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Video: Six Russian Strategic Bombers Once Again Struck ISIS In Deir Ezzor Province


Video: Six Russian Strategic Bombers Once Again Struck ISIS In Deir Ezzor Province

A screenshot from the video

Six Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers have once again carried out a massive strik on ISIS targets in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on November 25.

“As a result, the strike has eliminated terrorists’ strongholds and hardware concentrations near al-Ishara.

The objective control system has confirmed all the targets to have been eliminated. 

Having completed the mission, the bomber returned back to the home stations

The Su-30SM and Su-35S fighter jets from Khmeimim air base were covering the bombers,” the ministry’s statement reads.

In November, Russian forces started actively using Tu-22M3 strategic bombers to support the Syrian Arab Army advance against ISIS in eastern Syria. The Russian strikes played an important role in the destruction of the terrorist group’s infrastructure.

Syrian War: How Defeat Of ISIS Changes Prospects Of Conflict:



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  • RichardD

    Those are big bombs. It looks like they’re taking out large and hardened targets.

  • Starlight

    One might almost think Putin chose to let Syria get this bad so he could carry out such state-of-the-art war games against the best (covert) work the British, Americans and French could implement in a subverted second world nation.

    There is no doubt British sappers working with ISIS built many of these ‘secret’ hardened resources. The British obviously expected Syria to become a ‘graveyard’ for the Russians. But a tiny (relatively speaking) Russian force has overwhelmed and eliminated the best the Deep State had to offer.

    A clue to just how badly things have gone for the Deep State is the unprecedented anti-Russia statements from the British government. Britain was never a part of the (first) cold war in the way America was. Indeed, until 9/11 Britain had had excellent relations with Russia from the revolution onwards.

    But since the Age of Tony Blair, everything has changed. Initially Blair drew Putin close, just as Blair did with Gaddafi. But all in readiness to sink the blade deep into Russia’s back.

    Today America is astonished and horrified at Russia’s conventional military prowess. If Putin chose to confront the USA (which he does not), the US armed forces may as well not exist (beyond a strictly defensive purpose). America is the world’s bully, and every bully lives in terror of the first ‘real man’ who will stand up to him, and reveal him for the pathetic loser he really is.

    The first time Putin chooses to land a punch on the nose of America is the last time anyone on our planet will fear the Yanks.

    • Attrition47

      ~~~~~until 9/11 Britain had had excellent relations with Russia from the revolution onwards.~~~~~

      Really? What about the Intervention War and the Zinoviev Letter in the 1920s, the hostility to the USSR during the Spanish Civil War and the blackmail of Czechoslovakia in 1938 to hand Hitler Sudetenland rather than accept Red Army troops in Czechoslovakia and Poland? What about Operation Pike, a plan to go to war with the USSR in 1940-1941? What about sending hundreds of terrorists into Ukraine in the late 1940s (all eagerly awaited thanks to Kim Philby) and allowing Ukrainian and Latvian SS to emigrate to Britain en bloc? The British boss class began angling for a US-dominated world with them as chief jackal before 1914….

  • Shy Talk

    that SU30 showing a nice selection of air to air missiles, look like R73’s on the outer can’t see the others clearly, probably longer range missiles one of the R27’s maybe,no need to wonder what the perceived threat is,lol