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VIDEO: Syrian Warplanes Retaliate over Militant Offensives in Southern Syria


AlMasdarNews reports: After the Free Syrian Army (FSA) launched two consecutive offensives in eastern Quneitra and western Sweida, the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) began flying sorties over southern Syria, striking insurgent targets in the governorates of Daraa, Sweida and Quneitra.

This region of Syria has otherwise been relatively peaceful with both sides mostly adhering to the U.N. brokered cessation of hostilities, established in February.

Rebel sources said they had lost 8 fighters at Quneitra and 12 in western Sweida, all members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Heavy airstrikes were especially observed at Bosra al-Sham, a rebel-held town on the provincial border between Daraa and Sweida:

One rebel fighter died during airstrikes on the town, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The FSA’s newly proclaimed southern Syria offensive, nicknamed ‘Heyaa Lillah’ (roughly translates ‘for the sake of Allah’), is now officially over just hours after it began.



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