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MAY 2022

Video: USS Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier Drifting And Doing Donuts

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The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln’s crew shows a high level of training.

No doubt the US Department of Defense believes that this may contribute towards boosting of the servicemen’s combat spirit.

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Is this supposed to be an evasive maneuver ? Would it be effective as such?

Solomon Krupacek

left hardboard, right hardboard (i am not sure, that thi si correct in english) in realiti only 1 direction.

John Whitehot

port and starboard.

Solomon Krupacek



Aircraft carriers in 2017 = Sitting ducks

Alex Black

its suppose to show the maneuverability of a very large vessel at relatively decent speeds. If they were trying to outrun sharks, as oppose to supersonic cruise missiles, it would be totally impressive.


Maybe against torpedoes.

Valery Grigoryev

Yes. It is called “anti-submarine zig-zag”. http://www.rmg.co.uk/discover/behind-the-scenes/blog/zig-zagging-how-confuse-enemy-sea


Yes, Russian Shkval would be too fast for such a maneuver at 370 kms per hour. Torpedoes attack a carrier at water line causing more structural damage than a couple of cruise missiles hitting the deck or midsection. During the battle of Atlantic such maneuvers were performed by convoys to minimize the wolf pack attacks.


I guess the science of aiming, firing and timing the run of torpedoes has advanced the stage of requiring zig-zag manoeuvres timed in seconds?

I think they’re giving the helmsperson’s arms a work-out, or would hve been befire the days of digitalized controls and elerctro-servo hydraulics. Given the turn radius, dive bombers should be no problem.

Valery Grigoryev

It’s a training, of course. I guess, some standard exercise.


Sea trials. You put the ship through it’s paces as part of the commissioning process after construction or upgrades.


Maybe a Khibiny was deployed in the vicinity and blinded their radar and navigational controls.


well ya gotta do something with all that extra nuclear energy. you just can’t desalinate water day after day.


A very impressive display of speed, and maneuverability. I wonder how effective, if at all, this would be against ship killing missiles?


They probably have a big leak in their port side, and are trying to keep the ship from sinking by listing to starboard. They probably ran into another freighter, like those dummys a few days ago.


at least its in home port and not causing trouble somewhere around the world


May be the helmsman was drunk. Alternatively may be they were too busy with sodomy to pay any attention as to where they were going.


Pretty impressive seeing a +100k ton object handle like a formula one car. And all without billowing a cloud of black smoke. Note that there are no fighters on the deck. This is an old video of the Lincoln’s pre-commissioning sea trials. They do that with all of the carriers and there was a discovery Channel show about it.

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