Video: Syrian Troops Show More Spoils Of War Captured From ISIS In Deir Ezzor


Video: Syrian Troops Show More Spoils Of War Captured From ISIS In Deir Ezzor

A screenshot from the video

The Syrian Arab News Agency has released a new video showing spoils of war captured by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in the city of Deir Ezzor from ISIS.



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  • χρηστος

    great job there. given the fact that isis is in ‘pockets’ almost everywhere in Syria, equipment is very difficult to find. On the other hand it seems that they have huge stockpiles of arms. Enough to supply many armies.

    • Richard Noel Hedditch

      I was thinking that was enough weaponry to exceed NATO Jew ISIS’s manpower.

      • χρηστος

        well if this is what is captured.imagine a 6 year war. the amount of weapons used. millions of bullets, artillery ammo etc. seems to me that it was weapons smugglers festival. a billion dollar party that is coming to and end….in Syria…..moving on to Libya i believe.

  • Xanatos

    The sight of suicide armored vehicles disgust me. Those murderers were completely brainwashed by evil. I’m sure addiction to captogon or fentanyl helped them find plenty of drivers too.

    • Mikronos

      Suicide armored vehicles aren’t quite as disgusting as unarmored or unidentified suicide vehicles or, even, the unarmored and unidentified suicide bomber. Perhaps it isn’t the armored/unarmored part or even the machine/human part that sickens you as much as the ‘suicide’ part.

      While we westerners are developing an understanding of suicide for pain relief or to end psychic suffering, we haven’t arrived, yet, at a tolerance for taking somebody else with you when you go – even the enemy. We prefer to kill them by surprise and from a safe distance.

  • gustavo

    Syria can show whatever it wants about this, which it is well known by everybody, and I am sure nobody is surprised about this. No more shows and more action, the war is not near to the end.