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Video: YPG Members Pose As Civilians To Hilde From Turkish Strikes

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On February 16, RT Arabic released an interesting video showing a member of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units wearing civilian clothes. The video is filmed in the Syrian area of Afrin where the YPG was clashing with the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army.

When asked why he was dressed as civilian, the YPG member answered that he did this in purpose to hide from Turkish shelling.

While local sources and independ experts have repeatedly questioned the numbers of allegedly “neutralized terrorists” in Operation Olive Branch provided by the Turkish General Staff, RT Arabic’s video draws attention to another side of the story.

The YPG media actively exploits reports on civilian casualties caused by the Turkish military operation. However, YPG/YPJ members dressed as civilians discredit these reports themselves.

More Kurdish fighters in civilian clothes:

The propaganda war is ongoing.

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Promitheas Apollonious

it is my understanding turks are attacking the kurds and do not discriminating between civilians and fighting kurds. Also when you bombing a population bombs also don’t discriminate whom, they hit and they kill who ever is in their line of fire, so this is kind of stupid to think that wearing civilians cloths and be armed you avoid been hit.

And this article has only one purpose to excuse the turks, that bomb indiscriminately civilians to oblivion.

Teoman Can

you are wrong, that is not like this. Turkey is bombing terrorists, but terrorists are wearing civilian clothes to say “Turkey is bombing civilians in Afrin” Because europe and usa buy this always…

Sun Folks

Who are the terrorist? Kurdish people defend their land or Turkish occupying and invading their land ?


What is Kurdish land? that land does not exist.

Pretending to fight with ISIS, Kurds are occupying Syrian land that does not belongto them. they are just a minority ethnic population.

How would you feel if black people fought for an independent state of New York? Thats exactly how Saddam felt and Assad is now. Wnat would Canada do, if they wanted extra land, say, Montreal. That is what Turkey is doing.

Furthermore all is because US is helping them to. US is disturbing peace all over the world and literally in the middle east. So dont go blaming legit states around the area, go blame white house and pentagon and their jewish masters.

Sun Folks

Sorry I disagree completely with your statement. Syrian state as well many other Arab countries are artificial state, made by imperial power with divide and king rule. Kurds is an ancient tribal nation without strong national but strong religious conscious inhabited this part of the planet prior the Turks appeared in the region….


so now its down to which state is artificial and which is not? and its legit to overthrow UN member states if some people think they are artificial? with the same token US is artificial, Israel is artificial, aussie is artificial…anyway this will go nowhere. I am pro-peace and against capitalist/neo-colonialist disintegration attempts on Nation-States. Iraq, Libya and Syria should have been left undisturbed.


“Who are the terrorist? ”

That’s an easy question. Kurds are the terrorists working with a foreign country located far away which has invaded Syria intent on destroying it, stealing it’s wealth, and occupying what’s left.

Promitheas Apollonious

turkish are the terrorists get your facts straight. Or you think that what they did the last ten years is water under the bridge because they suck russian c*ck now instead of american ?

Turkish are the whores on earth that change their price according to the size but at the end the price they pay, it be beyond what they have nightmares about, especially with the maniac you have as the head now.

Maisara Mualil

Wrong, Turkish is trying to protect their border from this terrorist Ypj not all Kurdish are terrorist but their org.pkk is a terrorist org. that is already clear. They CHANGE THEIR NAMEs and forms different kinds of group to confused the masses. Turkish government is right in this issue that is the truth.

Promitheas Apollonious

by whose definition is it a terrorist organization? By the country who has armed none stop isis and was handling all the stolen oil from isis channeling it to the western market or the country who also handles all opium traffic from afghanistan? among other things using as mules their albanian counterparts.

Been bias, does not make you right.

Lazy Gamer

Cmon, if you are a soldier, wear a uniform. Otherwise you maliciously condemn civilians to be targeted to. But hey, this is war. Better to survive rather than be a fool following rules. Still, no regard for his countrymen. lol

Promitheas Apollonious

The war weighted on them is not only against soldiers unless you too thick to get the picture or bias. The war is weighted against all the kurds, independent, of age or been a soldier or not. I dont have any love for kurds, and their practices, but even if I see them as an enemy, still respect them for what they are and that is fighters, who don’t back down and run as more than likely you would be doing, in their place.

Omer Cayirli

“fighters, who don’t back down and run”
Idiot! Just look at what happened in Kirkuk. It was not long ago :)

Promitheas Apollonious

that was an arrangement not cutting and run stupid turk=donkey. And idiot is the one who did not jerk you off, broken condom.

Omer Cayirli

Arrangement! Ha ha ha…


Look if they have any inkling of righteousness in them they’d evacuated the civilians and fight the Turks as Syrians. Not hunker down using civilian clothes endangering other civilian and finally lie for the dead of them.

Promitheas Apollonious

Among the kurds are not such a thing as civilian and though I am very far from been pro kurd on the contrary i am not, to me is the same shit as turks are. Same shit different name, none the less reality is reality and it must be told.

If you follow their fight against isis all was fighting from children to women and old people. It is their way. You thinking with western mentality and separating a population under attack to combatant and not combatants civilians and not is because you not thinking peripherally based on reality on the ground.

I am sure the ones who have military clothing they use it not all have but all are fighting what they consider an invasion against them. If you don’t understand this and want to think real life as a holywood scenario then it is your own problem. And the ones (kurds) SAA let pass into afrin if you noticed all was dressed with civilian clothing as well many who fight in the Syrian war unless they are regular army. As for the BS the one who wrote this article saying it is just that BS.


the war is against ”kurds + others who fight legitimate states to gain their territories”. not against all the kurds. turkey has 15 million citizens of kurdish origin. so what you say is total bs and what is more you accuse others of potential cowards as if you know them.
maybe you also should know that the areas occupied by YPG / SDF now were with very low Kurdish population compared to the rest of Syrians. Do your reading. Your arguments are lame and you are apparently an aggressor.

Promitheas Apollonious

well……… that said from a bullshitter that seems to have selective memory, does not have much of a merit does it now? may be is best you speak to others of your own level of awareness that from what you saying is not very high above zero.

nothing is more lame, than one (as yourself) who pretend, he is blind to reality and fact.


Reality and fact.

Fact 1. Almost 60% of Kurds in Turkey are voting for Erdogan who you claim to be an enemy of Kurds.

Fact 2. If Turkey was against Kurds it would bomb the shit out of Iraqi Kurdistan. But Turkey is doing no such thing because unlike your PKK rats, Peshmerga is not launching suicide attacks and car bombs on civilians in Turkey.

Fact 3. Turkey hosts almost 400.000 Kurds from Syria. They were kicked out of Syria ‘cuz they don’t share PKK’s marxist/communist ideology and a baby killer maniac like Ocalan.

Fact 4. PKK ethnically and ideologically cleansed Arab/Turkmen populated cities in Syria.


Fact 5. Kurds make 8% of Syria yet they are trying to control 35% of Syria. And they are doing it with an imperialist disgusting country such as US.

Fact 6. Your PKK rats are no different than ISIS rats.


ISIS rats scream Jihad, your PKK rats scream Biji Biji.

Promitheas Apollonious

the kurds in syria is the convenient idiot of the americans and allies.

You assuming as someone who don’t read what others write ,that I am pro kurd which I am not, but also I am not pro turkish. I really could care less what you or your PKK is voting and whom. All slaves seeking for a master must vote one sh*t or another. I am not one of them.

All your argumentsare based on hot air since, I as I said above just stating facts, with out taking any ones side as you obviously do, been of turkish origins.

Turks using the excuse of protecting themselves and invading Syria using afrin as an excuse with their eyes on the oil of syria that used to buy from isis, they created and armed and now calling it something else, does not alter the fact no matter if the kurds are terrorist as you call them, that the turks are worst than them.

And keep calling PKK, my PKK, goes a long way to show your low mentality and your turkish origins amoeba.


“with their eyes on the oil of syria”

Afrin? Oil?

“that used to buy from isis”

Agreed. Though they didn’t buy from ISIS but rather from the Iraqi companies that bought the oil from ISIS.

“they created and armed and now calling it something else”

This is the most brain dead BS I’ve read in a decade.

“does not alter the fact no matter if the kurds are terrorist as you call them”

Where exactly did i say Kurds are terrorists? Are you suffering schizophrenia?

“that the turks are worst than them”

What do you mean? Illustrate please.

“And keep calling PKK, my PKK, goes a long way to show your low mentality and your turkish origins amoeba”

Calling PKK, PKK, is a sign of having “low mentality”? What is that even supposed to mean?

Promitheas Apollonious

afrin is the entry point. you want not to understand what I say don’t you amoeba.


Fact 4 is not prooved by an article that was published originaly on this website:
The article is opinion nothing more. the website is crappy

Promitheas Apollonious

you mistaking that I comment on what is happening in Syria with me taking sides, between turks and kurds.

The only side I take on the theoretical level and what is fair, as Syrian war is not my war, is with the legitimate government of Syria that is represented by SAA.

The rest to me, that attack Syria are terrorist either promoted by western interest or their own, and need to be eliminated or go back from where the f*ck they come from.

The only good part of what is happening is that turks kill kurds and vise versa. In short kurds and turks are one and the same of a coin with two sides. Same shit different name. Are we clear on this?


You are nuts! Killing is NEVER good!!!
And the dictator Assad has to much blood on his hands to be legitimate.

Promitheas Apollonious

am I? or you just too brainwashed to understand what I am saying.


there is a diference between understanding and agreeing….

to write that its good that kurds and turks kill eachother is a pretty fascist impression, has nothing to do with brainwashing. And in my opinion the kurds are fighting on the good side of geopolitics, despice the use of american weapons

Promitheas Apollonious

that’s a matter of opinion, not a fact.


Fact 1 is not true, if you see the kurdish provinces, most people voted for ther HDP.
comment image


You poor fucking retard… You actually believe majority of Kuds live in southeast of Turkey don’t you? No longer Kurds are beating the shit out of everysingle retard that screams PKK in Turkey. Out of 15 million Kurds; around 8 millions of them lives in the WEST of Turkey. Just Istanbul itself hosts more than 5 million Kurds.

“Kurdish province” is not even a fucking term. Term province does not even EXIST in Turkey.

I am honestly sick of you brain dead monkeys living in the EU, googling a couple shits and trying to act like you know some shit about the Kurds in Turkey.

My advice? Go Diyarbakir and scream “Long live the PKK”. I will enjoy watching Kurds murder your sorry ass or burring you alive.


Just die then of this sickness


“mayority votes CHP in the west” all major cities’ municipality elections were won by AKP(except Izmir).

Is there 1 single thing you know about Turkey?


A lot more then one thing. I used to work with Turks as well. All the conservative badly educated people that have more children vote for AK. All the liberal and well educated vote for HDP, CHP or don’t vote at all. Turkey is a meltin pot. The modern Turkish come from various ethnic backgrounds. About 20 percent is Alevi, the alevi are divided into several sub groups, some are alevi and muslim, some are worshiping the ancient turkish religion. I like the philosophy of Rumi, in Turkey known as Mevlana. Turkey is the biggest country (in people) that speak one of the turkic languages. The other countries are: Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Turkic languages also are spoken in parts of Russia, Afghanistan and China.
Erdogan is a neo osman, he dreams of a new role for turkey in the world. I hope he will die SOON. Ataturk was not a nice person as well, a turkish fascist, although he saved turkey from desintegration. The best for turkey is more integration with europe, better for women, human rights, personal freedom.

I have been in turkey twice, first time in 1990, while Saddam was invading Kuwait. Second time was 2012, i noticed the diference because of AK rule. No more beer in the supermarket, more woman covered, cool turks stressed in istanbul.


Fact 2 is a non argument, the corrupted erdogan regime did good business with the iraqi kurds



Fact 3 contains bullshit! Erdogan killed many more babys then Ocalan!
And the kurdish refugees ran away mostly because of al nusra and isis, that at the time of running were backed by the erdogan regime


A Marxist/ Communist ideology…..Marx happened to be jewish just like his palls: Beria, Trotsky, Yagoda & Many, Many Others….Carbombs & Suicide attacks…. We know who is the Biggest Supporter of these Ideologies…….so a little mistrust is at it’s place…..


I have just seen this and I am glad to also see that you, one big time ignorant, got the answers/replies you deserved blow.


Lol.. and that 15m idiot Kurdish turds did nothing to prevent..? Not even protesting..? Don’t sell ur BS here..!


lol.. they ran away of protecting and leaves the Izadis women, children and Izadis men without weapons being slaughtered when the ISIS came..! respect my foot..!

Promitheas Apollonious

as long turks and kurds killing each other, for me all is good.

Teoman Can

They are terrorists, it doesn’t matter what they wear.


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Wahid Algiers

Sure, but it is cowardly and brings real civilians in danger. Big mouths these gypsies have and then hiding when it gets serious.


That’s the plan. If they’re killed they’ll claim it is civilian. Same old trick terrorist use in the other parts in Syria.


And it is easier to hide among their “Human Shields” just as ISIS and all the other F*ckheads done for so long. Put on your dresses ladyboys…some make-up and you boys make sum fine warriors…. a strategy repeated by AngloZionazis (they luv’m ladyboys) that worked for ages came to a screechin’ halt in this modern day digital age…..


didn’t know you were a copy cat of stupid comments


That’s what you get when AngloZioNaziProxies Keep Performing the Same Old Tricksss……

Michael Qiao

Reminds me of the “rebels” fighting against the government

Hide Behind

They are nothing but civilians posing as military no matter the F’n clothes they wear, their religious fanaticeism nor their native country they came from.
Vermin is vermin, put a gold ring in a rat’s snout, it is still a rat.
Being nice to a nations enemy, by saving their lives and giving bus rides, so you do not have to kill them now. The rats just get off bus and join another rat pack.
Even up to those who hide behind a Bastardized religious tenets as an exvuse for depavity.
WII, a military man fighting out of uniform was not considered a real soldier and could be shot on site once found out.
Times have changed and old WWII dictators set up world wide by White Eurocentric governments, many have been replaced by civilian clad freedom seeking people against the European uniforms,;
This is not the case here as most are mere sadistic butchers, or kill for money, yes as do Americans in uniforms. Smoke and mirrors as they have no care of right or wrong. Freedom and liberty.
It is the warfare they crave. The rush of adrenaline of the kill.


Cowards may die in shame, but they do so at a fine old age in their beds while heroes die young horribly in the mud. When faced with an enemy who controls the skies and who enjoys overwhelming firepower only an idiot would facilitate his own demise by standing out from civilians so he can be easily killed. If I were there as an YPG fighter I would do this too, because I am not idiot, I can’t fault the YPG for doing this. Textbook insurgency warfare 101.


Wearing civilian or an enemy’s military uniforms isn’t exactly a newly developed tactic, especially when a paramilitary / guerrilla outfit like the YPG is going against a conventional force like their Turko / FSA opponents. Use whatever is necessary to get back at the enemy.

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