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Video: Saudi Patriot Missile Fails To Intercept Target, Hits Ground Close To Residential Area

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Video: Saudi Patriot Missile Fails To Intercept Target, Hits Ground Close To Residential Area

A screenshot from the video

During the March 25 ballistic missile strike by Yemen’s Houthis on Saudi Arabia, at least one Saudi Patriot missile failed to intercept its target and returned back striking ground near the residential area in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

On March 25, the Houthis launched seven Burkan 2-H short-range ballistic missiles at targets across Saudi Arabia. Three Burkans were launched against the Saudi capital, the rest were launched against the military targets in Khamis Mushait, Najran, and Jazan near Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen.

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Wow no improvement from the first Gulf war then!


Technically, there’s no way to modify 1960s tech designed for planes to shoot down ballistic missiles. Today’s patriots are what is correctly named “SECURITY THEATRE”.

America’s real anti-missile systems are certainly better, but still not very good.

vitaly goji

What is “real” US anti missile ?
This is Patriot missile discussion. Is it Patriot 2 or something?

Richard M

How do you say “shitfuck” in Arabic?


Donald Trump.


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In too many ways unfortunatly. Specialy in last decades…


KSA mostly buys british and american junk, so they’re used to this.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller



Beautiful plumage.


Indeed !!!


Another video of the Patriotard missile missing its target:



Because they cannot work, technically (as anti-missile missiles), one gets the impression that american quality control and storage methods on these patriot missiles are dreadful (why bother wasting extra money on known junk, the yanks argue). So malfunctions are commonplace. And yank handlers will be far away from any patriot launch, cos they know the drill.


They’re overpriced glorified fireworks.


Yeah, fits the history behind this crap, ups…. sorry wankee stuff.

You know, their problem is in fact them self, greed, ignorance and arrogance, the best tools ever invented to f…. up anything, everywhere, anytime, it have nothing to do if things works,, nor if it at all works, its about selling crap to their so called “friends” like the Saudi-barbarians, where this systems, witch have been evolved in an vacuum, more precise in an “reality” where the use of them never was on the table as something serious, probably into the future, where the Imperial Banana Republic attacked, and raped 3 world army’s, where this was and had the crap the Wankees sold them in the first place, but now, when this occurs, witch isnt an surprise at all, hehe, just more confirmation on this ugh….. CONstructions.
Again, their delusion is because of the same problem as we have had since Gutenberg the assh….. invented printing, propaganda and to hide the scam’s, censure.

And everywhere in their army, incl foreign bases are equipped with the same crap, yeah, thanks shit heads, you just nailed your own coffin, an remarkable feature.

Yeah, the Tomayawns, whom is an good in path finding and ability to read maps, as my wife, witch means, they are just crap, with all respect, but hey, she can smell an shoe shop from miles away, hehe, they are just bigger crap, a piece of sophisticated crap, witch by that I mean the ability to suck money out of the morons in the Wankeestan Gov. where Dumbkopf rules the freak show, WH.
Yeah, what could possibly go wrong and even when the Bolt haven’t warmed His seat, beside the ears of this Dumbkopf, Iran is in the MSM, with some obscure ugh, article about some eh…..boob/y traps, looks like the Vidoe camera witch is been used by MI6 and Mossad, in Russia and Lebanon, looks smack alike and now they have done something they claim is from Yemen and of course, the obligatory Iranian bullshit attached, jesus, they never give up do they, fill the void with manure.
And bad on top of it.

If I had the chance, I would saturate their land, with weapons, if there is another people whom have all the right to fight for their own land and people, its the Yemenits, to me, this along with the Palestinians, just shows how deep the hypocrisy goes, and they have no shame, whining about Russia, while sucking up the Saudi-barbarians.
Its staggering obvious, and yet, they just simply dont care, amazing isnt it, while yapping about Humanity and freedom.
While Saudis bombs even schools for disabled children, marked by British specs, why dont we talk about that, whom is helping the Saudi-barbarians in their rape and slaughtering of Yemen.

May our Lord continue to bless the Yemens in their righteous fight against the evil forces of man.
There is NO God whom would hold this against anyone of You, Yemeni’s, never forget that.
You have my hart and soul with you.



wow…. that is like the most broken “english” i have ever read.


Look beyond that and you’ll find someone with a great pain, a clear heart and a lot of good words.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Return to sender!…this is American tech!..I remember during gulf war another patriot hit a building in Dahran saudi arabia


Man- is this OLD news. Did southfront merely parrot KSA propaganda first time around, and is only now responding to questions about why they didn’t report the truth on DAY ONE?

Against real ballistic missiles, patriots NEVER work. Patriots are for drones, large firework rockets, and planes only.


None of the US ABM stuff works. The Russians and Chinese know that.

Feudalism Victory

Good spread. Seems like theyre getting militarily effective.


when saudi abrams got whacked by old and outdated missiles , americans said it is the saudi that made mistakes..

when saudi bases got hammered by yemeni missiles , americans said it is saudi’s fault never mind the saudi got their intelligence from US ISR assets

when saudi patriots showed poor performance , americans said it is saudi operators behind the missiles , ignorant of the fact that it is US contractors that operate the patriot batteries..


Good job then they are not using modern Russian missiles to take out the sitting duck Abrams.


funny how the most modern M1A2 abrams in yemen got blasted by outdated monkey model ATGM ..

just like how the US get free pass easy COIN war in afghanistan because there’s no one supplhying taliban with MANPADS.. give the talibs manpads and US helicopter operation in afghanistan will become expensive as hell


the only reason theres no US abram casualties in iraq is precisely because the data hidden by pentagon. only perusing DoD casualties report would you saw a list of destroyed american manned tanks during iraq war..

and thats with common RPG , not sophisticated ATGM.. if russia or iran supply the insurgents with ATGM and manpads , it will be a bloodbath to american forces


Useless crap. Anyone read the latest POGO report on the JSF? They are deluding themselves if that thing will ever work.



So called “Superior American Technology”

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