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JUNE 2021

Video: YPG/YPJ Destorys Vehicle Of Turkish-backed Militants With Guided Missile

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The media wing of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) released a news video showing an anti-tank guided missile strike against Turkish-backed militants in the Syrian area of Afrin. The video, filmed on the same day in the Bilbileh district, shows the destruction of a vehicle which was allegedly belonging to the Free Syrian Army.

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Wow, you guys destroyed a $12,000 toyota with a $100,000 CIA supplied toy…

… really winning the war now!


American taxpayers are paying the bill, so its up to them to complain.

John Whitehot

it’s not only the money you know.

The value isn’t even in the toyota, but in the killed enemies and make them fail their mission while you accomplish yours.

besides, they surely didn’t pay for that atgm


“you guys destroyed a $12,000 *CIA supplied* toyota with a $100,000 CIA supplied toy…”

here, now it’s better :)


Umm, turks buy their own shit mmmk?


Well, CIA is the largest supplier of Toyotas – probably an exclusive distributorship for the Middle East…

Europa Erwache

Bulbul district according to Erdo-donkeys is under FSA and Turkish control.

However, as we can clearly see the Kurds can wage guerilla warfare very easily behind FSA/Turkish enemy lines.

That is the issue my friend, not whether the military vehicle was Toyota or not.


This video is not even from today. It says 27.02 but today’s weather in Afrin was horrible. God knows when this actually happened. So far, PKK’s biggest success is striking toyoto cars with ATGMs from afar rofl.


$60,000 missile, but yeah.


Taking into account the launcher too.


Guys, lets donate, only less than $713 are missing.

Behold a Pale Horse

Could have just ambushed that from the trees with small arms.


If the ambush was possible…that means, if there were no ennemy men around.

nicolas s

lol yeah or just stabbed the driver with a knife and steal the car

Hide Behind

I wish I had invested in Toyota a couple years before US decided to supply their Kurd, Al’Q, ISIL, with them so they could invade or steal land from Irag and Syria.
Bet the workers at Toyota plants are enjoying the extra pay they make while working overtime.
Toyota management must watch Southfront to know when to change their production schedules.
How many shipboard a month do they unload a month, and which nations do they unload at.
Maybe the bad guys have hired a lot of delivery drivers.
WANT AD: NEEDED delivery drivers. Must be Islamic. Must be able to drive fast, whole evading bomb craters, machine gun fire and missels. Good pay and benefit program pays 70 virgins if you fail


Excellent video. LOL

achiles Greeko

Kill all those son of Bitches who come from Mogol criminal Bands.
Turks acted always in the HISTORY as prostitutes for murderers.

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