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Video Shows Alleged Russian Mercenary Convoy Towards Sirte, As LNA Builds Berms And Trenches

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Video Shows Alleged Russian Mercenary Convoy Towards Sirte, As LNA Builds Berms And Trenches

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On July 28th, a video showed a column of trucks belonging Russian private military contractors moving from Al-Jufra to Sirte.


A large convoy of alleged Chadian mercenaries also joined in on behalf of the Libyan National Army (LNA) to defend Sirte against the presumed impending attack by the Turkish Forces and the Government of National Accord (GNA) it supports.

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces appear to be hard at work in preparing for an impending attack.

Footage showed trenches and berms being constructed south of Sirte.


In recent days there’s been a lot of reports of the mythical “Wagner” PMC and its presence in Libya, there’s been several videos and photographs alleging that they specifically show mercenaries from the legendary paramilitary contractor.


On the side of the Turkish forces and GNA, deliveries of equipment and fighters continue through Misrata and al-Watiya.


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Lone Ranger

These aint looking Russian.
More probably a mix of Egyptians and French private mercs.


That would make sense with the involvement of mercenaries from Chad who speak French. They would need french officers to be effective at this level of warfare.


Its like little green men that according to Putin in march 2014 were not Russian servicemen and in April 2014 suddenly became Russian servicemen again according to Putin.
Only matter of time Russia admits it. Note: PMCs do not magically appear in other countries without it’s government consent. Russian, US, French, Turkish, Saudi, doesn’t matter, all happens with governmental instruction.


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The ‘Polite People’ arrived in a well planned and fast deployment to Crimea and insured that the illegal US backed coup did not seize Crimea against the wishes of 95% of the Crimean residents who voted to return to Russia.

I do not recall President Putin denying that they were Russian.


“Polite people” arrived before the “referendum”, which means your claim is illogical.
1. Russia couldn’t have sent troops to Crimea in support of people not wanting to be part of Ukraine as neither Russia nor anyone could know what people wanted.
2. Crimea was recognised as part of Ukraine by everyone including Russia. So one country cannot seize what it has already.
3. Even if people did want to be part of Russia, illegal armed formations during referendum illegitimize it. So we still don’t know what Crimean people want, including the ones that were forced to leave.
Time: 30:30. Vladimir Putin: Those were local self-defence units.
My source couldn’t get any more legit:))))


A train loaded with heavily armed ‘granny bashing’ far right zionist paid thugs was turned back by locals in Crimea shortly before the referendum.
The referendum was based in the same principles that the UN, therefore the US, has utilised in Eastern Europe .

We will never agree on anything, even the weather, so contact with you is pointless and time wasting.



All I wrote are facts. If we don’t agree, it means you don’t agree with facts. And immidiately write an emotional comment, with goodbye. Sad, very sad. Don’t leave pleaseeee:)))
But if you change your mind, don’t hesitate to comment on the points I highlighted. With sources please.

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