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Video: Su-27 Chases NATO F-16 Away From Russian Defense Minister’s Plane

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Video: Su-27 Chases NATO F-16 Away From Russian Defense Minister's Plane

A screenshot from the video

On Wednesday, the NATO F-16 fighter jet attempted to a plane of Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shiogu, over the neutral waters in the Baltic Sea. The warplane was chased by a Russian Su-27 fighter jet.

The incident took place while Shoigu was en route to the Russian city of Kaliningrad.

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Joe Doe

I didn’t see that was chase away. I see the F-16 continue flying

John Brown

The chase away is getting a missile lock which you can’t see its electronic.


he continued flying away after it was warned :) you can clearly see that the distance increased


According to your expert opinion, it should have fallen as a proof, right? What a dumbfuck. Wait just for a while longer, NATO planes will be taken down like flies.


They could mount diplomatic planes with some powerful directed beams or other EW weapons to paralyze such nosy pests in the future and make it look like an accident. The range is so close.


Russia is only a guest on the Baltic sea. It must be shown who has upper hand inthe region. Go away Russies pussys


What is your point exactly? That the Baltics now belong to the United States?


Piotr “…Russia is only a guest on the Baltic sea….”

Apart from being delusional, you are writing Khazar inspired fantasy.


Russia is not a guest in the Baltic sea area–it is a partner. Live with it.

Concrete Mike

Great Choice of Word”partner” Well said

Valery Grigoryev

Polish prostitute is ready and dreaming to suck American prick. They are trying to make pleasure to their master:) This is a Polish national fate. Americans, please, give them USD20. – otherwise they will be not satisfied:)


Valery, I wouldn’t waste my time or energy to ‘suck American prick” It’s empty, impotent and diseased. I would get more enjoyment sucking a lemon. PS, I’m not Polish so you’re ignorant as well as mistaken

Valery Grigoryev

Beg your pardon, Maszki – I made mistake: my reply was intended for Piotr. Excuse me, please.


My apologies to you Valery. I mistook your post as a response to my comment. However, polish prostitutes do not dream of sucking US prick…they have better tastes…

Valery Grigoryev

Russia does not consider the Baltic sea as its own. Russia considers it as a free international medium. While Russia takes no notice of weak and stupid Polish prostitutes :)


Bravo! A big, five kilo banana waiting for you.


I think his Tail is Wiggling :) Look at it so Cute to see them making the first steps for a Big banana in there Rear-area.


mongoloids like Putin and Shoigu have nothing to seek on the Baltic sea. It must be shown to them any time they cross the international waters and skies. Stay at Leningrad.


It looks like the word “international” can’t get through your thick skull.


We can not hunt them on theirs waters but we can on international. We will. Baltic is a NATO basin. Stay in Leningrad!


Piotr “…we can on international. We will. Baltic is a NATO basin…”

You are writing Khazar inspired fantasy.

If the Baltic Sea has international airspace, then any country’s air plane can fly there.

Valery Grigoryev

He is just an unsound Polek. No sense to discuss.


Valery Grigoryev You are right.


Piotr’s mother is probably Hillary Clinton and father John McCain. Only way to explain such twistedness full of illogical thoughts.

Valery Grigoryev

Piotr is just Polek. Enough said.

Valery Grigoryev

What can you do, Polish, “can” ? What can you do, Polish, “will”? Your nation’s fate is to suck someone’s prick and only complain that it’s too hard:)

Brad Isherwood

Russian saying…. “You see, we can kill them but we can’t f@ck them. …..’cause it says so in the Bible”.

Tudor Miron

Yes, Peia. You may very well hurt yourself.


Piotr “…mongoloids like Putin and Shoigu…”

Actually the vast number of Turk Mongoloids are people from the Khazar nation.


Piotr dont be rude, that sounded racist dont you think? Your name sounds polish right? Poles have a history of being violated from about almost anybody including their supposed “friends”. A piece of advice: Dont take more risks unless you want to repeat history.

Valery Grigoryev

Polish prostitute: how can we forget to listen to your opinion? Return Danzig, Schtettin, Pozen and Breslaw to Germany, if you hate Russia. If not – shut up, schmuck.

Tudor Miron

“It must be shown to them “(c) What did you show, Petia? Trying tro scare a Russian hedgehog with your naked ass?


All pilots are cocky. This is a give in. I remember a coworker friend who flew civilian planes and he said that even they have “attitude.

Real Anti-Racist Action

So silly. Russia should have downed it and claimed that was retaliation against the US bringing down a Russian-coalition and Russian-built plane in Syria. Tit for Tat. http://ihr.org/

Solomon Krupacek

normal action. shoygus plane has not identified itself. standard protocol, that fighter is sent.

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