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Vietnam Veteran VS Transgenders War Launched In U.S.

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Vietnam Veteran VS Transgenders War Launched In U.S.

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Don Sucher is a 78-year-old former Vietnam veteran who has never aspired to fame, but one day he became a symbol of the American struggle for freedom of speech and traditional values. His argue with a transgender woman went viral and provoked an important social splash, forcing him to wear a bulletproof jacket to defend his point of view.

His Sucher & Sons Star Wars Store in Aberdee, Washington, is open 7 days a week and welcomes customers of any race or gender. The last week it became a target for a local elected official, Aberdeen City Council member Tiesa Meskis, who is a transgender and was looking for hype on social media.

Vietnam Veteran VS Transgenders War Launched In U.S.

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Passing through Sucher’s shop, Meskis saw a sign saying ‘If you’re born with a d**k, you’re not a chick’ and did not lose his/her chance to make a scandal filmed by someone believed to be his/her partner.

Here is the viral video:

Sucher later explained that he has had transgender customers before and had never treated them in any different way.

“In 25 years I never encountered this.”

“So I said, ‘Oh, I recognize you. You are our councilman.’ And he said, ‘No, I’m your councilwoman.’” – Sucher commented.

Tiesa Meskis cry that ‘women with pensises are women’ resulted in nothing.

“His attitude, it just pissed me off,” Sucher said. “He is in my store looking for this excuse to bring up (bs). It went outside and it got a little crazy. I didn’t know they were filming, which is kind of good on one hand because I didn’t hold back. I just spouted what I felt and what I thought.”

However, the video published online had an important social feedback. Sucher became a controversial character to thousand of people around the world.

Being afraid of the Antifa groups’ revenge, he had to don a bulletproof jacket as trans activists threaten to torch his Star Wars store; but he was pleased to discover 400 people near his shop who came to support him.

“I drove up early just to size up the situation and there was 400 people out there and this was at 9:30 a.m. on my side (of the street),” Sucher said of the moment he saw the number of supporters that lined the 400 block of Wishkah Avenue.

Americans and people from other countries around the world view him as a hero.

“That night I got three calls and they were all negative,” he said. The following morning, Sucher’s phone was ringing off the hook. “I thought I’m not going to answer this because there are some pissed off people out there,” he said. “At 8 a.m. I thought, ‘OK, I’m going to look’ and it was 25 different numbers from all over the world. I thought this could be either really good, or really bad.”

To Sucher’s surprise, he has received approximately 2,500 calls the following days, with less than a handful of them being negative. People expressed their support to him and his business.

However, the risk of vendetta from ‘poor fighters for transgenders’ rights’ remains and Sucher prefers to leave his flak jacked on.

“I knew things were fine (when he saw all the supporters) even though I wore a flak jacket and I think it’s on backwards,” Sucher joked. “They could have shot me in the belly. Maybe that or the groin, maybe that’s what they’d be aiming for.”

Here you can listen to his interview:

“I don’t give a s*** about feelings anymore,” he declared, “I went to Vietnam to fight for all this. Do you think I care about feelings? Absolutely not! I don’t care what they do, but don’t come in here and complain to me about stuff. I have free speech.”

Unfortunately, there still a question if Sucher does really have free speech in his country. Amid the regular threats to harm him or his business, the incident may likely lead to a legal action against an elderly gentleman who fought for the U.S.

Such an accident could be an exception a few years ago, but not today. The social gap is artificially deepening, with people facing a new reality and left with no voice to resist … but ‘poor queers’ are always victims.

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Then you wonder why the AmericuntFAGGOTS lose wars LOL


Until very recently in US transsexuals were diagnosed as mentally ill – with illness called gender dysphoria. It was only relentless political pressure during Obama era that saw this long standing diagnosis removed from most recent edition of universal standard use US psychiatric manual – the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders/ Revised Edition 5). A self defined transsexual’s mental stability should always be considered suspect. An example of this emotional instability is amply illustrated in this video, by the individual’s hyperbolic and attention seeking behavior. Adults who readily act out in public – in both appearance and behavior – are generally unstable and best avoided!

Last edited 1 year ago by SevenUps
World will be a better place without religion

That guy dressed as a woman is Muhammad the Muslim gay God. Period….


This MAN deserves a medal for standing


Irony is the people he once fought against or had ideological issues with would be calling in from overseas to support his stance. How the world has turned.

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