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Video Shows Moment When Tu-22M3 Strategic Bomber Crash-Landed In Russia’s Murmansk Region

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On January 22, a Tupolev-22M3 strategic bomber crashlanded in a blizzard after a routine training flight in the Murmansk Region. 3 crew members died as a result the incident. MORE HERE


Video Shows Moment When Tu-22M3 Strategic Bomber Crash-Landed In Russia's Murmansk Region

Click to see the full-size image

Video Shows Moment When Tu-22M3 Strategic Bomber Crash-Landed In Russia's Murmansk Region

Click to see the full-size image


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maybe is the angle of the footage but speed seems to be quite high

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Yeah the rate of descent was way to high.

Xoli Xoli

Pilots have trained up to dying seconds with dedication.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

But its weird how the camera guy just stands there and just calmly tells and keeps filming.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Conditions looked absolutely horrendous, amazing that any of the crew survived.

Leslie Nielsen Junior

For me it seems simple fatigue. Go to 1:21, and 1:22 The back wheells of the jet touch the ground first, but in the same moment the nose brake down. It questions the whole policy of Russian Air Force to renew the fleet instead of build new ones. The old ones can have such problems which is hard to catch.


Wrong angle of flight path during landing. Should have been in a semi vertical angle, but he was to steep and overload the bearing capacity of the fuselage. looks like pilot failure or wrong settings in flight computer.

Gary Sellars

Nah, he slammed his aircraft into the deck – look at the way it bounced and how the rear section gained altitude after the front section sheared off due to overstress.

Bigaess Wangmane

Came in way too fast, with the blizzard they didn’t stand a chance. RIP.

Manuel Flores Escobar

That plane was landing too fast speed..surely thought that runway was far…


“The rate of descent is much too high for a landing, this suggests the pilot did not know what his attitude was on finals – visibility was really poor so this was clearly a blind ILS letdown. Not surprise the jet snapped in half on impact.,” said expert.

“It could be a broken ILS. When you fly blind let down you follow the ILS indicators to maintain the proper angle of descent and rate of descent. He was descending much too fast – usually once you reach maybe 30 metres altitude, you back off the power and pull the nose back slightly to slow down, ” – he added.



A combination of factors looks like the most probably cause of the accident, the landing speed, the angle and I am sure material fatigue played it part too. The plane come down without any heavy load ( weapons), and given the 25+ years in service, no wonder these tragic events happen. Why would they train on this miserable weather… nobody was attacking them.

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