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Video: Syrian Troops Fighting Against ISIS Terrorists In Shumriyah Mountains In Homs Province

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The Hezbollah media wing released a video showing government troops fighting against ISIS terrorists in the area of the Shumriyah Mountains in the province of Homs.

Earlier today, government forces advanced against ISIS positions in the area and captured a number of points in the mountains. Some pro-government sources even argued that the mountains were fully captured. However, this still has to be confirmed by videos and photos.

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Joe Doe

I don’t see any attack helicopter follow by tank and infernity. I only see shootout, this is WWI tactics and I am not surprised the progress is so slow

paolo duchateau

Nobody saw drones for good targeting. Trust Hezbollah. Cheap and efiicient, Aviation is on others fronts… they know what they do and do what they can. Anyway the progress is better than with US/SDF around Raqqah


Yes,they know what they’re capable of and do it well, and know that they do it well lol


why don’t they wear helmets? I get chills when I see them with heads exposed like that…


Even steel helmets would provide some protection from shrapnel. I wonder how many deaths and serious injuries could have been avoided if they were even equipped with steel helmets. It would be even more helpful if they had modern, kevlar helmets.


Yes Russia ought a be providing them with modern helmets. Even the white helmets have helmets for gods sake! Lol

John Whitehot

yes, but wear a steel helmet while running and fighting and sweating. In the desert, moreover. you’ll see.


Nice very nice I hope they retake the mountains 100%, with as few casualties as possible, for max victory!

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