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Vienna Convention? US-Backed Opposition Lays Siege on Venezuelan Embassy in Washington For 8th Day

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Vienna Convention? US-Backed Opposition Lays Siege on Venezuelan Embassy in Washington For 8th Day

Venezuela’s Embassy in Washington. Click to see full-size image

On May 9th, the US allegedly cut power to the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, in a continuation of a siege that defies international law.

Clashes between protesters from the international NGO Code Pink and US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido’s opposition took place, amid the US cutting of electricity to the embassy.

The opposition prevents commodities such as food from entering the embassy from May 8th onwards, with the US authorities providing no assistance.

The Collective of Protection of the Embassy threw a backpack from a window to be filled with food from the outside, but the opposition intercepted it. It was later recovered after scuffles between opposition members and the police, teleSUR correspondent Alina Duarte said.

It remains unclear who caused the power outage, but the activists inside the Embassy blamed the US authorities.

Carlos Vecchio, the envoy to the U.S. of opposition lawmaker and self-proclaimed “interim president” of Venezuela Juan Guaido, described this as “a small victory.”

He further said that he had undertaken the proper measures so that the Code Pink activists can be “evacuated” from the building.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza praised the Embassy Protection Collective and blamed the US imperialism for the situation.

The Collective of Protection is in Venezuelan territory because the Venezuelan government authorized the group to enter and defend the facilities.

This followed a decision by United States authorities to support the entry of officials appointed by Guaido and claiming that the Venezuelan diplomats who were inside were illegitimate, since they represent the “Maduro regime.”

The activists are protesting the obvious US attempts for regime change against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, while the US-backed opposition claims that Guaido’s presidency is legitimate and the diplomatic mission must come under his control.

According to the State Department, those inside the embassy without authorization are considered trespassers. However, the Vienna Convention of 1961 bars U.S. security forces from entering the embassy and forcefully removing anyone.

Regardless, the Collective of Protection is defending the premises and the activists, since Venezuelan diplomats were given a deadline by April 25th to leave the country.

Since May 1st, US-backed opposition supporters have besieged the embassy wanting to let Guaido’s representatives in.

The US Secret Service, which is responsible for protecting any diplomatic mission has done nothing to assist those inside the premises.

Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin wrote the following:

“Even more shocking, the Secret Service, which is tasked with guarding embassies, has allowed this to happen. They have had a constant presence at the embassy since May 1 but have stood by as this group damages the building and threatens the peace activists inside and outside. They have allowed the opposition to bang on the doors with sledgehammers to try to break in, post signs all over the property against the wishes of the legal owners, physically attack people trying to get food inside, and destroy and steal the property of the Embassy Protection Collective (food, placards, signs, canopy). In violation of the city’s noise ordinance, the mob has been blasting sirens all day long at decibels so high that even the Secret Service police have been wearing earplugs. They block the sidewalks and all public passages. They have set up 10 canopies and 3 tents to surround the entire building. When we tried to set up a canopy, we were attacked by Guaidó supporters, but it was our member, Tighe Barry, who was arrested and accused of pushing a Secret Service officer.

The Secret Service has a public statement saying that no individuals, medicine or food have been prevented from entering the building. We ask anyone who believes this to go to the embassy and try to deliver a package to the people inside. Even packages sent by the U.S. Postal Service are not allowed in. Every entrance is blocked by opponents, and the Secret Service does nothing to stop them. On the contrary, supporters who have tried to bring food have been arrested. This was the case of CODEPINK organizer Ariel Gold. When she found all entrances blocked, she threw bread into an empty ramp outside a door and was arrested for “throwing missiles.” When we tied a package to a rope to send food up through a window, three of us were physically assaulted, and despite clear video evidence, the police refused to arrest our attacker.”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza issued a statement on May 8th asking that the State Department comply with international agreements. “Again we demand the U.S. State Department comply with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and to protect the building of our former embassy in Washington, avoiding aggression against guests who are avoiding an illegal occupation,” Arreaza said in a tweet.


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John Whitehot

omg, siege on embassy is such an heroic feat.

when one thinks that the US finally completed the portfolio of the most lowly and cowardly acts, they always manage to come up with something new.


What about those in Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan Iraq and Libya they are not trespassers. These US terrorists are real trespassers in these countries.


The nations of the world,together in the United Nations assembly in New York,should vote for moving the UN siege to another,neutral country,one that will and can provide the diplomatic immunity and inviolabilty of the embassies,and its delegations.There must also come an end to the extraterrioriality of american law enforcement and sanctioning.If Truimp continues to exaggerate this malign behaviour,there could be found a majority to implement this position.Hopefully yours.


If the US regime allows the illegal occupation of Venezuela’s diplomatic properties by supporters of the coup and it’s self, unelected, declared president, Venezuela should declare itself not to have any diplomatic relations with the US at all. This way, the regime in Washington can play make believe with it’s stooges and have a good time without bothering the ELECTED government of Venezuela.


Anybody who has had anything to do with Germans knows that they are mostly nice polite people.
But when Hitler came to power he convinced them to ransack Europe. Later Germany was destroyed and millions of innocent Germans died.

Today the USA is like Nazi Germany, if the American people do not regain control over their country, they will suffer the same fate as Germany.


Well said.

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