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JUNE 2021

Video: YPJ Destroys Turkish Vehicle With Anti-Tank Guided Missile In Afrin

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The media wing of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) has released a video showing how a member of the YPJ [female unit of the YPG] destroying an vehicle of Turkey-led forces with an anti-tank guided missile in the Syrian area of Afrin.

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Good! Fingers crossed they all died inside and suffered first


Militarily, it has more effect to severely would opponents then to kill them. Killing generates revenge and severely wounding opponents not only take those out of the action, often one can kill or wound more when evacuation of the wounded is taking place and they tie up other opponents as they need cate, medical facilities.

Sound cold but is factual.


ok fingers crossed they were all badly wounded like lost all limbs

Stevan Kljajic

One dead soldier is just one soldier out from battle, you can leave it in the battlefield and go further into battle, but one wounded soldier can put out of battle even 4 more soldiers who must carry a wounded man away from the battlefield! That makes even 5 enemy soldiers out of battle for some time!


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Igor Dano

snipers during the WWII have not been killing, they have been wounding, hitting abdomen, legs, etc.
It is enough to look-up Soviet-Finnish war and read the finish tactics. Their kills went only against officers and high charges. But they tried to wound regular soldiers…..

Daniel Castro


David Pryce

Could be a training exercise

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