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Video: Terrorists Reportedly Blow Up Oil Pipeline In Iran Amid Protests

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Video: Terrorists Reportedly Blow Up Oil Pipeline In Iran Amid Protests

A screenshot from the video

A Sunni militant group, Ansar al-Furqan, has claimed to have blown up an oil pipeline in the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan. The group released a video allegedly showing an attack on a pipeline near Omidiyeh.

The Iranian government has not commented on these claims yet.

It’s interesting to note that the claims by Ansar al-Furqan were made amid the economic and political protests in Iran. MORE ABOUT HERE

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  1. Thegr8rambino says:


    1. You can call me Al says:

      I smell McDonalds and kosher kebab on this – so before meeting your solution, get them on film crying like babies again and post it Worldwide.

      Yank and Yid vermin.

      Happy New Year by the way.

      1. Thegr8rambino says:

        Haha yes!! Happy new year!! :))

      2. Solomon Krupacek says:

        both, macd and kebab are kosher. islam and judaism the same shit.

        1. Xanatos says:

          I never met a Jewish man or woman in college who did not eat bacon burgers and pepperoni pizzas.

        2. Eskandar Black says:

          May Agent Solomon save enough shekels to retire in 2018

        3. Brother Ma says:

          You are right but why a Ruthenian Jew like you would admit it is perplexing.

      3. Lumen says:

        the shit-nation of iran will meet its solution, just like you low-iq muSSlim

        1. Gary Sellars says:

          Given that a lumen is a unit of measurement for luminosity, and that you are such a feeble dimwit, I find your choice of handle to be most inappropriate….

          1. Brother Ma says:

            Well said Gary. I wonder if the entity knew what it meant when it chose the handle?

        2. You can call me Al says:

          French Muslim prick.

    2. Solomon Krupacek says:


  2. Rob says:

    These protests in Iran are against Islam and Muslims and are in support of global terrorists Israel and America..

    1. Solomon Krupacek says:

      no, against teocratic islam state. big difference!

      1. Rob says:

        Terrorists like terrorists e.g. America like Israel because both are t——-. Similarly ISIS and other Jehadists like America and Israel because they hire them and finance them.

        1. Pave Way IV says:

          Not really, Rob. ISIS and all other al Qaeda spawn absolutely hate both the US and Israel. Neither the US nor Israel care. The head-choppers were created and supported to destabilize the Middle East with a fake Sunni-Shia war, but their most important ‘mission’ their masters have assigned the Wahhabi head-choppers is to kill all Shia and destroy anyone friendly with Iran – period.

          The Wahhabi head-choppers have conducted few attacks on the US and none on Israel. It’s not because they are either paid by or like either country. It’s because their Saudi/GCC paymasters pay them, in part, NOT to attack either ally.

          1. Rob says:

            John McCain and Hillary Clinton openly says yes we finance and arm terrorists there is no doubt. The global terrorists and the financiers have the same agenda to make money on human suffering in the world.

      2. Joe says:

        Part of your friends’ plots against Iran as Iran is the main stumbling block to US/israel goals that are fast collapsing.

        Too late anyway . It would not save the situation

      3. SHA says:

        no difference little kafir

        fighting islamic government is fighting quran itself

        we iranians want to live like god ordered us
        what do you western son of a prostitute want from us?
        we will come and cover your mother with a hijab

        1. Uche Anthony Esealuka says:

          What makes you think that our women require a hijab? We may sympathize with your cause and your struggles because that is the humane and right thing to do but please do not make the mistake of thinking that we find anything attractive about your religious imposition on women or the Persian affinity for pedersty.

          1. Rob says:

            What do you mean by hijab?
            Hijab mean the hiding of private body parts like breasts and vagina etc.

        2. Peter Bond says:

          Why don’t you try? Keyboard warrior. I can bet if you hear a gudshoot or see Muslim most loved bird, US drone. You would sheet yourself Hassan, stop trolling and go milk the goats!

        3. Larissa Vanderbilt says:

          He doesn’t have a mother. Either that or his mother deserted him in Ukraine . . .

        4. Lumen says:

          i dont think so low-iq muSSlim, quran must be annihilated from the surface of earth.

        5. Brother Ma says:

          Watch your mouth pederast worshipper.You would lose alot of goodwill here if you keep shooting your mouth off.
          I am a supporter of Iran but if you think i am going to allow Moslems to turn my family you will experience a wake-up call.

          My family fought moslems too many centuries to allow shia moslems to take over from sunni.get it !!

          1. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

            Very true in every Muslim and Arab countries destruction their own brotherly country Saudi Arabia is involved.
            We Christian always stand shoulder to shoulder and support Muslims and Arabs.Many Muslims and Arabs ladies get killed because of this dish washing and table cloth. Because their don’t see the beautyness or uglyness of girlfriends until their accidentally apear naked infront of boyfriends.

      4. Bob says:

        Alleged ‘Sunni’ militant activities in Iran are very dubious – it is a theocratic and majority demographic Shia population Islamic Republic – with very small Sunni demographic. This smells like opportunistic combined western intelligence and PR exercise – attempting to set terms for contrived color revolution as they previously attempted in Syria in 2011.

      5. Larissa Vanderbilt says:

        “teocratic islam state” . . is that a state ruled by democratic islamic tea-drinkers?

        1. Lumen says:

          surely not democratic, as there is another term put instead of “demo” as you low-iq Being should have nevertheless recognized

          1. Gary Sellars says:


            nah, I give up,. What is it?

      6. Eskandar Black says:

        Agent Solomon, you old israeli dog, still trolling these woods.

      7. Brother Ma says:

        Wrong they are simply arabs or persian malcontents.if the former take over ,you can be sure they will have a theocratic state worse than that at present.it will just be wahhabi not shia and much much worse.

        Yet you know that Solomon, so why are you acting dumb?

      8. gustavo says:

        Teocratic or nor teocratic is not Israel/USA/NATO business, it is just IRAN business. These three elements do not have to create problem in IRAN just because the teocratic-democracy Israel state wants to.

    2. Rob says:

      Who arranging protests in Iran?
      From where money comes with them for arranging Protests in Iran?

    3. Rob says:

      Irani government should have to protect important national assets.

    4. Starlight says:

      WRONG- these protests, fermented by the CIA and MI6, exploit the fact that in ANY nation, a sizable minority opposes the current regime. If a foreign power could ferment anti-Trump protests in the USA would it mean the protestsors were mostly anti-American- of course not, you fool.

      IDIOTS want our side to be full of thickie WRONG thinking. What matters is not that lots of (very sane) people hate the religious government of Iran (so would I), but who is exploiting them, and for what ends.

      What did the wahhabi invasion of Syria bring to any ordianry Syrian, regardless of their politics? The destruction of their nation. Harm to people and property that won’t be reversed in even FIFTY years. Likewise in Libya. Likewise in Iraq.

      An ordinary citizen is usually a pretty thick and naive person. They can fantasise about a better nation- but sometimes what they have is as good as it gets for the immediate future, and wanting something better too soon allows pure evil to enter their nation and ruin everything.

      At this time, with Putin being so weak and servile to the zionists and the Deep State, Iran is very vulnerable. Iran’s strength thus lies in rapidly identifying foreign agents and those they have recruited/directly influenced, and taking them out. Iran has to allow the protests to happen somewhat to complete their intelligence gathering. To let the iranians in the pay of Britian, France, America amd Israel expose themselves so they can be captured, fully ‘debriefed’ and then appropriately punished.

      But in needing to allow the fith columnists to expose themselves and their networks, Iran has to risk the West getting the chaos they desire to justify immediate escalation in the name of supporting a ‘people power revolution’. The odds are currently in Iran’s favour, but Trump will have the ‘fact’ of this ‘rebellion’ used to bash him over the head again and again to get Trump to support future anti-Iranian action.

      1. Lumen says:

        Iran as it is is a nation of injustice and religious illness. It will vanish fromthe surface of earth and never return.

        1. Rob says:

          This is fact that Iran will survive for ever as long as this world exist. Palestine is a tiny country and America that consider themselves super power cannot vanish them within 70 years, so how Iran.

      2. Brother Ma says:

        Well said Starlight.

      3. Rob says:

        I have mentioned this yesterday.
        Who arranging protests in Iran?
        From where money and intelligence comes with them for arranging Protests in Iran? From CIA, MI6 and Mossad.

  3. Vitex says:

    terrorists… yeah, like mista’arvim

  4. hvaiallverden says:

    Yup, witch path to Persia, huh, rings any bells, oh… I forgot its an conspiracy theory.

    And timing is everything, pre-pakaged and delivered fresh, with history and everything within one day, and now we will have rows of so called “Iranian exiles” whining in the news, with an twisted reality withy of an moronic hasbaratnjik, about, of course the “tyrannical Islamic fundamentalist terrorist dictator state called Iran”, yeah, and videos witch we can verify, an BBC gone bonkers and I hope they get the flags eh….. right this time, like in Libya, where they used images from India, because of the idiots running the BBC couldn’t differ, hehe, beat that, etc, etc, and this, u….. demonstrations is of course, again, been hailed as justified, etc, again, embargoes etc, will not be mentioned with an word, like NK, kick the people in the nuts and blame the Gov, just like Yemen.

    Now its been a bit clearer the lines, the fog have dampen a bit, the sudden hot shoot drivel served by the 800 p Gorilla on steroids, the UssA and Trump, with the never ending spray of bullshit coming from Erdogan, an nice piece of Iran, the golden calf it self, I bet He have an hard on by the mere thought of it.
    And did you really think the UssA would somehow stop, huh, the new army in the North, Kurds in Iraq, civil unrest popping up with in an week, coordinated thru the UssA and the west.
    Simultaneously, of course, some arrests, orchestrated to create more hate propaganda, and the demonizing of anyone Russian is starting, accelerating, day by day.

    And the same scrap book, is again utilized, and we all pretend this is an surprise, nice one.

    I cant help to be sarcastic, when we all know whom is behind this, I hope the Iranians arent that naive, just hunt all of them down and give them an simple offer, one they cant refuse, or off with their heads.
    We may disagree in certain economic aspects and politics conducted in Iran, but again, whom have hammered Iran for decades, blockaded, etc, to downright theft of assets and cash, hide this behind ludicrous accusations so lame it would make an #metoo whining hag, blush.

    Yeah, happy new year, the shoa must go on.
    Pity isnt it, when we enter the new year, leaving the present behind and looks to the future and what I see is basic, the total lack of balls, and I dont for an second forget the ones that Have Balls, the Yemenis fighting the imperialists, the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Lebanese, Palestinians, Libyans, various African nations where terror is popping up like mushrooms, to those that fight in the European main lands, be loud and proud, my hart and souls goes to you all. Follow the money, Cui Bono.

    Never give in, and never give up.

    Time will come to the next phase, witch is an direct assault on Iran, that, is the final test, yeah, nothing else matters, everything else is side shows, wake up.
    Blessed be the peace makers.


    1. John Mason says:

      Nice piece of work you wrote, very poetic. You could have shortened it considerably by saying “F.ck the US, Zionists, Saudis and God Bless Iran”. All the best to you in the New Year.

  5. Lazy Gamer says:

    Sleeper cells activated. Now would there also be sniper fire?

  6. Joe says:

    Part of Iran attack . Street unrest, blame Iran for Gaza rockets, now pipeline by terrorists. These guys are all in cahoots to destabilize Iran as they currently are no match for Iran.

  7. FlorianGeyer says:

    Perhaps the recently re-deployed ISIS gangs are also being inserted into Iran by the USA now ?

    1. Pave Way IV says:

      The US has – along with the other usual suspects – been training, funding and equipping various Iranian ‘insurgency’ groups since well before 2002. Mostly Sunni extremists or radicalized Iranian minority groups. Not sure they would re-deploy ISIS there – Syria hasn’t been destroyed enough yet, Assad is still alive and the Shia-corridor isn’t cut. Plenty of terrorist work to do in Syria and Iraq before the US sends the head-choppers to their deaths in Iran.

      1. MH370 says:

        Who cares about assad. When you can directly go and shutdown Tehran. Asad will fall after it without any effort.

        recent rise of activities of ISIS in afghanistan are strongly connected to the coming event in Iran. they will make use of hadith of black flag from the east. yes im pretty sure.

  8. Starlight says:

    Southfront focuses on aspects of the CIA/MI6 controlled ‘protests’ in Iran that the zionists demand to progress their psy-op campaign. This is disgusting.

    The REAL story in Iran…
    In Britain, 50% of the people HATE the current government. Same in the USA. If Britain or the USA were NOT Empire Powers, a foreign empire power could easily use this fact to ferment riots and wars in the UK and USA.

    Modern democratic politics ACCEPT that each parliamentary period may only reflect the desires of half the population- maybe for a period of up to SIX YEARS. Think about this.

    So in Iran, we have a sizable minority who stands against the current regime- just as a consequence of ordinary political statistics. How was this type of minority used in Libya and Syria? With malicious British, American and French interference, to utterly destroy all normal forms of life in these two nations for all citizens.

    Now we see the same play in Iran, but no sane analysis of this FACT on Southfront, cos Southfront has allowed its controlling body to have been infiltrated by zionists. Volunteers with a VERY specific agenda. ‘Volunteers’ who, like the zionist who infiltrated Zerohedge, gained a moderator position, and ruined that outlet (which stays ruined even after he was exposed and booted out), move the way Southfront covers events.

    Tony Blair’s team want events in Iran to become so SEEMINGLY significant, he can order the snipers in again and plausibly blame the mass shootings on the Iran government. The West, sadly with Putin’s passive approval, is waiting in the wings to massively strike Iran in the ‘name’ of supporting the protestors. Remember the Libya play, fully supported by Putin at the UN?

    Now in truth, Putin fully expects the Iran government to control and end the protests before the West can act. Iran ain’t Syria or Libya. But this is a massively risky strategy by Putin, for it pre-supposes the West plays by any rules.

    Team Blair wants chaos in Iran, so in the midst of chaos it is possible to roll out any psy-op, or series of psy-ops. Assasinations. Recruitments of leading regime figures by MI6/CIA. New intelligence gathering so jewish terror groups can infiltrate Iran and mass murder key iranian intellectuals like scientists- remember there is no limit to the depravity of jewish extremism.

    Of course the real desire is to kick start the Iran war. So what we may be really seeing is CONVINCERS- the propaganda lies used to sell the desirability of escalating war action to a naive and thickie US president. Trump wants war with N Korea because he is a THICKIE who doesn’t know the USA desires the existence of N Korea to keep Korea split to please Japan. Trump currently thinks war on Iran is a VERY bad idea.

    ‘Convincers’ are needed to get Trump to change his opinion on Iran. When thickie Trump sees (fake) protests across Iran, thickie Trump may start to think the Iranian people would support regime change there. Remember Tony Blair teling you his invaders of Iraq would be greeted as ‘liberators’ by the people. This lying garbage is an ancient propaganda ploy.

    As I said, the Iran government should soon have things back under control- they’ll identify the instigators under foreign pay/control, and eliminate them. But the aftermath will bring the Iran war that much closer. Only one man on Earth can prevent the Iran War- Putin- and he has stated very clearly that he isn’t going to do a d-mned thing to stop it (see the Kosovo war, Iraq invasion, Libya War, Syria .

    War for examples of how Russia sits on its hands when it matters).

    Iran is the hardest and biggest target yet for the Deep State, and is going to be a war of insanely violent proportions. The West will make wide use of nuclear warheads to rapidly reduce military and key civilian infrastructure in Iran to ZERO. Deep State propagandists have been working to ‘normalise’ the use of nuclear weapons in the minds of the chattering classes for more than four years now- mostly with stories stating the threat of nuclear radiation/fallout has been massively exagerated. DIGG promoted one such story as its main feature over this Xmas.

    The use of thousands of small complex/block leveling nuclear warheads will change the face of warfare for ever. Russia, China, France, Britain and Israel will all allow the use of such ‘small’ nuclear warheads by their military in future conflicts. Imagine Gaza struck by jewish nuclear warheads! That day is coming VERY soon. It follows rapidly after the first nuclear warhead from Britain, France or the USA strikes an Iranian facility.

    1. Brother Ma says:

      Starlight ,who was this zionist infiltrator?

  9. MH370 says:

    look very much the Mohammad Ben Salman promise to bring war into Iran becoming to fruit. i just amaze how quickly the plan is being executed with success.

  10. World_Eye says:

    What terrorist this is Zio-Israhelli mossad Terrorist you Zio mother fuckers, Sunni my ass, the proxy agent for the zio – israhell

  11. World_Eye says:

    By the way Happy New Year 2018 to y’all !

  12. Pave Way IV says:

    Ansar al-Furqan? The US, Saudi Arabia/GCC and Israel have managed to pull enough of their head-chopper leader ‘assets’ from their ‘old’ al Qaeda/IS spawn to form what is essentially ISIS v 2.0. The only difference is that ISIS2 will be rigidly obedient to the original, single Al-Qaeda Central (ACQ) command in Afghanistan. IS-ISIL-ISIS-al Nusra were all spawn, with al Nusra supposedly being ‘independent’ from ACQ. It wasn’t – that was a charade so Saudi Arabia could claim it wasn’t funding al Qaeda/IS groups and Israel could provide them direct military and medical support, also allowing it to claim it wasn’t funding al Qaeda ‘terrorists’. This is all laughable, of course. Nobody (except the American public) was fooled by constantly changing names for Wahhabi head-choppers. ACQ has and always will be a joint US- UK-KSA- and Israeli- controlled ‘command center’ for headchoppers.

    An ACQ-subservient Ansar al-Furqan isn’t anything new – they’re the same old-time al Qaeda brainwashed by Saudi Wahhabi clerics and the same old-time al Qaeda funded by the Saudis/GCC. In fact, the US/UK/KSA/Israelis already had them trying to regime-change Iran since 2002. They are part of the supposed Sistan-Baluchistan insurgency in Iran’s southeast. This pipeline attack in the southwest is either another offshoot, or the Pentagon/Israeli-supported MEK terrorists that are mysteriously ‘allowed’ to stay in Iraq courtesy of the US (despite Iraqi’s insistence for over a decade that they don’t want US/Israeli MEK terrorists there).

    Here’s an informative UK Telegraph article (as incredible as that may sound) from 2007:

    US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran

  13. BL says:

    Iran has rejected the reports:


    These are CIA tactics to fan the flames of unrest. They do it in every chaotic situation, by publishing fake news and fake pictures they attempt to steer the direction of the events in their favor.

  14. RichardD says:

    This is the same externally applied Hegelian regime change modus operandi that has been used repeatedly throughout the color revolutions and Arab spring. Turn the peaceful demonstrations violent by attacking and killing the protesters, and having agent provocateurs engage in rioting. Along with destroying national infastructure to stage an insurrection by foreign intel supplied mercenary “rebels”.

    1. Hemisphere Samba says:

      Yes. Modus operandi of the left since the French Revolution at least.

  15. Melotte 22 says:

    CIA and Mossad have started a hybrid war against Iran. It is going to be a hard year for Iranian people, but hopefully Iran will prevail.

  16. John Brown says:

    The racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire needs a new playbook for its false regime change coups / phony revolutions. I am sure 99% of Iranians don’t want Iran to become like Syria or Libya etc.

    1. Icarus Tanović says:

      You betcha!

  17. MH370 says:

    complain about economy and rising price but burning qasem soleimani banner and protest about intervention in syria?

    is that make sense for a protest about economy and unemployment?

    and this people wanna be in a monarchy again? calling for Reza Shah? LOL

  18. Icarus Tanović says:

    I don’t think that’s true.

  19. Hide Behind says:

    It’s gonna get real interesting, the best thing for EuroCentrics is to have Persian youth and decrepid old tear down its present religious political economic system,; Let the chaos and bloodflow begin.
    Freedom is a messy affair, one lover, many suitors, all throng to find satisfaction , holiness on earth for rewards both here and some future of permanent orgasms.
    Of individual delights, a crowded dance floor of attacking, attracting,resisting while inviting, temptations with euphoric Rave,
    Mindless of toes stepped on , sweaty bodies ignoring those they BUMP and grind against, lemmings without knowing directions run towards and away from same downfalls .
    Man will never be able to rule themselves, always there are needs for moderators, controllers, pill popping producers of “The grass is greener generations, if you go there.
    Rainbow is freedom, an elusive coloration of one light of many lights blending yet seperat and dimming, one entity or is it.
    run. fly , your vision is out-in-here where you cannot catch it, but we want what we perceive as freedoms, so we build our new walls and forget destruction of old walls must come first.
    In Iran’s case, if the revolt removes aid to Syria, Hezbolla, Iraq, there will be a bloodbath, first in ME And then either Iran becomes a Euro patsy, with wealth even further shrunk into fewer hands, or they get dissolve into sewers of hyphenated Iranians.
    Let life go on, interesting.

  20. gustavo says:

    IRAN and RUSSIA have to do something very fast to these ISrael-USA plans to destroy IRAN, before is to late. Protests and terrorism has been activated at the same time. Later, the official support from USA to the “oposition” (created by CIA-Mosad-NATO) will come, and weapons will be provided by them.

  21. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

    This is USA agents job no citizen will sabotage own national resources.Saudi one man rule fake king USA/NATO and Israel wants oil disruption of Iran.Iran is the only country which has so far converted sanctions in success. Oil pipeline has nothing to do with protest this is clear terrorists act and enemy sabotaged.

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