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Video Shows Russian PMCs In Libya, Using UAE-Modded Equipment And Not Retreating

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Video Shows Russian PMCs In Libya, Using UAE-Modded Equipment And Not Retreating

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On May 27th, a video was published showing the Russians in Libya, their aircraft, as well as Pantsir-S1 air defense systems.

The Pantsir-S1 is noteworthy, as it is very evidently the UAE variant of the system, as can be seen on the screengrab from the video below. Who it specifically belongs to, and what the glyphs on the side mean comes down to speculation.

Video Shows Russian PMCs In Libya, Using UAE-Modded Equipment And Not Retreating

Click to see full-size image

As such, it would appear that, not only did the Russians not abandon Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA), but rather they just arrived.

Naturally, reports immediately surfaced claiming these are troops from the mythical Wagner PMC.

However, a Russian official – Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov said that Russia hasn’t sent any troops to Libya.

Regardless, some claim that they are withdrawing, the video above shows that they’re arriving, but one thing is certain, the propaganda war is on-going in full force.

On the ground, the Government of National Accord (GNA), despite saying that it would not fight the LNA for two days, captured several positions in Tripoli, and there were heavy clashes between the two sides in the south of the city.

There is calm around Misrata, with some occasional small skirmishes, according to the LNA spokesperson.

Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari also said that the LNA was actually successful in Tripoli, despite the GNA actually capturing various neighborhoods.

He also denied that any of the aircraft that carried out the airstrikes in recent days was newly received, and that all of it was old.

There are no Russian combat aircraft in Libya, said Viktor Bondarev, head of the Defense and Security Committee of the Federation Council and former commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, on May 27th.

“If there are planes in Libya, they are not Russian, but Soviet.”


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No matter who is eliminating those Turkish invaders and jihadist terrorists, it only matters that this dictator and new Hitler is stopped before he can enforce his LEBENSRAUM and occupy the free world

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Be interesting when the next coup attempt does start within Turkey, at that point who will be the guarantor of Qatar’s safety?


Interesting thought. With the way things are going, maybe Iran.


A report that British mercs fighting for the LNA were amongst a group who fled Libya in boat’s, was in the UK daily Telegraph today.


If it is real, that it makes sense why Russia private units are showing up now.

Xoli Xoli

Very interesting 7to I

V. Mecki

the glyphs on the side of the truck look like futhark runes.

Lone Ranger

Nordic runas?
Well, afterall Rurik and Varangians(Russians) were the lost viking tribe, whom created Russia.
Anyways I take everything with a grain of salt.
As long as they are neutralizing CIAisis and Mossadisis, good luck to them.

Wayne Nicholson

Not a lost Viking tribe at all. The Rus were vikings who settled along the rivers in the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus in the 8th century. Russians today are mainly a mix of viking, slav and mongol which in and of itself is a good reason to avoid a fight with them.

Chinese Dog

Who cares?Let arabs kill each other, thats the only thing they know :D

Dick Von Dast'Ard

LNA: A series of air strikes targeting munitions depots of GNA in Tajoura.


Let’s hope Operation “Angry Birds ” actually means some decisive and continuing air strikes on the enemy by LAAF, really need to hit Turkish C-130 and Qatari C-17 which fly in and out of Misrata Air Base daily, so far with impunity. Invading forces are legitimate targets , highly visible, but untouched (apart from TB2 UCAVs)

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Jet Ski Igla’s is your solution.


Now that’s an idea, hey could work lol !


The glyphs by the cab door are Germanic runes : The left ODAL rune represents homeland, the other FE (mistakenly inverted) represents cattle (vieh in German) as moveable wealth. The ODAL rune with upticks represented the Earthmother and was the Divisional symbol of the Waffen SS 7 Mountain Div “Prinz Eugen . Exactly why and which unit/formation have adopted these symbols is unclear .

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