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JULY 2020

Video: Vietnamese Sub Test Fires Export Version Of Russian-made Kalibr Cruise Missile


Video: Vietnamese Sub Test Fires Export Version Of Russian-made Kalibr Cruise Missile

A screenshot from the video

On December 22, Vietnam’s TV channel VTV1 released a video of the first ever launch an export version of the Russian-made Kalib cruise missile by a sub of the Vietnam People’s Navy (VPN).

The export version of Kalibr, Club-S, was launched by the Project 06361 diesel electric submarine. The VPN bought 6 Project 06361 diesel electric submarines from Russia in 2014-2017. These submarines are armed with anti-ship variants of the Club S cruise missile.  Some sources speculate that Vietnam has also received land attack versions of the Club S.



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  • Zainab Ali

    good to see vietnam and russia having projects together

  • paul ( original )

    Not sure about this. Certainly Vietnam has come a long way since the
    liberation of the South. Then their forces were ‘pyjama clad’
    irregulars and the toughest infantry in the world. Now it looks like
    some western style force, but more importantly a force more directed
    against China than anything else. I am not sure this serves Russia
    very well at all.

    • Barba_Papa

      Well, it probably does serve Russia in that Vietnam is a paying customer. Pecunia non olet!

      • paul ( original )

        Agreed. Also Vietnam is a long time buyer of Russia arms. I was thinking more
        of strategic alliances in a rather abstract way. Think of the USA and
        Vietnam confronting China in the South China Sea. You may think this
        has nothing to do with Russia. But America is the enemy of both and
        may be it’s a case of ‘hanging together or hanging separately’.

    • Ronald

      China , in 1979 , suffered the 2ond largest defeat in military history when 250,000 Chinese troops were foolishly sent into Vietnam . Surrounded , facing certain annihilation , they wisely surrendered .
      Generously , General Giap , gave them free return after dropping their guns .
      Vietnamese are not anti – Chinese , but they are pro – Vietnamese .

      • paul ( original )

        Yes that is the point. There is a long history of conflict between
        Vietnam and China. My point is that if Russia is too closely
        associated with Vietnam it could ‘complicate’ its relation with
        China. This relationship being the more crucial.

  • Anh Quốc

    good to see my country in international real news network. Thank you south front you are the best news out there.