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JUNE 2020

Video Shows Opposition Sets On Fire U.S. Aid Truck On Venezuelan Border. Washington Blames This On Maduro


Video Shows Opposition Sets On Fire U.S. Aid Truck On Venezuelan Border. Washington Blames This On Maduro

A screenshot from the video

Following the weekend “US aid delivery” standoff on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, US officials as well as multiple mainstream media outlets accused the Maduro government of burning a US aid truck. The reports and statements described this as a confirmation of the inhumanity of the Venezuelan government.

However, it appears that the truck was burned down by US-backed “democratic protestors”.




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  • Rafik Chauhan

    this are Columbian thugs who is wearing like venzuela to commit crime.

  • Tommy Jensen

    I were there in the crowd and saw Putin. He tried to run away but I got a photo as proof.

    • BMWA1
      • Gregory Casey

        Gone to Colombia to pick up his weekly pay-check from Elliot Abrams & pals for playing his role as US Puppet

      • Tommy Jensen

        Talking about something positive. Vesti the best, top class journalism.

  • Pave Way IV

    IMF Agent Guaido staged the first false flag this weekend, showing he is ready to kill as many Venezuelans – or Colombians – as necessary to rule them for his IMF masters. The driver of this white GNB armored vehicle was supposedly a Venezuelan National Guard soldier that wanted to defect to Colombia (to Guaido’s Mafia).

    This ‘supposed’ soldier disliked ‘evil’ Maduro so much that he hijacked the armored vehicle on the Venezuelan side, crashed through one of its barriers (still stuck on the hood), drove across the bridge and then tried to ram though the yellow pedestrian fence on the Colombian side to defect. Well, that’s the story they tossed out after they screwed this up. Except there was no reason to ram anything – unless you were doing it for an entirely different reason.

    Apparently, they were trying to show how evil the Maduro regime was by making it look like Venezuela’s GNB rammed the barrier on purpose to close the crossing or ‘punish’ Guaido supporters or something. Plenty of cameras there to capture the horror of the Maduro-ordered slaughter and victims being rescued. Oh, and there’s the new White Helmets, except they’re called Blue Vests (Coalition for Aid and Freedom). There’s a few of them hanging around ready to rescue victims, i guess.

    The yellow fence sections are not really a barrier – they forms a zig-zag (S-shaped) path to keep the lines of people at the crossing orderly, like at airports. Also, perfect for trapping your innocent civilian victims when you plan an ISIS-like truck ramming to kill a bunch of people and blame on Maduro. There were women, babies, etc. besides all the border guards in the video.

    The second armored vehicle is not defectors – it was chasing the first vehicle. Camera perspective is from the Colombian side, and what a perfect coincidence that it was there to catch this act of butchery by the Maduro regime. Except the truck got hung up on the yellow fencing and curb before it could kill the crowd waiting at the gate. Oops! The driver – aware that the whole attempt to smear the Venezuelan National Guard had failed – quickly scrambles over to the Colombian side and ‘defects’ before the Venezuelan border guards (he just tried to kill) reacted.

    They reported that there were three soldiers that defected, but I think the other two were the ones that walked across later – nothing to do with this. The Guaido Mafia driver was the only one in the first truck.


  • Joe Kerr

    The false flag attacks have started… expect more.

  • Daily Beatings

    Even the CIA can’t get good help these days when staging a coup.