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Video Shows Alleged Russian Mercenaries In Helicopter Above Benghazi Libya

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Video Shows Alleged Russian Mercenaries In Helicopter Above Benghazi Libya

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On July 26th, a video was published on Twitter purportedly showing mercenaries from the mythical Wagner PMC, flying out with a helicopter from Benghazi, Libya.

Following a geolocation check, the supposed mercenaries were, in fact, flying over Benghazi, Libya.

The video was recorded near Benina Airport, Benghazi. The individuals in the video took off from Benina Airport and flying towards southwest.

Furthermore, US Africa Command accused Russia of sending arms to the Libyan National Army (LNA) in Libya.

“Russian military cargo aircraft, including IL-76s, continue to supply Wagner fighters. Russian air defense equipment, including SA-22s, are present in Libya & operated by Russia, the Wagner Group or their proxies”

Declassified imagery from African Command also supposedly showed presence of Wagner group mercenaries in Sirte.

Meanwhile, hostilities are potentially about to begin around Sirte, as the Government of National Accord and its Turkish support are moving troops towards the city.

The Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesperson, Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Mesmari said that Misrata airport had been entirely turned into a Turkish military base that is to be used to “seize the oil Crescent areas.”

He also said that both Turkey and Qatar had no wish to rescue Libya from the crisis, but rather deepen it.

“We will continue to work to save Libya from Turkish occupation and colonialism,” he vowed on behalf of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces.


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Zionism = EVIL

Some look like they are from the Caucasus and other ex-Soviet states. It is apparent that the GRU has the approval to kick the Turkey’s arse. I believe the spanking session is about to begin. Maybe the Egyptian Sissy will join in if his balls drop.

Harry Smith

Don’t think those guys are Russian citizens. Mercenary is penalized up to 8 years of prison by art. 359 of penal code of Russian Federation.

Furkan Sahin
Furkan Sahin

he lives in Germany Dresden


Russia has been quietly reinforcing Libya’s Sirte ahead of expected offensive and Turkey will be in a bind, either escalate with its own troops or lose.


or both “escalate” and “lose” despite even their own (extra reinforcements ) troops

Lone Ranger

Their gear doesnt look Russian.
Anyways, why is the U.S. crying?
They were the ones along with France and UK whom destroyed Lybia and set up shop for isis and al-cia-da, genociding half the country and dropping them over to Syria and Iraq.
Dont start a war you cant finish next time…


But they always do.
They always start the wars they lose or can’t finish by themselves.
Yes I agree about the gear
They look ridiculous…more like Maghreb or middle eastern UN forces or bunch of journalists than Russian mercenaries.
Just compere these mercenaries form Russian Wagner with those clowns in chopper and it is obvious that they have nothing in common.

comment image

Lone Ranger

CIAisis will cry and rage :)

Furkan Sahin

please go against him there Eyad he speaks very badly about Assad

johnny rotten

In Russia they got tired of having to deny the fake Wagner, because it was of no use and the western fake media continue undaunted to see the bad mercenaries everywhere, this is the victory, one of many, of the western BS propaganda, a victory that concerns only the imaginary world and not reality.


Why does Russia continue denying their presence in Libya? Aint nothing wrong with being in Libya Mr. Putin as everybody seems to be anywhere they decide now.

viktor ziv

Mr. Lavrov explained russian position in supporting “all Libyan political forces so that they agree among themselves and so that no one imposes anything on them.”


Which part you didn’t understand when Russian government has said for so many times that there are NO RUSSIAN TROOPS on the ground?
Russian mercenaries are not representing Russia or fighting for Russia.
They fight for money.
So Russia is not hiding anything because they do not report whereabouts of the Russian mercenaries (like all other Western governments as well )

Wayne Nicholson

They all do it, Russia, USA, GB, France …. just like how the girl you met in the bar and end up screwing in the parking bent over buddies trunk told you she was a virgin.


When is a Russian mercenary not a Russian mercenary ? when he is a US contractor LOL!!!


Mercenaries can be of any nationality. If these are Wagner mercenaries, which I have doubts about, they need not be Russians at all. I’d also like to see some identifiable landmarks to give this “info” any credit.

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