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Video: US Apache Attack Helicopter Assisting SDF Units Combating ISIS In Raqqah


The Rojava News has released a video showing a US Apache attack helicopter assisting units of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the area of Raqqah.



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  • Free man

    Very Good. The fighting and suffering of the citizens will be shorter.

  • Jesus

    I do not see any cannon or missile fire from the helicopter. Is this a propaganda video?

    • goingbrokes

      They got to be seen to be doing something… anything!

      • Jesus

        Is it not amazing that under Obama coalition forces ” bombed” ISIS for a couple of years, only for ISIS to grow exponentially and and develop a fleet of thousands of tankers to sell stolen Syrian oil to Turkey and others?

        • Jens Holm

          The amazing is Your amnesia for the whole picture and only use a few old photos and forget the rest in well descriebed video, newer photos and text.

        • Ace

          The JSTARS aircraft never saw the tankers. Completely invisible.

    • Red Tick Alert

      I reckon that was just some rich SDF’s kid’s drone.

  • kurdi aram

    Kurdish war against Terrorist in the west-kurdistan is much more important than in Raqqa.
    The Kurdish fighters must liberate the regions in North of Aleppo and in Eskanderun.

  • kurdi aram

    USA is supporting ISIS and Kurds simultaneously against Assad forces. Thus Kurds will surely not be the winner. Unless the Kurds in eastern parts of Kurdistan namely Arbil, Sulaimany,Karkuk help help the Kurds in the western parts of Kurdistan.

    • Murf

      The Kurds, with US help, were kicking ISIS’ a$$ for two years,while SAA and Russia were to busy bombing civilians in Aleppo.

      • Ace

        Nothing simplistic about your analysis. No sir.

  • henrikrclausen

    Not a very convincing effort by the Americans, actually…


    Of coarse the Apache did attack. It was edited to make you believe that Kurds are not dying and being injured to take out ISUS in Raqqa. Have some respect for those on the field of battle, instead of lame propaganda.

  • gfsdyughjgd .

    Great opportunity for USA/Nato to destroy the Syrian Raqqa infrastructure.