of El Alto report 6 dead and around 30 injured.

Following are all photographs and videos, provided by the South American media, some of them are quite graphic, thus discretion is advised.

Violence and Repression Escalate Following Bolivian Coup [Graphic Videos, Photos 18+]

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Violence and Repression Escalate Following Bolivian Coup [Graphic Videos, Photos 18+]

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Violence and Repression Escalate Following Bolivian Coup [Graphic Videos, Photos 18+]

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Violence and Repression Escalate Following Bolivian Coup [Graphic Videos, Photos 18+]

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Violence and Repression Escalate Following Bolivian Coup [Graphic Videos, Photos 18+]

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  1. BMWA1 says:

    General strike time.

  2. Blaine says:

    Getting the DRC/Tantalum option

  3. Bio_ Hazard says:

    That helicopter video is actually from Mexico

  4. hvaiallverden says:

    Yeah, and never doubt that not only would we have to deal with HasbaRats, witch usually are highly visible, because of their one liners are nazi drivel, but this time the Yankikes will be flooding everywhere, to undermine the truth, and sometimes, despite causion we mau get some wrong data/info, happens all the time and sometimes done by purpouse, to undermine an report with so called fake info, happens all the time when it comes to Palestina and their fight against the terror state ISISrael.
    Nothing new, just have that in the back of your mind.
    The second thing is, silenct, when the western aways “high morale” MSM pimpers, whines about racism, etc, etc, its always when some native Europeans are doing something, but when the Imperial banana republic pissants all over the world, is doing much worse crimes, they, the MSM is eary silent, do notice, not an single word of this atrocetys will or is been shown, nothing, unless it can be twisted, like in Gaza where ISISrael and that is on all of the so called MSM incl Russians, that ISISrael always, always retaliates, never ever starts or do anything but retaliates to eh…. terror coming from uh….. islamic fundamentalists, right, poos Joos whom have to endure terror while they are nice piss loving people whom always will be the enternal victim, just ask RT.
    It pisses me off every time.

    The third, is, this actions from rightwinged and ultra racistic whatever “white” people, is rampant in south america, nothing new there either, been like that since as far back I can remeber, and most of this is done with the help of the UssAs, thru their education of scums, torturists and general assh…. whom is the main force of evil done to the natives and anyone they dont like, for decades.
    I dont even bother to go further but highlights this actions since this time its glearingly obvious, apart, of course from the Yankikes whom have been brainwashed so extentivly that any normal conversation with them is an waist of time, the difference between them and HasbaRats is that the Joos army lies all the time, while the Yankikes belives it, indoctrinated thru their enitre life time, and is dumber than most, dont know jack shit from shinola, apart from what their MSM and so called alternative sites pimps to any given time.
    You are so stupid its becoming an divine comedy.

    Yeah, follow the MSM and do that, so you may learn how they indeed twists reality, and the Organge manure heep Trump, is of course happy, finaly, huh, they managed to do something, while they crashed in Venezuela, what I also notices os Brazil, Bollocksaro and his offsping, coming from el manuro himself is of course showing their true faces.
    What will then come in the next days will be equally intresting, BRICS, yeah, but I guess that this will be an massive nothing burger, as always.
    Yankikes, go home.
    Boycot The terrorstate UssA, never ever buy anything this scums of this eath produces, since apart from some tech shit, they have nothing.


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