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Video: Syrian Army Operating Against ISIS Terrorists In T3 Pumping Station Area

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The Syrian Defense Ministry has released a video showing the Syrian Arab Army and its allies operating against ISIS terrorists in the T3 pumping station area southeast of Palmyra in the province of Homs.

Earlier this month, anti-government sources were spreading rumors that the Syrian army retreated from the area. The video of the Syrian Defense Ministry shows that these claims were untrue.

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Colin Oskapy

I am just through seeing this exact video on YouTube. I would have very much liked to have seen some dead ISIS scum, but the world Jew media seems to have generally outlawed such.

Michael Qiao

You should go to ISIS hunters in twitter, there are some dead Isis pigs with their brains spilled out there

Colin Oskapy

Seen that. Two of ’em. Not much else going up on that site.


Oh fuck off you antisemitic twat.

Gary Sellars

What? You think Jews and their goyim cucks DON’T control the Western media?


Personally I’m willing to accept that SOME people have way too much influence over Western media. Some of whom of Jewish descent. And the power of the Jewish lobby is way too big to account for its population size. But you make it out as if ALL Jews are in some secret hidden cabal to control the world. And that makes you an anti-semite.

Nor does it give whatever you say much credence and it allows the MSM to paint you and me as crazy anti-semitic cooks.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The sad thing Media has been always controlled and seems to align itself to push an agenda , governments and those that collude with it have always spouted propaganda nothing ever changes but only the faces .


There is no such thing as “Jewish descent” outside the fevered imagination of US racists and antisemites. There is no disproportionate power among people who are Jews or who pose as Jews. There is a zionist proxy that American Caesar uses as his SA to overawe the legislature, just like Lloyd George did 1916-1922, Mussolini 1922-1943 and Hitler 1920s-1934. Look what happened to Hitler’s partei army as soon as it was redundant. The zionist proxy will go the same way when Caesar finds it inexpedient to rule through zionist boot boys. This has got nothing to do with being Jewish, which is a matter of religious observance not colonisation, terrorism and imperialism.


Another day, another troll.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Another Hasbara Troll spotted claiming to be of Shem .


Propaganda ponce and zionist antisemite.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The facts speak for themselves about a Jewish controlled media , look at the numbers before using the word anti-semite, this is always the cry of the Hasbara . They don’t want to deal with the real issues that face Israel like corruption and racism , the Zionists enjoy spreading their lies and hatred .


Jews aren’t a monolith, business has got nothing to do with religion and a class analysis of society teaches us something that racist assumptions don’t, which is why Americans are ethical virgins unless they get a proper education. Fatuous assumptions that zionists are the same as Jews is what zionist antisemite scum want you to adopt. The haSSbara are always trying to fool dupes like you into confusing people who follow a religion and those who ponce off it for reasons which, after the Nakba, should be readily apparent.


T3 is liberated..next move should be down to the T2 (allready happening).. Then toghether with PMU go north to Deir Ezzor.

Solomon Krupacek

the SAA had been in T2 already two weeks ago. with this velocity they will not reach deir ez zor and abu kamal.

Alex Black

the operation 2 weeks ago was a raid, it is not the same as capturing and holding the area.

Solomon Krupacek

the deir ez zor offensive was started 2 months ago!!!

and the distance to dez is shorter by 8 kms.

Alex Black

1400 kilometers were liberated in raqaa and west aleppo including resafa, I would say your assessment is usually pessimistic and not reflective of reality

Solomon Krupacek

again. little commie. i talk about DEZ offensive. i have no interest in other direction now. 2 months i read bullshits here and in AMN about huge development, startegical victories, 50 000 troops, gigapouring of new troops, equipmnets. and now BEGAN the mOST IMPORTANT offensive, break the siege of DEZ. and in reality shit happened. these tens of thousands troops are around pamyra, and do nothing! in aleppo province 2000 troops make something, half private armny, not the saa. the future of syria will be decided here, not in raqqa, aleppo.

Alex Black

It’s called disinformation, you are in the field, you should know, by the way, if you called me a commie to my face, it would end badly for you.

Solomon Krupacek

yes, maybe disinformation. nbut if they will not do this soon, then lose dez. their problem, not my.

but you also spreaded this disinformation :P

Alex Black

i dont spread, i analyze, when you rely on incomplete data, sometimes you get wrong results. Nice work.

Concrete Mike

You gotta stop being so aggressive to Who ever does not agree with you. Please stop insulting people as we are trying to have an Honest and civil conversation.


Peter Moy

Good video of the SAA in action using combined arms tactics.
T-55, T-62, T-72 tanks
technicals with 14.5 mm. machineguns and 23 mm. AA guns
106 mm. recoilless guns
107 mm. 12-tube rocket launchers
engineer and helicopter support


If there is such thing as relaxing combat footage, this would be it.

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