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JUNE 2023

“Vikings To The Rescue”: United States Reveals Its Peace Plan For Armenian-Azerbaijani War

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The diplomatic process surrounding the ongoing Armenian-Azerbaijani war in the Nagorno-Karabakh region has reached an expected stalemate. The Armenians do not want to surrender. The Azerbaijani-Turkish bloc does not want to drop its chances for a military victory.

On October 30, the sides tried to reach another humanitarian ceasefire brokered by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and once again agreed to exchange prisoners, dead bodies and not strike civilian targets. This agreement collapsed as expected a few minutes after it was reached. Speculations of US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien about the possible deployment of some mysterious Scandinavian peacekeepers looks like wishful thinking.

In these conditions, the pro-Western government of Armenia started to suspect that its NATO allies will not help it in the war with Azerbaijan which is supported by another NATO member state. So, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan opted to write an official request to Moscow complaining that the Armenian pro-Western policies do not help and it is time for Russia to rescue it. In the letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pashinyan remembered that Armenia is formally a Russian ally and asked to ensure the security of Armenia under the existing defense treaties between Moscow and Yerevan. In response, Russia announced that it will provide all necessary assistance to Armenia, if the war comes to Armenia’s territory. Russia still remains the only real guarantor of Armenian territorial integrity.

As to the Nagorno-Karabakh question, Armenia itself does not recognize this territory as an independent sate or as a part of Armenia. Furthermore, after a month of war, Armenia has not officially entered the war in Karabakh and avoided the decision of officially sending its regular troops there.

The situation on the frontline remains critical for the Armenians. Azerbaijani forces continue their pressure in the direction of the Lachin corridor and the second largest town in the region – Shusha. Baku insists that these offensive actions are just a response to the ceasefire violations by Armenia. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry also says that all reports about the usage of white phosphorus munitions by Azerbaijani forces are just Armenian provocations and such munitions can be used by the Armenians themselves to fake the evidence.

The Armenian vision of the situation is expectedly quite different. It says that Armenian forces do not shell civilian targets while the forces of Azerbaijan intentionally target civilians. The Armenian Defense Ministry also reported that the Azerbaijani military has suffered even more casualties after their attacks on Lachin and Shusha. Thus, the alleged number of Azerbaijani casualties reached 6,947. At the same time, Azerbaijan allegedly lost 656 armoured vehicles, 6 rocket launchers, 25 military planes, 16 helicopters and 239 UAVs.

Despite these claims, the Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc keeps the initiative in the conflict. The long frontline and attempts of Armenian forces to protect all of what they currently have instead of concentrating thier main forces on the key positions contribute to the strategic advantage of Azerbaijan because it has an upper hand in manpower, military equipment and it dominates the skies. In general, the Armenians have more motivated infantry but this appears to be not enough.

In these conditions, there are two main hopes for the Armenian leadership:

  1. A permanent ceasefire and return to the negotiations process with Azerbaijan due to the increasing international pressure on Baku (through diplomatic channels and sanction threats);
  2. A military intervention by some third party in the conflict on the side of Armenia.

For the second scenario, the main candidate is Russia. Currently, Moscow demonstrates that it is not going to intervene in the conflict militarily if it remains in the territory of Karabakh. At the same time, Turkey and Azerbaijan are also not interested in expanding the territory of the conflict further because this will likely lead to the involvement of some third party in the war that would lead to the military defeat of Azerbaijani forces. Thus, in some scenarios, the Armenians could be directly interested in a Turkish-Azerbaijani attack on Armenian sovereign borders, especially in the area where Russian forces are deployed. Shelling of Armenian territory by Azerbaijan has already taken place and Azerbaijan accused Armenia of using weapons deployed near Karabakh in the conflict. However, now, Yerevan could even more actively involve its troops deployed inside Armenia to strike Azerbaijani forces in Karabakh. For example, Armenia can use its artillery units deployed near the border area. This as well as the public employment of regular troops could become the last try of the Armenians if they really aim to win the war.

At the same time, the actions of the Pashinyan government in the previous years and since the start of the war raise concerns that he and his Soros-linked circle are not really interested in Nagorno-Karabakh. First, they created diplomatic conditions for the Azerbaijani-Turkish advance there and now the Pashinyan government is just playing a propaganda hand as it allows Azerbaijan to recapture the area. In general, this will allow the current political regime in Armenia to make an ever more dramatic turn towards ‘Western integration’ and resolve the ‘territorial issue’ that prevents its further formal cooperation with NATO.

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Armenia needs to close the airspace over the conflict zone.

Random Dude

Was it open?

catalin zt

Open is ur mum stinky khazarian hairy hole, breeding genocidal mutated creatures called “jews” all worshipping Baal your CiakarDracoReptilian “god” ! The SCUM of Humanity u are ALL!

Random Dude

Anything on airspace? You got confused a little Kathleen. They are not gay, they are singing men.

catalin zt

Don’t worry soon the adult satanic and the baby satanic will swim the Mediterranean Sea like sharks u are all trained to be ! :)

Random Dude

sure but, was the airspace open?


yes shoot down silk way west airlines carrying weapons over georgia to donkey azeri

Jens Holm

https://www.flightradar24.com/THY5ZG/25f09ae8 can check the ones with tranporter. Righ now in the night there is a Turkish airliner over Yerevan.

Servet Köseoğlu

Cheeky Usa still thinks himself a man with superhuman reflexes constantly view the world in slow motion..:))

Random Dude

Armenian Americans demanded from the white house “do something”. And that is exactly what they are doing, something. If it doesn’t work out, its not Trump’s problem anymore

catalin zt


Random Dude

No wonder why US media started leaning towards Azerbaijani narrative. At the end of the day Armenia choose to label Israel as an enemy.

Jens Holm


catalin zt

The real PLAGUE!


Never is israel mentioned as a part of Azeri war. They have been using white phosphorus on Gaza for years. They have used it in Syria, in Lebanon and many other locations. When we name the real threat behind this war maybe we can get somewhere… Israel is arming Azer along with Turkey. Erdogan is a liar allied with the Liar of liars israel. It may be written that he desires another Ottoman Empire…do you think that will happen with the mad dogs occupying Palestine? It’s all for the mad dogs I assure you. This is why Syrian war continues because Israel, US, NATO, Turkey are continuing their proxy shit there. I have no favorite in Putin…but he knows how they are allied. There can be no peace treaty by the insane USA because their hypocrisy makes it null and void. The games being played all at the cost of human lives is a complete abomination. Baku is home to the Rothchilds and Nobels. Armenia (who I’m siding with) has the same problem the US population has in her puppets of these dragons making decisions not on behalf of her people nor soldiers. Depose them, kill them, jail them whatever to get rid of the true enemy within… Death to israel!!!! VIVA Armenia and the last bastions of Christian believers. Soros is no ones friend but forever a devil playing both sides against each other for resources. Death to him and all his servants. Azerbaijan would do well to get rid of israel/jews as I have nothing against Muslims; however, they will find out Betrayal in the ugliest of ways. May Peace rest on the land of Noah.

catalin zt

Indeed my friend is ALL the pervertperverse Albionanglosaxonkhazarians , capitalist-fascistgenocidal races ruled by DRACOCIAKARREPTILIANGREYS!


Greetings, SouthFront has a very soft moderation policy. However, we will not tolerate the spam of pictures (dead bodies or any other graphic/disgusting content) in the comment section, especially if this is done with the purpose of insulting other people. Please, consider this as a warning. If you continue to act in this manner, you could be banned. Best regards, SF Team



Pave Way IV

THANK YOU, SF. Unusual to see such an enthusiastic effort by personas on both ‘sides’ here to shitholize the SF comment section. Almost like they were on the same side. Imagine that!


ban sevenmoons he is a turkjewish cocksucker!

Random Dude

You might want to check this guy out. His profile is public, so can scroll down as see images you mentioned not to tolerate: https://disqus.com/by/disqus_XZMoIzEt6c/

John Brown

Yes you see the zio machinations. But you forget the main point They are on their own side only not Azer or Armenia.

Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.’ (Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869,

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f55865fb69c1ef63394088d6108d0229b9671a10180006effaf42b9e90b875de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65272ba33698043a57e8677e4dfb9b290550d79a0d39a7be6eeff14a12a9f86e.jpg


This comment is surprising: In 1940-1945, a lot of local Christian Western European citizens tried to hide Jewish families or helped them to escape to America, the UK, Norway, … at the risk of being discovered themselves as protectors of Jews. Never read the famous story of Anne Frank? https://www.annefrank.org/en/anne-frank/who-was-anne-frank/

That someone like you, whose religion has had to experience the disgusting and inhumane holocaust, encourages the quote of the Rabbi *over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.*

You and your Rabbi are not far from what Hitler was. Congratulations jew.

Jens Holm

Very good version. Israel support Azarbaidian and Nato support Armenia and they fight each other:) keeep :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b52edc71c490fafa89b64f550717c38ecc99c799544db25ee241631a3fc7968c.jpg

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

Thats crap all over.

fx https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/topics_48893.htm

Jens Holm

Never heard before. Who is it:(

Random Dude

Armenian war effort: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eb0d43777ef0f407703656ddddee99f4864f5d06c026605325771c61f8a188bc.jpg

catalin zt

Your mum birth effort: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a6c5685cb43326c856872230a4795092ec44938784b3dfd2f8c58a1590a78041.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e95f2032a77423ddb83125849c8c51f5dc310ec9abf2aa935452a63d120a9c66.png

catalin zt

LONG LIFE ARMENIA! Down with the DracoCiacarReptilianGrey involvement in the Planet Earth affairs! Let’s UNITE into Christ FOREVER ,the ONLY way to overthrown the anglo-jewish SATANIC alliance set to DESTROY ALL life on Earth! Amen! All PRAY for the Christian Orthodox Armenia to win this cunningperverse war against Humanity! Amen!

Arman Melkonyan

I salute the only honorable man in Russia, the deputy of the Russian Duma, Vitaly Milonov. I have been informed that Milonov accused the world (and that treacherous Jewish dog Putin) of being silent like Judas while Jesus Christ was being crucified (like the Christian Armenians of Artsakh). The Turkish dogs around here can corroborate whether this is true or not: https://www.ermenihaber.am/tr/news/2020/11/02/Karabağ-Milonov-Rus-Azerbaycan/197478



Arman Melkonyan


Jens Holm

Putting in dogs makes no sense. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b52edc71c490fafa89b64f550717c38ecc99c799544db25ee241631a3fc7968c.jpg


So, if you were Putin, what would you do? Especially when the Pashinyan administration actually “running” Armenia will not fully aid Artsakh? Believe it or not: Giving the banker gangsters the “invading Poland” or “attacking Pearl Harbor” excuse solidify their warmongering will work out for Russia about as well as it did for Germany and Japan… meaning not well at all…

And yes, the banksters also hit Germany and Japan with sanctions and military provocations, and when the countries pushed back via Poland and Pearl Harbor, the banksters pretended it happened for no reason. Clearly, the same trap is being set for Russia, China, Iran, etc. now.

Arman Melkonyan

If I were Putin or you for that matter, I’d put a bullet in my head.

What a moron, comparing Karabakh to Pearl Harbor.

Artsakh has been Armenian for 4000 years.

Furthermore, Not America nor France nor anybody else did anything to the Turks even though they genocided ALL the original Christian population of Asia Minor, millions of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians.

And you stupid Russians are pretending something would happen to you lying pussies if you pushed back to the murderous Turkish animals that the civilized world hates?

You filthy Russians are collaborating and killing Armenians with the abominable Turks.

Just get the hell out of Armenia, you filthy Russian dogs.


So, Russia should just openly attack “NATO ally” Turkey, and nothing really bad would happen?

Never mind that provoking an attack on Erdogan’s Turkey by downing that Su-24 in 2015, getting Ambassador Karlov killed, basically turning Northern Syria into another Golan Heights, turning Turkish soldiers into human shields for Al-Qaeda in Idlib, etc. has been the banker gangsters’ plan for years…?

Arman Melkonyan


Fighting the Azeris or the Turks in Artsakh, Armenia or Azerbaijan, is not fighting NATO or NATO-member Turkey (who cannot invoke Article 5 of NATO mutual defense obligation).

NATO cannot intervene if a member country is attacking another country.

You stupid Russian or whatever you are,

Why are you wasting my time stupidly when you already know this?

FYI, moron,

No NATO member including the US is interested in starting a war with another nuclear power — especially Russia which can obliterate the US and Europe in minutes.

You perfidious Russians know this. You just want those worthless American dollars so that you can blow them on blow and American whores in Las Vegas.

What a bunch of fucking morons.

Russian women are beautiful.


Will the bankster puppets and mainstream media say that Turkey was attacking another country? Or will they say that Russia was attacking Turkey…? Come on, Arman…

Look up the McCollum Memo: It gave detailed explanations on how the US could use its military maneuvers to provoke Japan, and it came out in 1940, over one year before Pearl Harbor was attacked

Do you really think that today’s naval maneuvers in the South China Sea, the THAAD missile system in Korea, the radicalizing of Chinese Uighurs into joining “moderate” terrorist groups, the “China virus” propaganda blaming China for the deaths and economic crashes, maybe even COVID-19 if the 100+ American soldiers in Wuhan for the Military World Games 2 weeks before the outbreak were connected to it, etc. are not supposed to escalate a war against nuclear power China?

Arman Melkonyan

That’s a different situation.

If the ruling classes of the West wanted to start a war, they could come up with any deceitful reason to do just that.

The annexation of Crimea for instance.

Or the Russian attack on Turkish troops in Idlib where dozens of nominally NATO troops were killed along with Jihadi fighters possibly.

Understand that I’m not saying the Russians must help Christian Armenians of NK who don’t have sophisticated drones or artillery and guided missiles and Jihadi terrorists fighting for them, like the Turks and the Azeris do.

Russians didn’t even have to fight themselves. All they had to do was provide EW assets to disable the drones to equalize the fighting forces of both sides.

Instead Putin is directly responsible for the murder of thousands of Armenian young men who didn’t have to die by drone attacks they were, and still are, helpless against.

The fact is, Putin and the Russians betrayed the Armenians and sided with the Turks. (Pashinyan and co. — who are not as corrupt as the Armenian politicians Putin and co. like — are just the current administration of Armenia. They are not the Armenian people. Putin is punishing the entire Armenian people just because they got rid of Putin’s local mafia partners.)

The Russians may as well get the hell out of Armenia and deliver Armenia to the Turks on a silver platter.

The Armenians will never forgive this betrayal as there is no reason to do so. The Turks despise the Russians and will always fight them covertly or overtly.

Russians lost the Armenians and they never had nor will have the Turks.

This was no 5D chess playing on the part of the Russians. This was not in line with Russian national interest.

But I have been yelling and screaming for months that Putin is a crypto-Jew and just like the Bolsheviks does not have Russia’s best interests in mind?

Putin is a Zionist dog: http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2018/02/trump-putin-kosher-nostra.html?m=1


Will just “any deceitful reason” work? Did the “Assad gassed people because reasons” one work? Or was it too stupid? How about the “Putin annexed Crimea without killing anyone and had an evil, democratic referendum”? Did that work, or was it too stupid? Was “Russian airstrikes in Idlib killed Turkish troops because they were too close to terrorists” too stupid?

What you are suggesting is for Russia to sidestep Armenia and assist NK in ways the Pashinyan administration refuses to help. You realize that if Armenia recognized NK as Armenia, like through a Crimea-style referendum, then Russia would have greater justification for direct military assistance, right, Arman?

And did you think that NK troops could just be handed “EW assets to disable the drones,” some instruction manuals, then be tactically and strategically effective? NK troops would need training, if not skilled (Russian) troops to use EW assets.

Putin is not a Zionist; that should have been obvious when the “Greater Israel” plan was stopped in Syria, and the Zionists dropped an anti-Putin coup next door to Russia. Putin is the Zionists’ “new Hitler;” he’s just wise to how the Zionists beat the “old Hitler.”

Arman Melkonyan

We are repeating ourselves.

Stop putting words in my mouth.

I am not asking for help from the perfidious Russians. I only said what I said about the Russians to illustrate that they were free to act differently if they wanted to. The Russians have no reason to fear any blowback from NATO.

I want Putin and Russia OUT of Armenia. Putin and the Russians betrayed and let down the Armenians of NK and the Armenians of Armenia.

I believe that Russia has delivered intelligence about Armenian positions and tactics to the Turks, bolstering their successes while limiting their losses.

Both Pashinyan and his rivals apparently fear recognizing or annexing NK. Or perhaps they are admonished and blackmailed by Russia to not do so — ‘or else.’ I don’t know. It’s their country, it’s their call. They are the ones fighting and dying there, not me. So I can’t resent their decision, I can’t criticize them.

Obviously, the Russians are a treacherous and unreliable ally. The Armenians must weigh the great likelihood of Russia not assisting them as required by their treaty obligation in case the Turks attacked them directly in Armenia, if the Armenians recognized NK and the Armenian army directly engaged the Turkish/ISIS coalition.

Russia are enabling ISIS and the Turks to genocide the Armenians. Russia could have disabled all the terror drones operated by the Turks and the Jews. The Russians have all the necessary EW equipment in their base in Armenia.

The Russians didn’t.


Get the fuck out of Christian lands, get the fuck out of Armenia.


“The Russians have no reason to fear any blowback from NATO:” That is so patently false, it is not even funny.

Do the banker gangsters running NATO, “Israel,” etc. care about those countries and the people any more than how they can be exploited? Would nuclear weapons scare the banksters when they believe they can run to their underground cities? As Napoleon said, “Money has no motherland.”

As such, creating “blowback from NATO” is the entire point. Do you think if, after the bankster-backed Maidanites were slaughtering ethnic Russians in Donbass, Russia sent regular troops into open combat, the banskters would not jump on the blowback from “Russia invading Ukraine”? Do you think if, after the Zionists got an Il-20 with 15 Russian airmen shot down, Russia shot down any “Israeli” jets around Syria, the banskters would not jump on the blowback from “Putin acting like Hitler”?

Arman Melkonyan

I think you’re stupid plus you’re being disingenuous.

The bankers who are billionaires eating the best food, fornicating with super models in heavenly Caribbean getaways, are not interested in living like rats in underground bunkers dying slowly from radiation poisoning.

You are being an idiot for claiming that bankers will give up the good life for some unformulated ideological reason.

Why don’t you get off my face with your manipulative nonsense.


You really think that increasing influence from Christian Russia will allow the banker gangsters and their Epstein islands to continue as normal? Deripaska and the Pikalyovo metal factory oligarchs only tried to shut down the factory, fire thousands of people, and profit from the Great Recession; don’t you know how Putin shamed them? If this continues, the banksters’ “good life” of raping and pillaging is over anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GsDLrUieJg

Arman Melkonyan


More nonsense from you?

Putin is no Christian. Putin is a scumbag Jew: http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2018/02/trump-putin-kosher-nostra.html?m=1


So, what’s the synopsis of that article? Putin might be ethnically “Jewish” and might be connected to “Big Fan of Israel” Trump (his words) via Russiagate…?

For that first premise, do you believe corrupt oligarchy is an ethnicity? Or is it an ideology? A series of beliefs and choices? Because Jesus said it’s the latter.

“I know that you are Abraham’s descendants. Yet you are looking for a way to kill me, because you have no room for my word. I am telling you what I have seen in the Father’s presence, and you are doing what you have heard from your [own] father.” ~ John 8 v.37-38

Jesus confirmed that the “Jews” confronting him are Abraham’s descendants like he was, but in trying to have him killed, they chose to be children of the devil. Their ethnicity or race meant nothing.

For that second premise, Trump helped the Putin-demonization campaign by signing off on additional sanctions, seizing more Russian diplomatic property, shipping more weapons [including advanced Javelin anti-tank missiles] to the anti-Putin “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine, having news outlets like RT and Sputnik register under FARA [a censorship law the world elites created for the last world war], and increasing the warmongering against Putin’s REAL allies in Syria, Iran, Venezuela, China, etc.

Why is Russiagate legit when there is so much evidence against it?

Arman Melkonyan

Now you’re talking.

Impressively informational, good cogent philosophical arguments.

Thanks very much for sharing my friend.

I for one appreciate it.

Have a good one.


Proverbs 27 v. 17: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Yes, good talk, Arman! Glad we stuck with it. (^_^;) Good luck and Godspeed, sir.

John Brown

Wow South front admits the plot against the stupid Armenian slave Goyim.

Everybody knew that once Pashinyan came to power in a Soros coup and expressed his wish to Join EU and promoted anti Russian politics ( close of Russian schools banned Russian language TV and radio channels)..etc.. the days of NK were done!

Azer saw their chance made a silk road railway deal with Russia and Iran and got the green light from Russia.

Armenia’s leaders have betrayed Russia their only backer and protector who helped them win the first NK war and kept Azer from attacking for 30 years.

Armenians betray their only protector for Soros and Satan. They are getting their payoff as the wage of Satan is death.

Armenian leadership have also betrayed all Armenians they really are foul scum who have sold their souls to Satan well and truly, and he will soon be collecting, after God has unleashed His vengeance on the evil backstabbing repeat-betrayers of the world’s first Christian nation.

Armenia must kick out the Soros coup leaders if they want help, don’t kick them out don’t get help lose the war. It is incredible Armenians have not arrested, put on trial for treason, charged with the deaths of all Armenians killed in this war so far and hung the Soros coup leaders yet.

Then they don’t want help. Its very simple. Its 100% up to Armenians only. The truth Armenian leaders have betrayed Armenia and helped to kill thousands of young Armenian Christian boys, for their lords Soros and Satan!

If Armenia wanted to keep the land they should have become part of Russia. Then they would have an economy as well.

No way Turkey ever lets Armenia become part of ZATO.

Now Soros will harvest tens of thousands of Armenian women and children for his global sex slavery businesses, as the Armenian PM sent the poorly trained men especially young men and not the regular army to be wiped out. Soros will be having a flesh pot feast just think of the Epstein network times 1000.

Soros is rubbing his hands with evil joy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzEwJ31F82A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp56UB8g3vU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN7_O-2Kixw

Arman Melkonyan

You sick Jewish fuck,

What needs to be kicked out of Christian Armenia is you sick Russian shitheads and your depraved Jewish and Turkish Muslim brothers.


More JB bullshit (including repurposed plagiarism from me). Artsakh is separate from Armenia, punishing Artsakh becaue of feud with Pashinyan is wrong, Russia is obligated to Atrsakh because its previous actions put it in this position now, and also as ‘Christian’ superpower against Islamist aggression and genocide.

Stop acting like Sauros-Satan with evil political gangster games while Artsakh Christians die by the thousand at hands of jihadist Turks and others.


Ataturk-Hitler-Stalin – Who remembers the Armenians?

Erdogan-NAZIO-RuSSia – Who remembers Artsakh?

God-Justice-Truth – We do, and we won’t forget those who betrayed, crucified, and genocided the Armenians, ever, the First Christian Nation.

Jens Holm

As I recall it – even I am not that old – it was the East Romans and the Persians, which divided and more or less divided that nation.

After the Mongols partly left, there was regained a partly weak Great Armenia in their vakkuum.

Its no defence and wont make You happy, but unfortunatly many old nations are not here anymore and in Your Region as Well.

I only take side for the ones, which dont kill each other for bad reasons.


Armenian history is complicated, but the nation has existed and survived for over 2000 years. We are not talking about some nation that no longer exists, but one that still does exist, and is under attack right now. By Turko-jihadis at that. The world’s oldest Christian nation. Survivor of Genocide within the last century, at the hands of the same nation/s now attacking. If that’s not enough reason to ‘take sides’ then you are not good for much.

Jens Holm

I am not good for much.


At least you admit it.

Potato Man

It says that Armenian forces do not shell civilian targets while the forces of Azerbaijan intentionally target civilians.

yeah fuking right…both side attacked civilians. They really are just some fuking kids….”ohhh no we don’t hit civilians…they do.”


Wait, is there any evidence about who is actually attacking civilians? False flag attacks are always something to keep in mind, especially when dealing with “Assad gassed people for no reason” Erdogan and his accomplices.

Potato Man

In a war people don’t ask for evidences…what you said is very funny…did you forgot about all the past wars? Iraq – Afghanistan – Syria, did the US show any evidences that Saddam was with Al-Qaeda? No, the US lied to everyone. 9/11 attackers were all Wahhabi Sunnis none of the were from Afghanistan or Syria, 15/19 were from KSA. Al-Qaeda/Taliban were made by US in Afghanistan… Americans killing civilians every day in ME…does anyone care…no

You can go down the rabbit hole and you might find Soros people/ Zion/ Turk setting false flags in Armenian/Azer. I can believe that, but can you make those two countries that hate each other believe that, or would they care?

I agree with you…but remember both Armenia and Azer are growing even more to hate each other day by day. It is not all about Wahhabi Sunnis that are trying to make money, the big dogs are Zion + Turks and ofc that Pashinyan guy.


At the cannon fodder level of war that the banksters wage, yes, people do not ask for evidence. Yet how much longer will that hold up in an age of 4th generation warfare, global, instantaneous mass media, cyber warfare, artificial intelligence, etc….?

I agree that without solidifying wariness of false flags and other bankster narratives in the public consciousness, people will fall for them and things spiral out of control. However, as demonstrated by the failure of the chemical weapon false flags to turn Syria into Iraq, when people are armed with the right education and communication, the narratives can be defeated.

The people of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh, etc. were let down in this regard, but this blind conflict won’t go on forever, right?

Potato Man

We have to talk about “normal” people here and different types of people from different countries. Some people wouldn’t care about facts. Most people still believe what their media (news) told them. However people are slowly doing their own researches on different matters. How long MSM fool them…it is very much up to people, but people are getting lazier and lazier and careless about what is happening around them, they do their job and…really they don’t care, once they listen to news and that is it.

I work and my friends didn’t knew about chemical weapons used in Syria was a false flag…they didn’t care nor they cared about ISIS/Al-Qaeda nor they know much about them. I was the only one who knew one or two thing about ME….

Most people just don’t care to look up information and believe in their media. “but this blind conflict won’t go on forever, right?” It would take time that’s for sure.


Agreed, PM; some people will act and fight regardless of facts. For example, the facts are very visible that the Maidanites and “moderate rebels” are in the wrong, yet how are they faring in Ukraine and Syria right now…?

“In spite of the relative calm at the front, the [Ukrainian Armed Forces] are continuing to suffer casualties at a steady pace. A Ukrainian draftee was shot at a checkpoint in Mariupol, apparently by a more senior-ranking contract soldier in the course of an argument. “Such ‘non-combat’ losses which are usually caused by carelessness, drunkenness, personal conflicts among soldiers, or fighting over profits from criminal activity represent at least a third of UAF’s casualties this year.” ~ “16.10.2015 Ukraine Military Report,” South Front

The more obvious facts are, the more lazy, ignorant, criminal, desperate, or deranged people must be to not act appropriately on those facts. And all those qualities make for bad soldiers, bad scientists, bad engineers, etc. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is different from Ukraine and Syria since multiple sides are getting played for fools, but as President Lincoln said, “You cannot fool all the people all the time.”

cechas vodobenikov

artahsk killed 13 in Ganja; both are targeting civilians


Yeah, and Finland shelled the Soviets in Mainila… [/sarcasm]

Where’s the evidence?

Tommy Jensen

That means we Americans saved Armenia to freedom, not Russia!

cechas vodobenikov

u obese mentally ill idiots hate freedom and justice not enough meth in your trailer park? for u freedom is killing 500,000 Iraqi children–“worth it” according to m Albright

Jens Holm

Its highly biased naming nations as “Pro West” just because they now are allowed to choose by themself and are no more a part of the Russian bag of rotten apples in their Neocoloniaslisme.

SF should write “normal relations for trade, investments and a better living standard”.

Much like several by their attitude wants hard those small nations should remain poor, so they can be controlled and recontrolled. In GDP pr capita they are very low

Azerbaidian 4.100, Armenia 4.300, Georgia 4.400.

Russia dont help them even splitting those countries into sectors ot their influeance hardly asking any there. I mean – Why should they remain that THAT POOR just because Putin says so.



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