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Violence And Chaos Spread In Turkish-Occupied Part Of Syria

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Violence And Chaos Spread In Turkish-Occupied Part Of Syria

Turkish-backed militant groups continue fighting each other in northern Syria.

On June 2, clashes broke out among members of the Sultan Murad Division, the al-Hamza Division and Ahrar al-Sharqiya in the villages of Bab al-Khair and Um Ushba in the province of al-Hasakah. According to local sources, the tensions erupted when militants failed to settle their differences over the looting of the fields of crops, which they had seized from the locals.

A separate incident happened in the town of al-Bab in the province of Aleppo early on June 3. The so-called Free Syrian Police (FSP) confronted their counterparts from other Turkish-backed groups after the FSP had detained a woman supposedly linked to ISIS. Last weekend, several civilians had already been injured in a firefight between the FSP and other armed groups.

Another problem is the regular occurrence of assassinations and bombing attacks happening in the Turkish-occupied area. On June 3, an explosion of a booby-trapped motorcycle in the village of al-Beshar injured one person and caused a fire in local wheat and barley fields. A day earlier, a civilian was killed and at least 3 others injured in a supposed IED explosion in the border town of Jarabulus. A car bomb also exploded in the village of Jenderes.

The total death toll from infighting among Turkish-backed militants and from various security incidents is over a dozen civilians in the past week alone.

At the same time, Syrian government forces have been putting extensive effort into securing the civilian areas that they have liberated from militants. Late on June 2, government troops announced that they had found and dismantled over 700 landmines and explosive devices in the area east of the town of Salamiya in Hama province.

Units of the Syrian Army also conducted a new anti-ISIS raid in the countryside of Palmyra. This time they were able to detect and destroy an ISIS position southeast of the ancient city. An active search operation is ongoing near the village of Maadan in Raqqa province after a supposed ISIS cell staged an IED attack there.

The contact line between the Syrian Army and militants in southern Idlib remains in a stable instable situation. Recently, clashes between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the army have been reported north of Hantutin and west of al-Jaradah.

Meanwhile, on June 2, the Turkish Army and the Russian Military Police held a 14th joint patrol along the M4 highway. The patrol started east of Saraqib and reached the western entrance to Ariha amid protests by supporters of Idlib radicals. Videos and photos from the Ariha entrance also showed lots of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham flags confirming that the town is currently in the hands of the terrorists. Further patrols to the area west of Ariha are not possible as long as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham maintains its positions there.

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Please…add the Text ?


Putin-Erdogan(NATO) cease fire agreements has been bringing benefits to Turkey(NATO member) and its terrorists in Idlib.


The current state of affaires is a de-facto cession of most of northern Syria to Turkey and most of Eastern and southern Syria to the US with their respective ISIS, Kurds, al-Qaeda, etc., proxies. WW2 obviously ended far from fixing the world’s problems, and with US Zioterrorist foreign policy of massmurderous interventionism, which has enabled Turks to do what they’re doing, it most probably made them worse.

Jens Holm

Manipulation of the worst kind from You. Turks dont act like and with Nato at all.

Next time You use it, I might will add “Gustava lonly using it after every meal”


Turkish troops are literally dying alongside NATO’s “moderate rebels.” How is that not “act like and with Nato”…?

Jens Holm

Nato has no moderate rebels in Syria at all.

Turks are allowed to be on their own turf as Nato member as a private matter, but Nato dont support its actions. Several Nato members not even will give or sell spareparts for their armed forces to them.

You certainly confoirm how stupid underinformed You are about things there.

We saw the same for Danish specialists and teachers asked for by the Bagdad Goverment. Even so the shiits of Iran gave us ballistics as a part of the conflict beween Iran and USA.

Denmark is not in war or fight with Iran. But for now I will never send a single corona mask or parashoote not even pigs for food help to them.

THEY has defines us as enemies before that Iran was just a black dirty spot on the Globus. But true we dont want them to make nuke unlkess they detonate the first onein Teheran Airport.

You create facts from the sky or deep below – and next blame us for them. A fence around You might do it. And YES Danes also among other things fx in logistics too has been active in figting ISIS in Iraq as well fx guiding F16 missiles by laser at ISIS at Al Qaim by our special troops.


“Nato dont support [Turkey’s] actions” because the Internet and alternative media make it very easy to see that NATO’s “moderate rebels” boil down to terrorists. NATO’s “coalition of the willing” against Iraq did not originally deal with that kind of exposure, so it was easier for you to believe silly ideas like “Danes… active in fighting ISIS.” Other NATO countries like the US also pretend they are there to fight terrorism.

I will admit, Jens, that the bankster oligarchs behind NATO are the real source behind these problems. Check out Rivero’s “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars.” However, do you honestly believe that of all the NATO countries, Denmark would be one to stand against the banskters’ world war-level policies…? Good joke…


Maybe because Russia doesn’t afford to spend too much in that region. I’m sure that if China helped a bit with money the war was over by now, but China plays with both sides.


You mean the war against the “moderate” terrorists, “NATO ally” Turkey, “freedom and democracy” US, and the “chosen people” of “Israel”…? Hitting the “international clique” too hard and too soon is how the clique rallied so much cannon fodder to win the war. Why repeat the same mistake now?


It seems to me that you start with the premise that the enemy is too strong, why poking it too hard when you can ticle it for years. I don’t think the winners have this mind set.


The winners, the clique of private banksters don’t always rush their escalations either. Ever heard of USMC Major General Smedley Butler or his book, “War is a Racket”? He warned that using aggressive military maneuvers would provoke Japan years before the war. However, when Japan got tired of the naval posturing and debilitating sanctions and attacked Pearl Harbor, were any Americans protesting that war is still a racket…?

The banksters are con men; their greatest asset is the ability to build confidence in their causes. Not hitting back too hard or too soon provides time to erode this confidence; that’s one thing organizations like South Front achieve.


Any thoughts about the 5G?

El Mashi

The United States is in a slow motion descent into an economic depression. It cannot print itself out of this decline. Its the savage capitalism of the United States that has run its course. It no longer can afford its Middle East wars because it is mortally wounded. Syria and Iran know this. The US is dying a death of a thousand cuts. Turkey is not too far behind. So, who will protect Israel and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies? There is not much Syria can do other than watch the Jihadis internecine warfare.


Yes they are on the brick of collapse since Karl Marx. USSR was born to replace them when they fall.


^^she’s the real deal


The US’s “economic depression,” unemployment, and deindustrialization are just a longer, more extreme version of the Great Depression, and didn’t the bankster empire revive the US economy into order to win the last world war?

FDR’s New Deal policies were largely for the banksters’ war; why do you think he also ordered the McCollum Memo’s provocations and sanctions to goad Japan? Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan combined with his provocations and sanctions against Iran, China, Russia, etc. are poised to have the same effect. The world oligarchs just need a good enough excuse to have new American jobs and infrastructure geared towards blowing up other people’s infrastructure.


Please add a lower resolution option. Not everyone has high speed internet connections.

Icarus Tanović

That happens to everyone, and that’s not because of internet speed.

Jens Holm

I am familier with Your problems having a very small computer myself.

By that I have reduced colors and changed screen seize a little and it has helped me. Maybee You already has done that.

If You mainly is a reader You can go to this site, when people in ME are asleep.

Best regards Jens Holm

Tanovic is correct too. Sometimes mice with string teaths think internet cables are food:)


Thanks for the suggestions Jen. I hadn’t thought of them.

Now that SouthFront has a new YT channel they have given me a way out.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right, just keep on blocking that,bs agreement. SAA offensive will start soon.

cechas vodobenikov

even the orthodox economist R Heilbroner observed that the US economy has been reliant on imperialism /war since WWII—this regards the creation of NATO and the EU by the amerikans who were appalled at .BREXIT…and lily Italy will leave the EU soon—Greece, hegemonies by Germany cannot…and only 1 Scandinavian nation, the US colony of Denmark is a member of both NATO and the EU


Idiot in the WH

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