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Video: The Covid-19 “Second Wave”. “Red Zones”, Travel Bans, Quarantines, “Red Lists”

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By Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at Global Research

Red zones”, travel bans, quarantines, “red lists”. A “Second Wave” has been announced.  The fear campaign has gone into overdrive.  Drastic state measures are contemplated, including restrictions on social gatherings, marriages, funerals, the closing down of restaurants and bars, the outright paralysis of civil society.

From the onset of the Covid crisis in January 2020, far-reaching decisions taken by the WHO and national governments have been justified by citing “estimates” of the Covid-19 disease as well “statistics” pointing to a  Worldwide spread of a new deadly coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China.

Scientific analysis confirms that these estimates of “confirmed cases” are flawed. The tests do not detect or identify the virus. The figures are often manipulated to justify political decisions.

Millions of people are lining up for Covid-19 testing, which contributes to increasing the number of so-called “confirmed” Covid positive cases Worldwide. 

What’s the Big Lie? What’s the Smoking Gun?

SARS-CoV-2 is NOT A “KILLER VIRUS”. The fear campaign has no scientific basis. The standard RT-PCR test used to “detect” the insidious Virus, “cannnot identify the Virus”.

The governments which claim “to be protecting us” are using meaningless and manipulated statistics to justify the imposition of Covid-19 “Code Red”. 

VIDEO. Michel Chossudovsky, The Second Wave is Based on Fake Statistics

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viktor ziv

“SARS-CoV-2 is NOT A “KILLER VIRUS”.” statement is a clusterfu***, especially when a man knows someone who died of it.


Too bad for your friend but he is in a very small minority. 99.999 percent of people will not be seriously affected by this virus. And 94% of those who do die will be due to underlying medical conditions. According to statistics 150,000 people die every day anyway. Covid19 barely increases that number, especially when most of the Covid19 dead would have died from their underlying conditions sooner or later anyway. This is nothing but fear mongering.


Didier Raoult makes clear cov2 epidemic is finished (and we have herd immunity) but we now the virus mutations coming in action which are less dangerous. PCR test cant differentiate cov2 from mutants and give positive case which are not cov2. https://mobile.agoravox.tv/actualites/sante/article/pr-didier-raoult-evolution-de-l-87060

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