Video: White Helments Fabricate Chemical Attack To Use It As Pretext For US Airstrikes?

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The Special Monitoring Mission to Syria (SMMS) website has released a video that allegedly shows the so-called White Helmets fabricating a chemical attack in order to use it as a pretext for US airstrikes on Syria (SOURCE):

We’ve obtained an exclusive raw footage of White Helmets operating in unidentified location in Syria where allegedly the Syrian government forces had used CW or other banned weapons against civilians.

The source who had provided us with these videos speaking on condition of anonymity said they had been captured during a specop against Hayat Tahrir al Sham group (also known as Nusra Front) in Aleppo-Idlib frontier zone. A group of militants had been eliminated and the footage was found on their laptops, cameras and mobile phones which were in their baggage.

A number of noncompliances can be seen at the very first view, and it becomes clear the footage was staged and not ready to be released yet. For example, the same persons play ‘savior’ and ‘victim’ parts in the videos. They also change places, postures, adjust clothes etc.

The decorations are another issue to analyse. There is smoke (possibly, of a smoke grenade) in one video, but there is no smoke in another. And notice a roomy body of the ambulance which the same ‘saviors’ load with the same ‘victims’. Also there are unsuspecting women and children strolling along the ‘contaminated area’ and observing the happenings.

The final edition of the film was supposedly to become the ‘compulsive evidence’ of the atrocities committed by Damascus which the U.S. State Department was talking about in late June. At that time Washington warned the Syrian authorities on its readiness to attack the Syrian army again. But, there had been no evidence to become new casus belli. Also the White House could have decided to hold off till the meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at G20 summit.


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