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Government Troops Killed Up To 80 ISIS Members In Humaymah Area (Videos)

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Government Troops Killed Up To 80 ISIS Members In Humaymah Area (Videos)

A screenshot from the video

Videos show clashes in the area of Humayman near the T2 pumping station in the province of Hama.

ISIS has launched a large advance against government forces in the area but failed to achieve any goals and lost a large number of fighters and vehicles in the clashes.

According to pro-government sources, up to 80 ISIS members in the clashes. The army also seized some 11 vehicles from the terrorists.

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80*74 virgins equals a bloodbath whichever way you look at it… ;-D


Low lifes. These people are brainwashed as much as Americans are brtainwashed by christianism.

Look what brainwashed people looks like : terrorists.


Christianity is not a brain wash in America. If you are an atheist, say so. You cannot compare religious zealots without regards for human life, to christians in America, Russia or elsewhere.


Of course I can. The 30 millions evangelic and protestant americans that support israel genociding the Palestinians are the same than those ISIS terrorists. I see no difference between them.

And I don’t talk about the rest that look at the TV show having fun while USA was bombing and burning Iraqis that have never done a damn thing to USA. It’s fun to look at people being killing with deplated uranium isn’t it ?


That’s because they were both created by the same (((source))). Wahhabism was created by agents of the (((British Empire))) while the modern American Evangelical Christianity was created by agents of (((Wall Street)))


If you listen to jews, judaism is the religion of peace. If you listen to Christians, Chritianism is the religion of peace. If you listen to muslims, Islam is the religion of peace.

Then, look at the reality : murdering, violence, ….

Give one of them enough power and they will crush the others.

Of course, jews can’t live in a judaic state, christians can’t live in a christian state, muslims can’t live in an islamic state. Otherwise, it will be a nightmare. They prefer to live in secular states.


You need to study each religion in detail to determine their differences, making blanket statements are meaningless. Of course religion is hijacked for political purposes and there were many “religious” wars that have been fought between Christians and Moslems, Jews against Gentles

Andre Lopes

Jews were living in Israel a thousand years before Islamism ever existed. So the Jews were living there in Israel and it is the Palestinians who want to destroy Israel , so the Criminals here are the Hamas Terroristas and their Terrorista allies. Islam was a political creation to conquer all of Saud Arabia market by one group. Islam is a political system. Israel and jews live in Israel thousand of years before the Arabs in Saud Arabia became Muslins so, all that rethoric against Israel is a pure lies from radical Islamists

Wahid Algiers

Israel has to be destroyed. Nothing against orthox jews, but Israel is a crime state and therefore Hamas was created. Hamas fighters are no terrorists. Israel is a terrorist by state so as the US.

Basu Deb

As scientists say we all were living in Africa a few hundred thousand years ago.


Canaanites were living 5000 years before hebrews. Palestinians is not a religion it’s a nation. They are not only muslims.


You are so wrong, Wall Street has nothing to do with the Main Street or religious values. Wall Street’s god is money.


watch the documentary “Marching to Zion” by pastor Anderson to learn about the history of Evangelical Christianity in America.



I am from US, I am aware of such theological understanding, it is mostly Baptist understanding, I do not believe this group who made the movie believes in the rapture, or the millennial reign of Jesus Christ on Earth.
There is a Gentile and a Jewish dispensation in God’s timetable; most present day Jews are unbelievers, secular humanists; the Talmud was authored by rabbis who disregarded the Torah and injected their own perverse understanding as the absolute; these were men that blasphemed the name of Jesus Christ as their predecessors who accused Him falsely, seeking the freedom of a murderer instead of Jesus.
Jews were blinded so that salvation would be available to the Gentiles, when the times of the Gentiles is fulfilled (rapture), the Jews and Israel will be reawakened spiritually and will undergo severe persecution at the hands of the antichrist, who will try to totally exterminate them.


You are trying to make a reasonable point while stupidly blaming a religion, that teaches love and compassion, for the actions of those who take advantage of peoples’ naivety.


Love and compassion. XD.


You can’t separate religion from people, as its people who teach, lead and enforce religions. Religion is not like the laws of physics, separate and inviolate from human beings. We can’t say that gravity or conservation of energy no longer exists, or FTL is suddenly possible. Nature does not care about our opinions. Religion on the other hand, even if given to us by a god, or gods, is 100% whatever we make of it. Any religious excesses, are as much the fault of the ideology. as of the people who abuse it.


If an intelligent being gave the precepts and guidelines for a religion, He made sure it was understood by the people. What people choose to do by their own free will and how they interpret such precepts and guidelines are normally politically motivated and form the basis for conflict and eventual war.


Actually Christ, our Savior, if you have ever read the New Testament answered to Pilatus as to who he is by the words “I am the truth”. And what is the truth that is always present in this and every universe? What where his actions? It was always LOVE. Therefore one Physical law exists that is above all others and is non other than LOVE.
You cannot just misinterpret love and manipulate it to create new teachings.
You can fool people, but that does not mean it’s our faith’s problem but a problem of people’s stupidity and ego.


The evangelicals in the US support the state of Israel, not necessarily its policies. They see the establishment of Israel as an end time prophecy before the return of Jesus Christ.

Americans in general are disconnected from their government that are neocon controlled, Israel firsters, they define the policy of what Israel can get away with and what they can’t.


Americans are too brainwashed either by religion either by the media propaganda either by advisers, ….Americans made no civilization. Europeans did. Americans and Europeans are very differents.


Deport them to Israel, then they can find out first hand how the jews treat people other than jews.



But considering this attack and the one on the PMU the other day, it is obvious Daesh still has strength along this section of the river. So any advance by SAA on Al Bukamal IS NOT on the table at this time. Besides the Iraqi army is still not making any advance from the Haditha Dam area to help out :(


Now that ISIS is supposedly off-balance in this region if all this is true, isn’t this the right time to seize the moment and push on to T2 for real? Just coloring it red on the maps won’t do much good by itself.


Very good :))) how embarrassing for daesh LOL!!!!

Kristy Rain

Is it possible for the SAA with support from Российской солдаты с ВДВ to launch an airborne raid close to the besieged city as not to allow the “SDF” and the wahabist/salafist ‘good terrorists’ to try to sweep it from the north?

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