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Video: US Servicemen Train Government Soldiers In Afghanistan. What Could Go Wrong With These Guys?

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An interesting video showing US military servicemen during a training session with government soldiers in Afghanistan has appeared online. What could go wrong with such troops on the ground?

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Oh haha well I guess its all uphill from here

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This is the first day of training this proves the US is a bunch of bumbling fools. The Canadians and Australians trained the Afghan army after videos like this appeared with the usual US incompetence in training foreign troops.

Revan Maximillanius Filiaecksd

Take the ones that don’t want to cooperate and shove them sand-ward. Simple as that. Either you learn to fight for your family, or you go wander in the sands. Your choice.

Steve Dent

Why should they want to help the invaders that destroyed the peace and tranquility of their homeland?

Now, if you wanted to do that to the Americans, ….


In addition, USA control opio production, transportation, and selling into Europe.

Steve Dent

I always hated jumping-jacks. Those poor suckers have my sympathy. Worse yet, they’re being set-up by the psycho-Americans that created the tragedy in Syria which caused those young guys to end-up in that situation to begin with.

Best-case scenario for them is to head out to the front and IMMEDIATELY walk straight to the SAA and surrender.

John Whitehot

but these are afghan army.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Nah, they are from the back country every nation in the world has them and day one is always trial and error with most foreign troops trying to teach them western physical education is rather stupid, blame the US for this bumbling, not the local hill top clans.

Kids in Africa

Expect rookies die in one minute by Talaban as did other Afghan soldiers.

Alejandro Calero

They are dancing or training? With such horrendous movements all talibans will be scared of facing those incredible and brave soldiers.


What could go wrong? Just like everything else this seems to be run by liberals. If they sign up for it, they need to be made to try or make the consequences harsh.


I wonder how many millions of dollars that US training will cost the US taxpayer ?

What a farce. :)


Soldiers are born, cant be made forcefully. Even worse in a hurry and whitout all the culture and conditioning that only time can provide.

To believe that you can go to a foreign land, grab some folks ramdomly and train them to face a real army for you (so you won’t have your sons killed) is one of the delusions CIA sold to the american people.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Well that is the same tacit used to kill of the central European population during both big wars.
So if the CIA conquered Europe with this tactic, then they have reason to believe it will keep working.

Hal C

Fake Quote Alert.

Darko Dakić

free style :)


…say its a living
we all gotta eat…

Not bad for a day’s pay :)

Carol Davidek-Waller

The US has been ‘training’ Afghan soldiers since they illegally Invaded in 2001 with no visible results except perhaps an increase in modern weaponry among the Taliban.


invaded because of bin laden

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They invaded for the untapped resources Bin Laden left Afghanistan long before the invasion plan which had been planned for months in advance. The Deltas , SAS were known to be in the country 6 weeks before the Towers went down, establishing and securing Landing zones.


Bs ! What untapped resources can that barren POS wasteland can possibly offer ?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The 1968 US geological surveys had Afghanistan resources pegged at 7.3 trillion dollars , imagine that in today’s world . Most people in the US couldn’t even find it on a map let a lone geological surveys regarding it. This survey went to areas that they could use with technology back then , times have changed. The country isn’t much unlike the wastelands of the US West , rich in agriculture and resources why US oil companies were negotiating deals with the Taliban in 1996 -2001 just prior to the invasion in fact.


So what kind of infastructure does the US have in Afghanistan ? Surely they must have achieved these alleged goals through the invasion.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They can’t secure the country and control less than 55% between them and Al Qaeda , Taliban has been controlling those areas. They had such leaders as Dotsam Rashid who was a huge drug dealer and killer supported by the US. The CIA would rather run and protect drugs in Afghanistan Rashid’s son runs the empire now. The problem with infrastructure for that it needs surety of protection. Which the CIA can’t have because with that comes a stronger government and less reliant on them to finance a corrupt regime.

The Russians came to Afghanistan in the late 70’s to fight terrorism by training Government troops to fight against terrorist groups that were attacking the Government of the day.The US was breeding the terrorists to fight against the country in the first place and continue to use them against other countries.The US fights wars to control resources and eliminates the competition.


What ? So what have they achived in Afghanistan right now ?


Has the USA presented any real evidence that Bin Laden is dead ? No really, isn’t it ? From my point of view, the only reason to keep everything secret is …. because everything was a Hollywood operation, as usual.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The team who caught him allegedly went down in Afghanistan in a C47 chinook Helicopter and apparently Osama had an old man armed with a rifle which the old man had invited him to his home.The customary tradition gives him protection while in his home. This definitely was a sham as to his demise since he had cancer and passed away in a hospital.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Bin Ladin’s not there any more but the US is.
The Afghan government offered to turn bin Ladin over if the US would provide convincing proof that bin Ladin orchestrated the attack. The US refused or couldn’t provide proof. Instead they invaded.
Bin Ladin always denied having planned the 9-11 attack.
I’m pretty sure bin Ladin couldn’t have orchestrated the simultaneous failure of every US agency charged with protecting us from that attack. From the FBI ignoring warnings, the president ignoring the CIA, TSA violating their own intercept rules, planes meant to intercept being unavailable, to Cheney playing war games with our military during the attack. A statistical impossibility. It had to be orchestrated.
No matter who planned and executed the attack, no moral person invades and punishes an entire nation for the deeds of an individual.


Well it was the first time something like this has happened, you don’t attack and kill 3000 Americans in a day and expect nothing major to happen. What possible gain is there to be had by the complete destruction of the nations tallest buildings in its financial capital ? Surely they can come up with something that doesn’t involve 5 passenger planes packed with people, the pentagon and 3 towers ?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There were 2200-2300 people and many came from other countries which wasn’t entirely US citizens.The Pentagram was attacked by a cruise missile the radioactive decay puts the building to crumble in 15 years. Their was no passenger planes that crashed into the buildings 4 planes involved all had scheduled maintenance for 2 weeks. The 2 squadrons at Edwards refused to intercept the planes as did other bases did in the US. The NORAD Commander scrambled the closest fighters he had and they came from Canada CF-18 jets and also the Canadian Navy was first Navy on the scene in New York Harbor.You can blame your Air force Commanders for their incompetence.


2996 was the final number and I think a good portion of them were us citizens to be working in New York. cruise missile ? Radioactive decay ? What kind of bs is this ? what happened to all the people that got on those planes ? The hundreds of family members that lost their loved ones ?

Carol Davidek-Waller

I don’t think you read my comment carefully. There is no proof that bin Ladin did any such thing except the word of people that took us to war over imaginary WMDs. Most of the hijackers and bin Ladin were Saudis; not Afghans or Iraqis. What was needed after a thorough investigation was police action vs. the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and the destruction of their countries.


Yeah and what about my comment about the benefit for doing that ?


This video is really old and still relevant.


US Military stupidity is always relevant . By the look of those recruits it would be easier to train a cartload of monkeys. No wonder US trained fighters cannot win wars.

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

15th special autistic Afghan operation unit is ready for deployment,sir!


The US training both sides of the war as always. Best way to destroy a country is to create an “internal” war and support both sides to keep the war going, just like WW1 and 2.


And pray tell me what happens at the firing range !


Imagine what the Afghans were looking at. Muscle mechanics.

Somebody who could run down a Talie in the mountains?
Maybe if he was choppered in and ‘worked’ downhill.

Justin Ryan

This is how the SDF train too!
comment imagecomment imagecomment image

Putin's baby

Do the US servicemen give them pink cammo and pink guns like their trainers? You idiots flushed away Trillions and lots of dead and wounded yanks…and you still LOSE… ask Russia to see how it’s done.

Putin's baby

I see they are singing the yank marine song…

This is my boy,
and here’s his bum!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Day one of training locals from small villages which rarely see a school or teacher in their area.

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