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Video: S-300 System For Syrian Forces Arrives Khmeimim Air Base

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A TV channel of the Russian Defense Ministry, Zvezda, has released a video showing the arrival of the S-300 air defense system to Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base in the Syrian province of Lattakia.

On October 2, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that 49 pieces of military equipment, including the S-300 system [4 launchers] and radars, had been delivered to Syria. MORE HERE

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Russia has moved with a real superpower efficiency in deploying the upgraded S-300 for its Syrian allies. Most of the 9 batteries were moved by giant condor aircraft, confirming Russia’s unique airlift capability. It is now time to shoot some illegal intruding aircraft.

Graeme Rymill

Not 9 batteries. Not even 4 batteries. Just 4 launchers.

You can call me Al

That was my concern, please note that this is just 1 flight.

Graeme Rymill

“We have completed the delivery of the S-300 system,” Shoigu

said Tuesday. The hardware supplied to Syria consisted of 49 pieces of military equipment, including radars, control vehicles and four launchers, he added.


You can call me Al

Yes, but too ambiguous.


Israel’s US donated F-35, at $100,000,000 per jet, will now be permanently grounded. The F-35 is the most expensive junk ever built, and nobody willfully wants any except Israel who gets them for free at taxpayers expense. PS. In the United States, Americans don’t have health care, expensive university education, many are homeless, and many children go to bed hungry at least once a month.

Promitheas Apollonious

S300 or not, the F35s would have been permanently grounded any way.


What are brabbling about? F-35s won’t be grounded at all. Yes, they’re horridly expensive, but certainly not junk.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes not junk?

R u sure? prove it to me they not, because I know different.

Vince Dhimos

You may be thinking of a report in National Interest showing that the F-35 will lose in a dog fight with the Su-35. But that report did not say that the F-35 will show up on a radar screen. It is a stealth fighter-bomber and while it can be seen on special radar screens at short distances, there may not be any radar yet that can guide a missile to it. That is a major problem. The F-22 raptor is also stealth but Israel does not have any of these yet. The US could change that. The S-300 is vulnerable.

Promitheas Apollonious

stealth is a myth in a dog fight as well to low frequency radar and this subject is exhausted as it been proven time and again believe what you like stay blind to reality believe the american myths. It is impossible to awaken one who pretend he is asleep so good dreaming.

Promitheas Apollonious

p.s. Next time you speak with me dont assume what I think you very far from understating my knowledge on certain issues so you can ask and you have answer. But ASSuming shows low mentality and trying to put words into someone else mouth that only shows your lack of knowing what you talking about.

Zionism = EVIL

haha F-35 is a flying dishwasher and intended to fleece US puppets in NATO.


I think whether they’re not gonna became junk would depend on how many US$ that can keep them operational and of course releasing upgrade package separately. They’re golden goose of the corrupt bureaucracy, DoD, and Lockheed.

You can call me Al

And how long they can remain operational, before week long system upgrades, repair of outside lining and so on and so on + how many trained pilots still remain after they walk away or decline flying the piece of junk.


Yes F-35 are junk whether these are block A or B or C. If these junk fighters cannot save themselves from S-200 then of course these are junk fighters. LOL

Vince Dhimos

Syria did not ever shoot down a F.35. They only shot down a F-16, which is not stealth. We DON’T KNOW what will hapen in a confrontation between the S-300 and the F-35.


BUllsh!t. Syria Shot and so severely damaged the F35 (with an S200), it was permanently grounded. If you can’t take the truth about the Fake Jews’ useless airforce , then maybe you should go back to Hasbara school

Vince Dhimos

Can you kindly send us a link to that story?


The F-35 could not hide from a bird so how it is possible to hide from an air defence missile system.


you are so primitive infantile, that i block you


Iam not saying rather benjanyahu says.

You can call me Al

Actually Israel stated that the F-35 flew into a flock of birds and is grounded after Syria said it hit / targeted an F-35.


finelly one wise voice from intrenet. but your words are only pearls for swines :(


The F-35s are like the Lem who had to go to the moon and exploded in the air. Then he went to the Moon studios in Hollywood.

You can call me Al

Very good. Good analogy.


no. his analogy is perfect for your iranian shitty f-4 copy miracleplane :DDDD

You can call me Al

1 has already crashed. Norway’s and others are rusting away, Countries military are saying no or cutting down orders significantly after full test flights.

They are Yank junk and my idiotic government bought loads of the them.

Concrete Mike

Im glad canada pulled the plug in 2015… us turned around and fucked our aerospace industry (bombardier) as payback.

Whith friends like that who needs ennemies.

You can call me Al

Same as the UK and Austria. I thought the Bombardier issue had been sorted (that also affects the UK).

Have a look at this; you actually shafted the Yankers – https://globalnews.ca/news/3989725/boeing-bombardier-u-s-rejects-import-duty-cseries/

Bobo Voxar

yes..will be grounded… S-300 will make radar signature and electronically “toutch” this plane and make it less “stealth” or even fully visible …


F-35 junk cost $1.5 TRILLION, $100 million apiece, and $10 billion over budget and first one delivered to the Zionists suffered a “bird strike” and has not been seen since then. Now with S-300 in SAA hands the chance of a sudden “bird strike” over Syria is much higher.


The S-300 is a game changer for Russia and Syria.


i think that any nation purchasing the F-35 is paying for Israel’s jets! I hope it turns out to be a flop! i dont just mean a rhetorical flop! I mean, i want one ISRAELI (not american) F-35 to die! That would end this war immediately (not escalate) because it means the only other option Israel has is a ground invasion! That means more Jews dead! Popcorn time!



Zionism = EVIL

S-300 will defend all of Syrian skies

The Syrian sky “will be safely protected after Russia’s supplies of S-300 missile defense systems,” Foreign Minister Walid Muallem told Al Mayadeen television on Tuesday.

The minister said the Zionist airstrikes in Latakia on September 17 resulting in the death of 15 Russian airmen were “aimed to prolong the Syrian conflict” and “undermine success in the liberation of Syria, achieved by the government army assisted by its Russian and Iranian allies”.


FINALLY they are there, but the defense minister also said there would be 3 months of training course for the ones that need to control the systems the Syrians, and he also said that they will complete all the work with the preparation and training of crews and tying them into a single network by October 20th. So soon in 3 months or less the Syrians can control this S-300 by themselves.


Zionism = EVIL

Why not handover to the Iranians in the meantime who have over 4 years experience on the S-300 and even upgraded them.


iranian upgrade = 1 more stair into the cabin :D

Ray Douglas

I would think the Russian’s will man them until the Syrians are trained. Which would mean that they are operational just as soon as they are installed.

You can call me Al

“So soon in 3 months or less the Syrians can control this S-300 by themselves”. Well, if it were me, I would keep a serious number of Russian trainers by the side of the Syrians until the peace has been gained and future secured.

leon mc pilibin

Nutandyahoo, loverman,must be freaking out about now,as their little one sided game has a new Player,HaHaHa.

al quaida

Like watching an episode of Thunderbirds

You can call me Al

Bastard, I wanted to write exactly the same comment, but I didn’t think anyone would remember them (No offence intended with the 1st World, well….).

al quaida

Ha showing my age. Used to make my Sunday mornings.

You can call me Al

Yep, it was definitely over the weekend. At school, for a good year, everything was “Thunderbirds are GO” – ah the good old days.

Do you remember – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/3/39/Space1999_Year1_Title.jpg/250px-Space1999_Year1_Title.jpg ?

Hassadnah Abraham

When come to security of Russian citizen, Syrian and Iraqis safety, Putin should not have to long thought against back stabbing partner like Turkish, Israelis and USA backstabbing partner. All action must be taken immediately and with full attention. Please do not wait until more Russian death or Syrian and Iraq be destroyed completely by US, Israelis and Turkish. More necessary weapons like S 400, SU 35 and many more should be delivered immediately. US and Israelis destroying activity in Syria and Iraq must be stopped completely and immediately


These weapons will I am sure arrive in Syria in a future move by President Putin of the ‘Chess Pieces’ if there is a greater threat to the Syrian people and all her allies in this epic struggle of the 21st Century against the US Coalition of Terror.

Vince Dhimos

LIke the S-300, the S-400 cannot be radar-guided to a stealth target like the F-35. NOTHING can. There is no effective counter-stealth missile anywhere in the world that we know of. We can only hope and pray that Russia has secretly developed such a stealth-proof missile guidance system. Almaz-Antey has been working feverishly to develop such a system.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Do you know this phrase: “Sorry, we didn´t know it was invisible”, if not google it.

And i posted a link to an Southfront article where a Israeli F-35 suffered a “birdstrike” during operations over Syria, but no photos of the planes damages exist and the plane was sent back as scrap, wich should not happend since the plane have checked off birdstrike test, so yes “Stealth” can be beated and it have been for decades now, by missiles systems older than the pilot itself.

And stealth is not invisible, its just low-observable, so yes it can be seen under the correct conditions, and those correct conditions are more and more common.

Vince Dhimos

Thanks! I checked on the Serb quote. Very cute. I also checked on this site: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/did-russian-made-missile-really-strike-new-israeli-f-35-stealth-fighter-27537 and noticed this classic Zionist sentence: “The plane reportedly landed safely, but the Israeli Air Force did admit that it wasn’t sure whether the plane will fly again.” Oh, sure. Like my daughter took the car out last night and grazed a stop sign scratching the left fender. She got back safely but we aren’t sure the car will ever run again! LOLOLOL!

Kell McBanned


Vince Dhimos

Unfortunately, while the Russians have developed a radar system, the Struna-1, that can “see” the F-35 in flight, there are no reports of any systems that can giude a missile toward a low-observation (stealth) aircraft. This means that, unless Russia has newer unreported systems, the S-300 systems are vulnerable to Israeli attack. Worse, it means that if the Russians are attacked by the F-35s, their only recourse would be to counter-attack the F-35s on the ground at the air base. That would be the start of WW II.


Actually detecting them and keeping track of it already enough for missile guidance. Plus the f35 is cranky clumsy brick of a plane that have large turn radius. In any case it can’t really fly backwards to where it came from.


The US State Dept made this statement :- ” US warns of ‘serious escalation’ if Russia delivered S-300 systems to Syria ”

When we analysen this joint US/Israeli ‘double speak ‘ , it translates to :-

‘US/Israel warns of serious escalation if Russia delivered S-300 systems to Syria that will be used to deter US Coalition of Terror attacks on the Syrian people and her allies ‘.


Israel’s days keep growing shorter and shorter…


It is all good preparation for Israels place in the darkness of any afterlife :)

Ivan Drago

Bird-strike reports on F-35’s are soon to follow =D


We would like to see how the Israel threats and the drums they beat up to today/their hotheads will subside.They say they gonna continue hitting targets in Syria even after the delivery of S300,by this they mean they will use the deconfliction channel to outwit russians that they will hit a certain target and hit the Russians or Target they didn’t announce.

George King

Well there is the question if they can reach their facilities to land, if it still exist? Doesn’t that up the kill ratio by including crash landings of the attackers? We are starting to see the “Peter Principal” go ballistic in world affairs not to mention mankind as a species.

stary ujo

The Trumo will very , very angry ! hih…


All this fighting over hydrocarbon rich territory requires to burn off even more hydrocarbons

What we really need to such an effort dedicated to renewable energies.

Concrete Mike

To a certain extent yes, but this is more than just oil.

This is to keep US on top and everybody elese down. Read up on “project for a new american century” It will be clearer after that.


More than oil?

Like full spectrum dominance.

PNAC has been renamed as the Foreign Policy Initiative

From 3 day’s ago…..https://disqus.com/home/discussion/southfront/us_interior_secretary_threatens_russia_with_naval_blockade/#comment-4121797236

Hydrocarbons have alway’s been part and package of it all, the pipelines, the currencies used to conclude transactions, and provided these are used in US approved currencies all will be good and well.

The problem arises when nations refuse to become Washington’s submissive’s

Even now that the USSR is no more and Russia has become capitalist, why the ongoing false accusations and unfounded sanctions?

Free trade, the way that I understand it is supposed to allow for free competition between suppliers and manufacturers, however US foreign policy appears to be dedicated to market manipulation.

PNAC is in full swing just like TPP.

PNAC has been renamed as the Foreign Policy Initiative

George King

The US on top? The US is 21+ trillion in debt! Who owns that debt is who is on top, not who owes it……… Question more.

Concrete Mike

Yes im well aware of the us debt.

This is their plan not mine.

Honestly is seems national debt isnof very little concern to the americans political class. Their focus seems to be to get wall street richer, thats it.

I think its an idiotic doctrine personally and im glad its failing.

The real qiestion is, if usa gov is not concerned of debt…why should I??


We have to burn the oil to save the oil.


Yet, first the oil fields have to be taken over.

Daniel Miller

its a S-300PMU1 or PMU2

You can call me Al

a “V”, whatever the differences are.But I also added a link somewhere where they also supplied S-350 !!?


Variants S-300 F : naval version of the S-300 S-300 V : four missiles mounted to an tracked vehicle. S-300 PS : Four missiles mounted to a Maz-543 truck. S-300 PM : Four missiles mounted to a Kraz-260 truck. S-300 PM1: upgraded version of S-300 PM, new missile, and association with a new radar system S-300 PM2 : upgraded version of S-300 PM1, higher range. S-300 PMU : export version of S-300 PS/PM S-300 PMU1 : export version of S-300 PM1 S-300 PMU2 : export version of S-300 PM2


John Whitehot

it’s not a V, it’s a PMU2.


Looks like V is the tracked version. This is one pix I found for PMU2 that matches video. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bda17af715e7e53b0ee8b49450e294aec14e774380406210f68a978b922a81a6.jpg

Daniel Miller

no its a PMU variant not a V variant V’s are on trakced chaccys not wheeled ones.

You can call me Al

OK, but I read somewhere that they sent different S-300 types. I’ll try and find the article.


I wish this missiles an enthusiastic good luck and happy hunting!


welcome welcome!

Abbas Salim

The F35 was used in combat for the first time in Afghanistan against the Taliban with the most rudimentary weapons. What a waste !

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