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Video Shows Supposed Vehicle Of 3 Russian Soldiers Killed In Syria

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The video below shows a supposed vehicle of 3 Russian soldiers killed in Syria. On March 25, the Russian Defense Ministry said that 3 servicememebers were killed in a terrorist attack. Following the incident, the Russian Special Operations Forces and Aerospace Forces conducted a military operation and eliminated the group of 30 terrorists involved in the attack. No further details were provided.

However, earlier the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that some Russians were killed in a series of attacks in the Homs desert. Most likely, the terrorists were refering this event.


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Zionism = EVIL

Very sad that the Jew bastard Putin sent these brave Russians to die in a noble war against CIA and Mossad sponsored savage Wahhabi headchoppers with their hands tied. The headchoppers are paid extra by their Saudi and Americunt masters to kill Russians. It is time the Russian military work with SAA and Iranians and unleash hell on the filthy Wahhabi cowardly rats. If the pimp Putin keeps on making deals with his “partners” these terrorist attacks will only increase. Russia needs to increase its firepower in Syria and let the military do its job. The only good Salafist stinking pig is a dead one. RIP to the fallen Russian soldiers.


This is a vision of who knows nothing of war, nor of strategy.
Russia has never thought that way, nor does it act with a hot head, like the Westerners and the cowboys.
The geopolitical reality of Syria, and in the Middle East in general, requires cool head and perseverance.
Imagine if the Russians had reacted hotly when Turkey shot down the Russian fighter?
You just spread nonsense …


He is acting as anti zeonist but serving its agenda. May be he is an agent.

Harry Smith

if you want to hide something put it in plain sight

Promitheas Apollonious

not only him see who give him positives as well then you get the beginning of the threat. hasbaras are in force in here and is normal just they not intelligent enough to be able hide their defective dna and single cells.

Promitheas Apollonious

You have some valid points but then is your points not whom you talking about. I dont side with any one but the guy is a bullshitter and a hasbara. All trained trolls as he is on the payroll have some valid points mixed with the messages they want to pass. So use your judgement as for your friend going to bulgaria to meet russian women….. not many russian women live in bulgaria unless your friend is into prostitutes.

For the rest you saying you should discuss them with a russian as I am not a defender of none or side with any one just follow what is happening and evaluate as part of my job. Russia did not help syria by the way they helped themselves and also I see them as responsible for all the mess they created allowing turkey into syria and be a major player in her division into 3 pieces.

Promitheas Apollonious

I been reading your posts, so from me, you will not be labeled anything but a reasonable person who try to make sense of all this chaotic situation. Some of us who lived the operations of GLADIO first hand and opposed them in our countries and not only fully aware of the globalization movement since then, is very easy to read between the lines and actions of them. Either coming from the russians or the UK/Usrael stooges.

Nothing have changed since then scenario wise beside the names they using. Not to mention that 98% of documents we have published on the net back in the 90s and before that on BBS have been removed and lost from the internet during the .com wars and after that methodically deleted whole sides with all the info we put back then. So for some of us is not hard to understand who is who and translate their actions and policies.

Promitheas Apollonious

he is paid to do that. Even whores need to live right?

You can call me Al

Why do you write shyte like that ?.


It does not look a like an ideal armored vehicle for a trip to the ISIS zoo of Homs… why did they not use a VPK?

Martin Petrovski

It was a none combat patrol most likely.

You can call me Al

Well it did not turn out that way did it ?. If there is any potential for combat, which their obviously was and is; using this vehicle is ridiculous.


Why would you send soldiers to enemy territory in unarmored vehicle when you have tigers and other armored vehicles ?

namulit emperor

To stand out with easily recognizable vehicles makes interesting targets, too.
Of course they risked going in a single vehicle and paid the highest price. RIP.


RIP brave soldiers. The blood of martyrs inspired others to take out a whole contingent of daesh scum, 30 in all. Way to go.


The Syrian officer said in the video that the Russian officer were beheaded…some precision guided munition is needed on Al tanf area & east of Euphrates, this masquerade has lasted long enough and if it means an escalation with the yanks so be it !

Manuel Flores Escobar

I think that in warzone it would be more useful an Armour vehicle…

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