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Videos And Photos From Scene Of Assasination Of DPR’s Commander Mikhail Tolstykh

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First photos and videos have appeared online from the scene of the assasination of Mikhail Tolstykh, the legendary commander of the Somali battalion of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

Mikhail ‘Givi’ Tolstykh was killed as a result of an explonsion in his office at 06:12 local time on Tuesday. (More about here)

Videos And Photos From Scene Of Assasination Of DPR's Commander Mikhail Tolstykh Videos And Photos From Scene Of Assasination Of DPR's Commander Mikhail Tolstykh Videos And Photos From Scene Of Assasination Of DPR's Commander Mikhail Tolstykh Videos And Photos From Scene Of Assasination Of DPR's Commander Mikhail Tolstykh

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MOSCOW, February 8th – RIA Novosti. The Kremlin hopes that there is a “sufficient safety margin” in order to avoid a further escalation in the Donbass after the murder of a battalion “Somalia” commander Mikhail Tolstoy , known as “Givi” said presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters.


The ex-leader of the nacbatal’ona “Dnepr-1” called murder Givi gift on your birthday .Gift from whom?From F S B ?From Mozgovoy’s Dairy: To trust the Kremlin, Oligarchy and Putin Was a (Deadly) Mistake; We Should Have Spoken Directly to the Russian PeopleHere are the words from the diary of A. Brain: “In Moscow, met with the people who introduced the GRU. What he heard, not happy. It is believed that the war we will go on the Chechen variant – the world, the war, but everything is under control. To conduct any major operations or seek regime change in Ukraine, their department is not planning. Otherwise, their group would operate in the neighboring areas of the Donbas differently. I asked, what do we do? Honestly, they do not know. They promised to help information informally. ” ” Only in hindsight you realize as we circled. In July, when the situation around Donetsk was brought to the edge in Slavyansk, Gunmen believed curators threats to the FSB, that if he did not leave, assistance from Russia will not give. It was a mistake. At that time, Russia was so united in the desire to help that government inaction would undermine the very shaky Crimean authority. If in response to blackmail Rifles militia commanders appealed to the people of Russia, saying about the betrayal of New Russia – the help they have given. But we have accepted their conditions, hoping for the patriotic forces around the president. The belief that power in Russia is heterogeneous and there are different forces, some of which are for the Russian and the New Russia – an illusion. Unfortunately, belief in it – our common disease https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3cf5a53477ac8b53554305e9d191ebee8200cb1d474ae3abdb00ba444ac2d19f.jpg


RIP Givi. Gone, but, never forgotten. Thanks to you, Motorola and all your strong, defiant and loyal teams.


Rest in peace brother!


One more in the long line of assassinations. I am sorry to say it-yet again-but while the trigger is pulled by the Ukrainians, the Kremlin bears great moral responsibility. Putin & Lavrov decided to abandon Donbass to its fate, appointed or allowed useless and corrupt political leaders to run the show, while providing minimal military assistance. All in the name of not aggravating their “western partners”. Not only military commanders like Givi, Motorola and Mozgovoi are killed, but civilians, the same civilians who believed Russia would help them, die daily by the Kiev forces. Kremlin has betrayed these people and for what? The..prospect of removing the sanctions or a bit of good PR in the western press? Neither of the two will happen. Shame on the Kremlin..


Well said.It is exactly like that.


To the contrary. Ukraine is on the verge of total bankruptcy – and they can´t go to full scale war by themselves without the considerable risk of being dropped by their former Western partners. They are in urgent need of a stupid reaction of Donbass/Lugansk or Russia to be appointed the moral victim again by Western press – to aquire further funding and moral justification for their continuation of the genocide. One has to admire Russia, Donbass and Lugansk for their enormous patience and self-control – because staying calm, and accepting the high toll in lifes and suffering is the only choice to bury their enemies in the long run. That´s what the hotheads don´t get. Contrary to your believe I believe Russia cares for sure.

Trustin Judeau

Exactly.Russians should understand that the Western press wont give them good coverage no matter what they do.They needs once and for all to remove their complex from the West.

Pampi Ta

You didn’t get the full picture, Drinas. It’s not about agravating the West… Kremlin’s main goal is to bar Ukraine from joining NATO. In order to do so, the Russians want the frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine to go on for decades. Peace talks, assistance, great autonomy, federalization of Ukraine, everything, but the Donbass must stay inside ukrainian borders in order to paralyze Kiev.


There is/was never chance for Ukraine joining NATO. This is about Russian elites obsession/inferiority complex with the West.

Brad Isherwood

Wow… The foookin French March upon Moscow, The Kook Hitler invades Russia and 20 Million pay for that. Reagan says tear down this wall….and the March toward Moscow is on. US/NATO have broken every promise and now roar at Russia with lies,threat and pure Malice.

US slaughters Millions in their quest to control the World with there shitty oil dollar And Psycho Jew Bankers. The Bolsheviek Jews ravaged Russia…and entire show was run out of the West with Lenin Train trip and… https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2b/Robert-Minor-Dee-Lighted-1911.png

Considering how Dazzling the Russian military has evolved in all branches With cutting edge technology, It’s advanced Radars regional jamming density,aircraft defence jamming, ELINT aircraft, ships,subs… They are positioned well for the Future…while the US oil dollar dies. America is absolutely hated in the majority worldwide.

In the End….Gen Washington’s legacy was to have a raging Tyrant lead his beloved Nation. Even King George of England. …was not that Mad.

Pampi Ta

Of course there was. And the only way the Russians could bar this was to create a frozen conflict as they did in Georgia (South Ossetia and Abkhazia) and Moldavia (Transdniestria), impeding these countries to join NATO. It’s going on for two decades, you should start to realize it… Everytime the Americans support a putsch, the Russians react by supporting the Russian minorities, creating a frozen conflict. I absolutely don’t blame the Russians, I blame the Americans for that, they create this shit.

Arthur Smith

We didn’t create conflicts in Georgia, they flare up from time to time and in 2008 there was an attempt of ethnic cleansing, prevented by legally sanctioned peacekeepers. In that time russian DEFENSE MINISTER sabotaged our own command center by ordering it to leave HQ on a pretext of it being “renovated” even after our intelligence repeatedly reported that Georgia is going to attack South Ossetia. Russia only freezed centuries-old conflict.

Also Moldavia finally seeks reconcilliation with Transnistria, offering it confederative status.

Pampi Ta

Terrible and sad news. RIP Givi, a true legend


It appears that the DPR/LBP/Russian security forces did not learn the lesson from the assassination of Motorla. How could it be that he was killed in his own office? Looks like a major security breach happened here, with tragic results.

Brad Isherwood

The recent assassination events are more the fault of the dead. Driving around, … Having only 1 or 2 body guards, Going to a building and being in the same room or identified as thru window. Fire a ATGM or Shmel into the wall and it’s high % you devastate some rooms adjacent.

Possibly the Donbass needs to increase its street security and movement of people’s. It sucks….you nearly have to go curfew and police state. Donbass are at war…. They have to step up and consider ways to make Kiev bleed and pay for offensive Actions. Donbass Militias has the Kiev Contact line mechanized and else mapped. They do not want to provoke the conflict, Yet if They decided. …they could clobber the trash in days with the US howling like a baby.

Arthur Smith

>Possibly the Donbass needs to increase its street security and movement of people’s. It sucks….you nearly have to go curfew and police state.

Exactly that.


Movement of people, sure, but also need to be wary of electronic surveillance – Twitter and phone accounts – that US services can track and geo-locate – CIA are well aware Trump not interested in Poroshenko’s mess, and strongly suspect they are making hay in very last of their project’s sunshine.

Arthur Smith

I was refering to the last part – heavy impact on civilian life.


All good dude, but suspect that whoever physically got in, was working on pre-established sophisticated intel, way beyond the haphazard abilities of Ukrainian regime. Checkpoints are a total civilian nightmare and reduce economic activity – but in short term, as new US admin possibly bails out on Poroshenko could be worth it, as Kiev and CIA are in bad jam over their whole project for now.


Clicked on this report with a sigh, want to know the events, but damn, would strongly suggest CIA involved, as they concerned Trump has no interest in Poroshenko, and doing damage while can.

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