Video: US-led Coalition Bombing City Of Raqqa


Video: US-led Coalition Bombing City Of Raqqa

How the US-led coalition fire support for the Syrian Democratic Forces advancing in Raqqa looks like.



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  • Jesse Pereira Correa

    This is sad???????

  • MeThinks

    Now we know who dropped the incindiaries on city of Daraa to blame Bashar Al Assad

    • Jasminko Grdic

      We know that long time ago. Hiroshima and Nagasaki was Hitler for sure.

  • Jan Tesarik

    US destroying Syrian’s infrastructure as planned, psychopaths

    • Wahid Algiers

      War criminals since more than 150 years. As dangerous as stupid.

    • Free man

      All the parties are doing a good job of destroying Syria’s infrastructure.
      Whole cities are being destroyed, thousands of people are being killed.
      It is a tragedy on a global scale.
      And everyone has the best excuses.

    • gustavo

      Exactly, that is the idea of USA-NATO_Israel. Israel mainly wants to see Syria completely destroyed. Who is the best country to destroy something ?….. USA, of course. I think the best name for this country since WWII would be BOMBUSA.

  • John Mason

    Incendiary weapons are against International Law when fired upon civilian occupied territory. Assad needs to protect Syrian citizens and have the US/Kurds removed by force.

    • Sadde

      The power of Syria is unfortunately not enough to directly oppose the NATO conquerors. Unfortunately they have managed to demonize president Assad world wide, that the majority of the world believe Assad does nothing other than just bomb civilians with chemical weapon. When protesting all of these illegal attacks at UN no one cares, and if he defend Syria by giving the order to attack foreign armies then he gets the blame and will be bombed even more …

      But I agree with you, sitting idle to not risk anything does not work against these bullies. It has to be asymmetric. The question is what to do?

      • Free man

        The president in the United States is Trump, not Obama, and the Americans have declared that if someone attacks their soldiers, they will also bomb Iran, if it turns out to be that Iran behind it.
        Everyone should believe them, The Americans are looking for reasons to hurt Iran / Hezbollah.

        • Sadde


        • Sadde

          I agree with you that the risk of NATO attack is the most crucial point. The purport of my comment also points to this risk assessment. In my previous comment, I emphasize that Syria (along with allies) is unable to defend itself against major NATO attacks. on the other hand, NATO must also have weak points that make them afraid – highlighting such weaknesses can be exploited.
          The US with its NATO has clearly demonstrated the will to destroy Syria, therefore, a totally passive Syria risk being totally destroyed. In a grave simplification of the situation in such a way that all those involved are divided into only two conflicting enemies, NATO, Saudi Arabia, FSA and ISIS inhere one group, while the other opposing team consists of Syria, Russia, Lebanon and Iran. Syria can not eradicate the Black and Green goblins (ISIS and FSA) without being able to defend themselves against NATO and Saudi Arabia. The same is true of Iraq. The trick is how Syria and Iraq together with allied countries can benefit from strategic geography so that risks and fears are shifted more to NATO and Saudi Arabia so they do not dare unrestrictedly do as they wish. The question was what …

      • Italianguy

        Assad is a butcher and has destroyed Syria. Chemical weapons, Barrel bombs, Torture, Starvation, Destruction – all war crimes which Assad will someday pay…..

        • Sadde

          How do you know Assad has done all those things?

        • Bob

          Italianguy, you should stick to limonata or chinotto and lay off the Pentagon brand Kool-Aid.

    • Free man

      Assad is a smart guy.
      He knows he can not beat the Americans.
      It’s easy to write things that someone else has to do.

  • Uzamere Uwa

    How reliable and effective is the Russian S300 defense systems​ is in Syria!

    • NOT very effective – at the moment anyway.

      • Uzamere Uwa

        Thanks Shauna for the info. But yet Russians brag about these over hype piece sh.t

        • @Inc2Get

          They are extreme effective but they aren’t operative in Syria! Assad can’t afford to shoot down US planes because then they would have a reason to go to war. According to American law, if US forces are attacked, the president can go to war directly without consulting with security council. Russia will only defend Assad thus far, they won’t risk WW3 over Syria. That is why they never activate the anti defense systems. They only brag about it but that’s it. What Syria can do is to ask Russia to move their special operation units to the front lines and this would fire the US to not attack Syrian allies or troops because if they did, there would be a de facto war with Russia. No one would risk that.

          • Uzamere Uwa

            My hat for you. I bet you are a a war tactician.

          • The US will not go into a war were the enemy can fire ICBM’s at the ‘Merican homeland. Ergo, they won’t start a war that means Russia will shoot back at America. They daft, they like war – but not THAT much.

            PS. Some great YT vids of those things – I esp like the one that has some Yankee warship doing the fastest figure of 8 in the Black Sea’s history. ;-)

        • Bob

          Actually, experienced USAF pilots have actively stated, on record, they do not want to be anywhere near an S-300 or S-400 SAM system that is actively painting them, period. They well understand it is a peer to peer military system capable of killing them.
          But Russia is not at war with the US. So Russian Federation S-400’s and Pantsir’s are primarily based in Syria to protect Russian aircraft assets and personnel currently operating out of Khmeimim air base in Lakatia.
          These are very serious weapons systems – the most serious air defense systems in potential opposition to USAF aircraft and they are not used in a casual or irresponsible manner.

  • Jamil Abdin

    Unlike in Eastern Aleppo in Raqqa there are no schools, hospitals or civilians.

    • Either that or they’re magically protected from American bombs.

  • Free man

    I do not buy the narrative that there is a good side and a bad side here. All sides use the method of scorched earth. Only ISIS takes pride in it and does not lie about it.
    This is very sad.

  • White phosphorus over Raqqa – that’s a war crime.

  • Adam Iversen

    kill all isis garbage