Video: Syrian Army Progress Against ISIS In Deir Ezzor City


RT Arabic has released a video showing the ongoing operation against ISIS in the Syrian city of Dier Ezzor.

According to RT, Syrian forces have completed one of the most important operations which could lead to the collapse of ISIS in the city. Forces approaching from the southern and western edges of the city as well as forces garrisoned in in the vicinity of Port Said street has reconnected the disconnected parts of the city.

An interviewed officer of the SAA:

“We received instructions from our leadership to open up a supply line towards the Deir ez-Zor Airport axis. We’ve captured the eastern and western parts of the workers district in addition to the Resafa college, Aarfa district down towards the Al Dale rotary and we’ve met up with friendly forces stationed there. This was their [ISIS] only supply line and by capturing it we’ve paralyzed them further. Most fortifications are located next to this street.”

The capture of the workers and Aarfa districts and the ongoing advance in the vicinity of the municipal stadium and sports facilities came after the SAA met with a fierce ISIS resistance. However, ISIS terrorists garrisoned inside their fortified headquarters were unable to defend their positions.

Wafaa’ Chabrouni, RT Arabic’s correspondent, standing on location in Deir ez-Zor:

“This street links the workers and Aarfa districts. These districts which are adjacent to Port Said road which was a vital supply line to ISIS, has become, after its capture by the SAA, an important supply line to the advancing forces. We are able to perceive by standing in these neighborhoods the enormous amount of tunnels which are being blown up until this moment. This area is being swept due to the immense presence of mines; Syrian forces are advancing toward the municipal stadium and the remaining [ISIS-held] neighborhoods in Deir ez-Zor.”

Another interviewed SAA soldier said (still in location):

“This area which is named the workers district has been liberated by the SAA, and is one of the important defense lines of ISIS, tunnels and fortifications were located here, which were used for transportation between buildings.”



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