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JUNE 2021

Video: Syrian Plane Drops Leaflets Over Eastern Ghouta

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The video shows how Syrian aircraft is droping leaflets over the militant-held part of the Eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus. The move is aimed to inform locals about humanitarian corridors established by the Syrian and Russians to allow them to leave the besieged area.

Daily humanitarian pauses in the region was announced on February 26 by the Russian Defense Minsitry. However, so far, they have had only limited impact because militants sabotage the evacuation of civilians.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taFM1rRDNGkcomment imagecomment image

Israeli terrorists have kidnapped Ahed Tamimi and her parents at midnight by gunpoints. Nobody knows where they are now. Each year Israel kidnap thousands of adults and small kids from the streets. Many of them Israel kill in fake combats. Who support this brutality and terrorism in the world? US, UK, France and Israel. If Vietnam can be freed from American regime army then Palestine can also be freed from Israel. Israel should go back to their countries.


Hell will freeze over before Southfront reports on the truth about Palestine, and Russia’s direct support of the racist inHuman jewish butchers that flooded the region.


Wings of Russia. MiG-25 and MiG-31. Best In Class (Part 1 of 2)
Islamic countries need to be united with Russia and China then US regime cannot force their demands on them. They should be brave like North Korea and Pakistan. Not to be slave of US brutal regime. Israel are allowed to make missiles like SRBM, MRBM, ICBM and SAM but Islamic countries are not allowed to make or to buy these kind of missiles for their own defense.

Israel are allowed to make nuclear weapons but Islamic countries are not allowed to make nuclear weapons for their own defense and if they do then Israel or US will target them with air strikes or sanctions. These US strategies not work anymore..

Mohammed Asim

Who said u that Pakistan is brave that sounds like a joke, Pakistan itself relied on us aid and weapons and more over allowed those Americans to come and and can your people from drone that’s not bravery

Mehdi Ali

if has allowed Pakistan to make nuclear weapons it has also killed millions of Pakistanis.


Visit websites regarding US and Pakistan relation. Any aid that before went to Pakistan from US have been cut off due to Russia and Pakistan deep relations. Trump regime tried their best to cut this Russia and Pakistan relation but in vane. Pakistan want to develop and prosper and that is not possible with the US relation. Pakistan cannot survive under US threats for long time. Pakistan divided in 1970 due to US regime conspiracy. US support Israel and have occupied their holly places. Pakistan hate Israel and US regime.

Mohammed Asim

Your thoughts about Amarica are correct no one can live under their influence but good relation of Pakistan and Russia and all those stuff it has just started like not even a year or so before that till 70 years Pakistan was also a us pupet like many Arabian countries are now, and more over let me increase your knowledge Pakistan was divide in 1970 or 71 not becoz of American conspiracy but becoz it all lost d war with india like always and one thing which Pakistan should learn from India is their foreign policy they always have great relation with soviets and Russians which Pakistan has just started to do


Thats correct. You have better knowledge than me. I am not from Pakistan that is why I am totally dependent on websites but I have founded what you want to convey to me. Thanks.


Drop bombs next time. All the disgusting zionist terrorists must be eliminated.


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chris chuba

Yeah but they are using that really old style ink that gets your fingers dirty, undoubtedly a covert WMD attack. Queue up a Nikki Haley rant at the U.N. with calls for military strikes from the usual suspects.


NEVER forget. After 9/11, Assad fell over himself to work with the USA- and purposely allowed the Saudi wahhabi terrorist imams to enter many working class areas across Syria. Assad boasted how Syria was a member of the “war on terror” alliance. He allowed Britain, America and France to ship ‘rebels’ to Syria for torture and intelligence extraction.

At the time the Saudi trained religious leaders did not call for ‘revolt’ in Syria, but they spent years laying the groundwork for the ‘civil’ war to come. This is why today the NATIVE fanatics are so difficult to either dislodge or reason with. Many spent their whole childhood, thanks to Assad, raised with foul wahhabi teachings. Assad was a braindead fool working with the USA after 911, but sickening as it seems, he felt Russia gave him no choice at the time.

And whaty does Putin do today? Twice in the last few days, Putin has voted at the UNSC to support Deep State atrocities in Yemen and Syria. By doing so, Putin has made Russia seem even weaker and more servile. ALL of Russia’s pro-Human, anti-Deep-State resolutions at the UNSC are VETOED by Britain, France and the USA.

East Ghouta will be a literal killing ground for both the terribly trained cannon fodder Assad CONSCRIPTS, and the wahhabi fanatics Assad allowed to be programmed from early childhood. This situation had zero excuse for being allowed in the first place. But few of you here ever think about this.

You cannot fix the past, but you can most certainly work to improve the future by making changes today. Stary by understanding the truth about Putin. Nobody denies that he is better than nothing, as the Deep State emerges as the greatest threat ever faced by Humanity. But Putin’s total and absolute loyaly to the same jewish butchers currently rounding up members of the Tamimi family in Palestine tell us that he cannot and will not face down the Deep State in any meaningful way.

Putin is marching Russia to a world ending war with the USA – his entire focus is on ensuring Russia will be stronger in that war. That war is not Putin’s ‘direct’ fault, of course- the aggressor is the USA. However Putin is the only power on Earth who could act today to destroy the Deep State’s plans for the next THREE DECADES, but since Putin’s jewish ‘advisors’ insist he does not, Putin sits on his hands.


China is the only country able to stop US not Russia.

Russia does not have enough resources to fight Nato for long , but China can wack them easy.

China is lying low now but will be the ONLY country able to wack the Americans as she grow and grow

Icarus Tanović

China is really, no joke Titanic power.


Next Call of Duty: Leaflet Warfare

Hide Behind

Dropping leaflets is a humanitarian act, giving toilet paper to people in a toilet paper poor area also is a sanitation issue.
It is also a comfort to have something to get yourself warm by on a cold evening.
Of course every bad guy will secrete a copy or two, so that when they run out of ammo they can then wave those papers saying they are running from bad guys
It is good economiCs as well, newspapers in Damascus can make bundles of paper in order to make bundles of money,
Syrian government, that would just as soon kill everything that is connected with and guys, can at least try and appear as being a civilized compassionate military.

Icarus Tanović

Very smart. Great job guys.

jim crowland

That was after or before gassing all civilians there?……..

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