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Video: US Marines Artillery Pounding ISIS Terrorists in Syria

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A Hollywood-style video has appeared at the US Marine Corps Youtube channel showing US military servicemen operating in Syria.

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Colin Oskapy

One should severely doubt that the US Marines would be firing on ISIS.


Oh, I am not so sure. The US often kills her own troops and those of their allies :)


¿como se veria del lado moral? Un padre procrea un hijo, le da la vida, lo educa, lo viste, le enseña a valerse por si mismo, y aconseja hasta que se casa. El Pentagono, dio vida a Al-Qaeda, a los Al Nusra, los instruyo, les equipo y los trasdo a Syria, y ahora salen que los estan combatiendo. ¿que tipo de padre es aquel que después de darle vida al hijo ahora trata asesinarlo?

Gene Mosher

I want to see them go over near Syria’s Golan Heights and start shooting like this at the ISIS who are being supported by Israeli Jets.


The position is interestingly far back from Raqqa and closer to Tabqa, seems they want to make sure they control that Airbase and Dam.



Trying to cut the Tiger Forces from advancing towards Deir Ezzzor .

Solomon Krupacek

tiger forces do not advance. they are just masturbating.


You seem to be behind in the news, so here is an update. Do you remember when I told you this would happen this weekend? https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/isil-full-siege-syrian-army-captures-strategic-highway-map/

Solomon Krupacek

this is nto work for TF. TF had to attack direction Maadan. this is way from north, t2 to abu kamal is from south and palmysar an suknah is central attack direction. these together are 1! these together split and destroy isis and block americas dirty plans. khanasser is work for ndf and not for elite forces. elite forces should be the steal fist.


Tigers needed to secure their Ithriya supply road first before moving forward. The southern SAA force should not approach Al Bukamal at the river crossing, because Iraqi army has not secured their side of the border. Instead this force is spreading out the ISUS defenders towards T2 and will punch through the desert and flank the main highway to DZ from the south. THE PRIZE IS DEIR EZZOR

Solomon Krupacek

The southern SAA force should not approach Al Bukamal at the river crossing, because Iraqi army has not secured their side of the border.

this is the biggest bullshit i heard! saa should close syrian borders. it has nothong to do with iraq. if DEZ city can be hold, also al bukaml can be.

and again. ittriya rad is for the second class units. they should close and not TF. TF lost two, very important weeks. again americans tokk the momentium and they are initiative. in several days also you will cry, why is sdf, ypg, yanks so swine and block TF. and i will you remmebr my words, that this is failure of assad and TF.


This is my take on tactics, strategy, and logistics for SAA. DAESH trash may have more strength between Mayadin and Bukamal than you think. OR ARE YOU REALLY THINKING ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fd9199ccb3d84152fc1466e80d2e450b602af628842894aa6f2c8ac3f6adaed3.png

Solomon Krupacek

i have idea, how big forces has isis. but if is true, that saa 50 000, then they has no chance. i am sure, the problem is, that lot of them do not want fight in another province. the old sickness of saa.


Yes I wonder why the PMU is being held back?

Daniel Apaza

Why are they using weak weapons????


The US terrorists don’t change, just like when they were best friends with Saddam against Iran and even helped him gas Kurds, just to pound him into submission a few months later. Now the US filth hits its brainchild ISIS.

Samuel Boas

Terrorists marines

Rüdiger Preiss

Smells very much like fishy propaganda

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are running low on White Phosphorous Rounds those are the light colored shells usually ten times the amount ,or they just hid them away from view to show they are really heartless bastards in using chemical weapons as a primary round .


Ahhh, US taxpayer dollars hard at work. Every deployed service member costing approx 2 million per year. Repugnant.

John Mason

Looks more like from a video game. Trash at the best.


To be categorized as another ‘friendly fire’ incident.

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