Video: Syrian Government Is Restoring Infrastructure In Deir Ezzor City


The Syrian government is actively restoring an infrastructure in the city of Deir Ezzor. The video below shows the resotration of the roads in the city. Deir Ezzor was fully liberated from ISIS in November 2017 following a 4-year long battle with the terrorist group. MORE DETAILS



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  • RichardD

    Great. If they’re working on the roads, then they’re probably fixing or replacing the damaged bridges.

  • FlorianGeyer

    Good news. All such work costs a lot of money.

    Whereas in Raqqa there is little or no reconstruction being done. The US never does repair what she destroys unless there is a big paycheck for US companies :)

    And in Britain many minor roads are full of potholes but the Government does have millions of £’s to spend on lambasting Russia and building aircraft carriers with no planes for years that are no more than cruise ships for the crews.

    • northerntruthseeker .

      Have you heard? It is so bad in Raqqa right now that the civilians are revolting against the American control…. It does show how people are not stupid and basically realize now that they have changed nothing in Raqqa from US – ISIS forces to US- Kurd forces! Same monsters just under a different title!

      • FlorianGeyer

        Yes and the one positive side to this tragedy is that those Syrians who ‘thought the Grass would be greener’, are now increasingly happy to support the elected Syrian Government.

        • as

          Yeah Bashar have never even got the chances to work on something before regime change op hit Syria.
          We hold on his promise that it’s up to Syrians to decide.

      • Jim Prendergast

        South of Raqqa U.S. forces are being chewed-up by ISIS. U.S. builds Disnyland forts in Manjib.

    • PZIVJ

      It is great to see some re construction work going on in.
      No doubt labor cost are much lower in Syria, because people need a job and a govt contract. :)

    • velociraptor

      commie, also SF informed about similar acivities of ynaks, sdf in raqqa like these in DEZ.

      commies are liers :DDDDD

  • Lupus

    What a great moment it was DeZ got liberated after years of siege by the demons of IS. Now the people are living their normal life while the city is getting restored. Beautifull!

    • John Brown

      It won’t be normal for a few years yet.

  • michael Harrison

    that was a great victory in DEZ. RIP general Issam Zahreddine.

    • Vitex

      The man who most embodied the courageous spirit of Syrian resistance. Oh, and Bashar al Assad too, driving around Ghouta in a Honda Civic.

  • gustavo

    Great news, congratulation to Syria government and whomever is putting money for this reconstruction.