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MAY 2021

VIDEO: US Spy Plane Was Intercepted By Russian Su-27 Over Baltic Sea

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A Russian Su-27 fighter jet has intecepted a US P-8а Poseidon reconnaissance plane, which was approaching the Russian maritime border in the Baltic Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry said on January 28. As a result, the US aircraft pulled away, while the Russian jet safely returned to base.


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  1. paul ( original ) says:

    Did they forget their missiles?

    1. Eskandar Black says:

      Intercepts are professional events that do not require missiles, its more like, we caught you, now go home. US does the same sorts of missions all the time. What do you think is the purpose of intercepting Russian bombers, by the time you see them, they already fired their cruise missiles, its a professional formality.

      1. paul ( original ) says:

        Just my attempt a humour.

  2. verner says:

    they should have downed it and blamed it on die dummen schweden

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Exactly, should have ghosted a civilian airliner and then shot the Americunts down like Zionist scum did.

  3. Sukhoi-35 says:

    What business does the US have tracking Russian submarines right on Russian Maritime borders? Imagine the outrage if Russia started tracking us navy submarines right on the border of California or Virginia. US command is in panic because Russian subs are very stealthy, as a matter of fact, P8 poseidons having a very hard time tracking and locating some of them. If ww3 breaks out, Russian subs will be only miles from US shores and your poseidons wont be able to know a thing :)

  4. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Should have shot the fuckers down using Zionist tactics with IL-20 and blaming everyone else. Americunts are provoking Russia.

  5. Xoli Xoli says:

    Russia was supposed to shot down this plain and claim violation of Russian airspace and out of self defense. Just as Erdogan has claim and as Satanyahu always claim and supported by terrorists NATO.

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