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Video Shows Moment Of Explosion At Tondguyan Refinery In Iran

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Video Shows Moment Of Explosion At Tondguyan Refinery In Iran

A screenshot from the video

On June 2, a huge fire broke out at Tondguyan Refinery – an oil refinery in the southern part of the Iranian capital Tehran.

According to Iranian media, the incident led to the temporary suspension of operations at the facility, but there were no casualties.

The official version of Iranian authorities regarding the incident is that it was caused by “a leak at a liquid gas pipeline at the facility” that “sparked the fire”.

Shaker Khafaii, head of the Tehran Oil Refining Co, which operates the refinery, ruled out the possibility of sabotage. However, the fire at the refinery happened just a few hours after Iran’s largest navy ship the Kharg caught fire and later sank in the Gulf of Oman.

Earlier in 2021, key Iranian infrastructure objects were already targeted by a series of mysterious ‘accidents’, which Iran prefers to call not linked among themselves.


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Fog of War

Are we to believe China didnt know what was going on in its own territory ?

– Federal Government Funneled $123 Million and Pentagon Funneled $39 Million to Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance – Group that Funded Coronavirus Research in Wuhan –


Arch Bungle

Of course they know. So what?


I saw the tank, mid- image COLLAPSING first and then a massive liquid width of the collapsing tank almost immediately followed by fire on the LIQUID. A tank does not collapse because of a gas leak


The fact that someone records pre-fires something that will be going to happen and points camera at that place, that is more than enough to know that is sabotage.


There is liquid leaking in large quantity from the container right from the start of the video. The leak is probably what has attracted the person’s attention. Then, catastrophic failure and fire.

Arch Bungle

What happened to the leak detection sensors?

Last edited 1 year ago by Arch Bungle
✡︎ Millennial troll "Holocaust" Survivor ✡︎ 🤑👺💩

Hmmm…that person was recording the security footage on his phone or camera. You could see it was taken from a screen…just look at it again you see colours change when he more/zoom his phone/camera.

Israel is an Apartheid Regime

Those are called security cameras. They are always rolling.


CCTV always on. Screen filmed with a phone ?

Bolshevik Khazarian Criminal Mafia (Communist) 👹

The US and EU must pay us more money.

How, when all the money already belongs to Lord Rothschild.

Bolshevik Khazarian Criminal Mafia (Communist) 👹

US port workers refuse to unload Israeli ship – “Dockworkers in the US Port of Oakland have refused to unload an Israeli cargo ship”

Fuking kill those yankees if I have to – we are your gods.

There are still humans in this world…

Bolshevik Khazarian Criminal Mafia (Communist) 👹

“US vows to replenish Israeli regime’s Iron Dome supply”

Yes Yes Yes pay up you fuking useless pigs.

Don’t worry, Iran is replenishing Gaza’s rocket supply as we speak.

Arch Bungle

At this rate Iran will have as many burning refineries as mainland America.

Arch Bungle

This looks like a missile strike.


that appears to be structural collapse of a tank. why are there no containment dams around every tank. without it fire will spread throughout the plant


Urban Moving Systems?! Is that you, again?!

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