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Video: Russia’s Mi-28 UB Combat Training Helicopter


Video: Russia's Mi-28 UB Combat Training Helicopter

A screenshot from the video

RT released a translation of the documentary on Russia’s state-of-the-art Mi-28UB combat training helicopter produced by the Russian Defense Ministry’s TV network “Zvezda”.

The Mi-28UB  is designed by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. It is based on the Mi-28NE Night Hunter combat helicopter and is often used to train military pilots that require flight practice on Mi-28NE Night Hunter helicopters. The Mi-28UB was officially revealed to the public at the International Aviation and Space Salon in 2013. The Russian military is going to acquire up to 60 helicopter of this type.



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  • v76

    Ka-52 is much more interesting.

  • ruca

    Combat Approved is a fantastic series from RT. I absolutely love it!

    • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

      100% agree!

    • Harsha

      one of best Russian military doc. series after Wings Of Russia.

      • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

        Wings of russia studios is legendary!

        Simply the best , facts without the typical Discovery or History Channel BS

  • Bob

    The US has sanctioned Russian helo export companies – so the current Afghan government subordinate to US occupation cannot acquire parts or any further servicing for their fleet of Mi-17 helos. Which they have long term flight and maintenance experience with, and whose engines also perfectly suit the variable Afghan atmospheric conditions. Result – the US has determined to sell the Afghan government batches of their own second hand ex US military UH-60A Black Hawks…what could possibly go wrong…?!

  • karakajeen

    Nice heli.give us one Dozen.we need for our Kashmir