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JUNE 2023

Video: Yemeni Forces Crushing Sudanese Troops Invaded Country Within Saudi-led Coalition

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Video: Yemeni Forces Crushing Sudanese Troops Invaded Country Within Saudi-led Coalition

A screenshot from the video

On Monday, the Yemeni media released a video showing attack of Yemeni forces against Sudanese troops deployed in the war-torn country within the Saudi-led coalition. The attack took place in the Medi desert.

According to the report, Yemeni fighters were able to destroy some 15 armoured vehicles, including battle tanks, and to kill a high number of fighters belonging to the coalition.

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The guy at 3:25 looks like he suffered for quite some time actually…

Look at the hole he dug moving his legs back n forth.


At some point he must have thought, yep, not going to make it, let’s dig a grave and start the funeral :)


He seems to have some injury to the left flank that may indicate punctured thorax with collapsing lungs as a result. If that was the case then, as you so observantly pointed out, he suffocated before he could have bleed to death, gasping for air but rapidly not being able to breath. Very distressing indeed …


So sad, they are so poorly feed!! …although I must say I hate the fact that they’re so religious fanatics but in their difficult conditions they just need a strong source of faith, hope and motivation.

Tudor Miron

I would say that they are much less frequently repeating “Allah ahbar” than those ISIS/Nusra/FSA/etc fellas.


Hard stuff. I watched all of it.

Okay, it looks like a unit got snuffed. With the formation I saw with the Sudanese in the beginning, they don’t know how to fight at all. Sitting still out in the open. I am surprised any of them got away. Try that crap in Syria and see what happens fellas.

So, no bodies retrieved, gear left all over and the Yemenis walking around in broad daylight: before, during and after the shooting. One has to love the one Yemeni wearing a helmet with 2 bullet holes which penetrated. These guys are for real. My advice to the Saudi led coalition is quit while you are ahead. They are kicking your behinds in Yemen. You have over whelming naval, air and ground firepower? pfffffffft….

After almost two years of fighting, you got nothing. They still have a third of the county and are even launching ballistic missiles, at times with deadly accuracy, into Saudi Arabia proper. Respect these people, end the nonsense and get out of Yemen, before the real pain comes. My sense of things on this. I wish well to all.

Pavel Pavlovich

This is a fight between Iran and KSA and on a higher level between unipolar and multipolar world. Although it seems to be puny and pointless most of the time, let’s not forget where Yemen is situated exactly.


Hey Pavel. I get that. I tip my hat to the rebels in Yemen. Have a good evening. :)

Alhamzah الحمـــــزة

Hey Pavel, Did you find on the media sources you follow, evidence for actual Iranian involvement as clear as that of KSA? Sorry but there are no Iranian fighter jets or Apaches in aerial attacks. No Iranian battleships, vessels or frigates in naval battles. No armored Iranian MRAPs, vehicles or tanks…etc, in combats in Yemeni lands, not even a single Iranian fighter. The side fighting back the US-backed Saudi coalition assaulting Yemen, is purely 100% Yemeni.

To sum up the actual story, its that through the previous three decades: On one hand, Yemen’s ruling systems were always under USA’s direct command (you might get an idea of what kind of roles that USA’s consecutive ambassadors in Yemen had from wikileaks Yemen files) On the other hand, Yemen’s major tribes were proven to be under KSA’s command (by financing tribe leaders with monthly salaries worth millions of Saudi Rials) So Yemen, its army, its natural resources, and just everything was utilized in the favor of USA’s agenda in the region.

Just in the few months before the US-backed coalition started its war on Yemeni people, Yemen was rapidly undergoing a major popular movement that eliminated (1) US grip over political decision, (2) KSA’s control over major tribes, (3) AQAP/ISIS from northern provinces. When Hadi’s government failed to reverse these radical & historic transformations, the “Decisive Storm” was declared from Washington.

Today, any governments or people in the world (specially Arab/Islamic countries) who make a move against USA’s loyalship, are always claimed to be “Iranian”. Where as all the Arab leaders were once racing each other to kiss the hand of Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza.

Pavel Pavlovich

Iranian elite would be suicidal not to be involved in any way in this conflict. And they are building on this Shield of the Shiites bullshit.

But unlike what you seem to imply I am not critisizing anyone or anything, and I would in truth rather see an Iranian Empire reborn to bring some semblance of order to the Middle East, just as it was in those days of old.

Alhamzah الحمـــــزة

See? No more than conclusions.. no real evidence This is how world’s media was able to mislead people worldwide and lead them to say “aaah whatever its just a Saudi-Iranian war” whenever they hear news about the war on Yemen, giving the least care (if any) about Yemeni people who have been daily assaulted by the US-backed Arab coalition for year three now..

Lets not forget that a firm siege is imposed Yemen’s air and sea and land, nothing passes through into our lands without Saudi-US permit. The only humanitarian aids Iran decided to deliver to Yemen (of course after being inspected by Saudi coalition & UN) was Mineral Water, and a shipment full of outdated food supplies (flour, rice, tuna)

YES Iran would LOVE that Houthis win this war, but if they don’t then its not like it would actually make any difference for Iran’s CURRENT global standing, that is why it won’t decide to spend for a future alliance with a party that even if it wins, Iran knows it won’t ever lead to the alliance that Iran seeks – like that of Syria and Hezbollah, alliance and some subjection/loyalship. Also, Iran currently has other TOP priorities in Syria (it’s non-Shiites ally) and Iraq – within which its involvement is declared – where results would highly impact its current standing.

These and many several other factors, if put in a cost-to-benefit analysis would conclude how Iran’s involvement would actually be a loss, not mentioning that, again, no actual evidence of its involvement, just conclusions based on media.

At the end, let me salute you and John and all of you who support Yemeni people defending Yemen against the Saudi US-backed coalition.


There is no proof of what you stated. No Intel from foreign GOV no pictures no video’s no depiction in even the media of it being hard fact but speculative and we all know the media don’t care about ratings

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

Isn’t Sudan a Arab country? Like why are there only black Sudanese fighting in Yemen,is that a sick way of the Sudanese Arabs to get rid of some of them or what?


Hello Amon. A phrase I learned when I deployed on a NATO exercise pretty much tells it all; they don’t mind and we don’t matter. People who are in charge, use anybody they can get a hold on. It’s been this way for millennia.


Sudan had a civil war in 90’s and split into South Sudan and North Sudan. North is Arab and south is black. When unified the south was always economically depressed and poorer area and in past northern Arabs had a whole trade of kidnapped black kids as slaves, or indentured work for black adults that was basically slavery – right up until 90’s. These South Sudanese black guys easier to hire as mercenaries as they need work as South Sudan is really undeveloped area.


@bob; the north has the pipelines while the South has the oil.


I think the helmet has an entery and exit hole, it went a bit high and missed most of the kevlar layers, old mate got himself a new (used) helmet and a few of the lads are sporting flashy new Sudanes watches.

Jamil Abdin

The KSA army is propably heading for the worst military performance in world history far beating Mussolinis results in Abessinia;)


The BTR is so catastrophically destroyed its hard to even recognize the hull carcass – but can hear one Houthi guy say BTR a few times in front of it.

Peter Moy

Very revealing film footage of the war on the ground. I have great respect for these lightly equipped and poorly fed Yemeni fighters opposing the puppet government and their foreign supporters.


Yep same here, they are hard people and good natural fighters and I wish them well.

John William

Does the Saudi coalition ever meet objectives in Yemen ?It seems from this website its all losses.Is this a Iran propaganda website telling half truths ?


This is a Houthi report. Saudi coalition has made headway in starving and bombing the civilians in N Yemen. For some reason the Sauds do not report this.


Wahabism is the way to terrorism. World’s largest terrorism are funded by Saudi Kuwait and all wahabi dominated countries. Wahabis are the worst human on earth. Terrorism is a life time business for USA and SAUDI ARABIA. Terrorism will never end unless we defeat Saudi wahabi government.


Surprised the Saudi’s don’t use drones to recon the area in advance. Few places to hide when traveling there. At least blast them after the fact with the drones. Not a fan of Saudi at all. Personally don’t like them or trust them. Arrogant fucks.


Even if Saudi’s used drones, these Houthi’s are on foot in very small groups in rocky landscapes with no vehicle footprint. They are hard to find and they chooses where and when when to strike the conventional fixed Saudi and mercenary forward positions and bases. It is classic asymmetrical guerilla warfare and extremely difficult to come to terms with. Watching various other videos of Houthi’s assaults is like watching WW2 infantry combat – they commence assaults just hundreds of metres from Saudi’s positions and then move in to attack bases at proximity where they can actually throw hand grenades into base camps.


HAHAHA I Love it one of the few things that makes me happy anymore, reading how houthis are kicking Saudi ass like everyday :)))

Syed Shah

Why do you think the Saudis don’t use their own ground troops? They get others to fight their ground wars for them. Remember GW1 when they gave the US a blank check because big bad Saddam was at the door. It’s not the first time and it certainly wont be the last.


I hope its the last thing they ever do lol

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