Video: Syrian Army Night Fight with Militants in Hama Province


17 militants were killed and wounded by the Syrian Army at the village village of Khirbet in the province of Hama



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  • Dagnir

    Is this even real? A sound cannot appear at the same time with explosion. Looks much more like some schoolkid’s computer animation.

  • Baysi

    Just some military explanation Dagnir. This is a close combat night video,between 300 an 800 meters happening from the video shooter, and is very much real, sound is normal with the moment of explosion since there is very litle distance, so you can see the close range rocket fired at the right. Those bastards forget that night vision is vital in combat, so they were just walking around like idiots, which means they have no military training. They deserved it.

    • Darko Dakić

      Would be interesting to know what have they used, only for the last shot I would say it is guided rocket