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JUNE 2021

Videos From Syria Debunk MSM Narrative On Conflict

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The mainstream media (MSM) narratve on the Syrian conflict has been repeatedly debunked by videos and coverage from the ground. However, the MSM contiues to push the story in supporting to the regime change in the country.

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On my personal “Beautiful intelligent women with balls” top list, Carla and Tulsi fight for no.1 spot – sometimes scantly clad and covered with…but that’s another story…;-D


Don’t forget to mention Abby Martin.


Yeah Abby has come a long ways in the last 2 years.


I am in love ?


If Trump/May/Macron conceal the truth then fire them we don’t need these bastards, MFs. We need righteous leaders to lead our countries not evils. Tie them all with IEDs and finish them and clean this world from these bastards for the peace, stability, prosperity and development of this world.


Another news outlet challenging the lies of the western media/propaganda outlets.

Pave Way IV

But only some of the lies, Sinbad2. OANN is decidedly pro-Nettanyahu/Zionist and does not disagree with any western media/propaganda outlets on stories favorable to Israel. The headline-scraping reporting itself is not biased, it’s simply the choices of what stories they chose to run or not. The one unexpected thing about a new conservative outlet is that they are neutral or favorable on Russia, even going as far as to integrate and air RT-produced footage or reports. Harrington Sr., the network owner, is married to a Russian (well before he ever thought of starting OAN).

I’m not knocking OANN for their editorial choices – there should be many more ‘different’ news outlets available on cable – conservative or not. Problem is there’s no money in it. OANN bleeds money even at its current popularity levels, and Harrington will eventually have to make hard choices or go broke.



”He and two other residents accused the rebel Army of Islam of carrying
out the attack. As they spoke, government troops were not far away but
out of earshot. Nuseir said a gas cylinder was found leaking the poison
gas, adding that he didn’t think it was dropped from the air because it
still looked intact.”

Alex B

Youtube blocked her interview on RT in 28 countries including USA, UK, Israel

Dušan Mirić

Laureen Steiner, Robust opposition: “How this comedian became one of the most important journalist of our time?”


Jimmy, you’ve got a good heart and are obviously a smart guy who has never believed the propaganda. No question. But please, please…don’t lay all of the war against Syria at the feet of the CIA. It’s undoubtedly true that John Brennan was largely responsible. But he wasn’t the POTUS. The main perp, above Brennan, above Kerry, above Clinton, above Samantha Powers…monsters and war criminals all…was Obama.

Check out Presidential Study Directive 11. Obama empowered Islamists in the Middle East by taking down one secular government after another, starting with Egypt. And TO THIS DAY, most Democrats and pseudo-lefties in the US think the man was actually a progressive.


One other point. Don’t for one second think that the powers that be in Washington, London and Paris don’t know the truth, about Aleppo or any other situation. They all know. They know the truth about the “peaceful protests” in 2011. Obama was having the CIA fund and arm the jihadis practically from the start. This was a designed regime change operation from the beginning, just like Defense Secretary Gates admitted that Obama’s war against Libya had been. And the American MSM admirably performed its designated role in lying to the American people, just as it had done in destroying Libya and Iraq.

Ah….so many war criminals, and so little chance of any of them meeting real justice.

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