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Video: Syrian Army Pressures ISIS Militants In Northeastern Hama Pocket


This video provides a look at the ongoing operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) against ISIS in the northeastern Hama pocket. Militants operating in this pocket remain a significant security threat to the SAA-held areas. So, government forces will have to clear it if they seek to launch a wider operation against militant groups in the province of Idlib soon.

Video: Syrian Army Pressures ISIS Militants In Northeastern Hama Pocket

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  • Ivanus59

    We all expect them to 1st clear the pocket and after that to launch an offensive (to Idlib). :P But they might just do the opposite and launch an offensive straight away while leaving the pocket for another time…

    • Catherine

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  • Rob

    Actually SAA want to secure Abu Ad Duhur town and Airport first. Once these both secured then they will launch anti terrorist operation in the pocket to release army forces and resources to use them in the West Idlib. In this anti terror operation the reconnaissance aerial drone play an important role.