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JUNE 2023

Videos: Syrian Troops, Backed Up By Attack Helicopters, Advancing Northwest Of Palmyra

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Syrian army troops, supported by attack helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force, are advancing against ISIS terrorists northwest of Palmyra. The videos released by the Syrian Defense Ministry allow to see that the advance is supported by Mi-35 and Mi-28 attack helicopters.

Government forces have recently recaptured a number of hills near the village of Arak and the Arak gas field in the area and launched an advancce on these sites controlled by ISIS.

The advance on Arak is described by some sources as the first step of the widely-expected advance on the town of Sukhna located on the road to Deir Ezzor.

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Colin Oskapy

Go SAA !

Wahid Algiers

Yes, go SAA and allies. By the middle of July important gains have to be reached: freeing Deir Ezzor city and the countryside, controlling the borders to Jordan and to Iraq to cut off supply routes for the traitors of the FSA and to secure the Khanassir by taking the eastern parts to be contected with Palmyra. Then the next goals only could be Idleb countryside and the northern parts where the Kurds steeling syrian territories.

Colin Oskapy

Reads like a plan.

Jens Holm

Far out even some millimeters can become true.


Yes, sealing as much of the borders of Jordan, Iraq, and to the north should be paramount, to stem the flow of more jihadis, leaving only the ones already in the country to be killed or surrender.

Wahid Algiers

When any surrenders than for killing later on in case of a second occasion. Otherwise you will maybe create assassins and city bombers in peace times.

Wolfgang Wolf

if they had better stabilized pick-up trucks, the rate of hits will be significantly higher… so is just shooting a lot of bullets in the approximate direction….

Jens Holm

Its no about that at all. Even a soft bottom as a low tech technical can make the same or better results when the shots are one by one.

Its a very expensive waste in all matters.

Al Ge

Difference between SAA and FSA and other NATO-Backed rebels: you don’t see them shouting ALLAH AKBAR every 5 seconds, they’re slightly better trained, not spraying full auto fire at the desert.

Jens Holm

Makes me proud. Some danish officers has learned the iraqian soldiers and officers, that they they shoot to hit and only spray when they keep the enemy down for real.

Jens Holm

On another media its shown they are operating with helicopters south east of Palmyra closing in some meters to a “T3 airdield” – both ?


Yep they are going for T3



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