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JUNE 2021

Video: Russian Su-25SM3 Attack Aircraft Purged Terrorist Positions In Northeastern Hama

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The pro-opposition media outlet STEP News has released a video that shows a Russian Su-25SM3 attack aircraft operating in Syria’s northeastern Hama.

The video was allegedly filmed in the area of the village of Kafr Zeta controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies. The Russian Su-25SM3 allegedly delivered an airstrike on a target in the vicinity of the village. According to pro-government sources, the airstrike hit a fortified position of the militants.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army continued its advance in southern Idlib. MORE ABOUT THIS HERE

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Tudor Miron

Good hit!
Yeah, Russian left Assad behind, no doubt Assad is doing OK with this frogfoots supporting him from the sky.

Pavel Pavlovich

Russian Armed Forces left but much of the Terrorist Army (CIA controlled) also left for Afghanistan, thence they are infiltrating Russian soil and waiting for the green light (before or after the elections next year).

Nigel Maund

Most probably right and the Russians know it.

Icarus Tanović

Much more they’re out of men power an moral. They aren’t serious threat anymore, stretched on all these fronts.

Pavel Pavlovich

In all likelyhood, they are not.
Should Russia loose the fight that is to come next year,
Syria will surely be lost, despite all of this.

Icarus Tanović

No, Syria won’t be lost. Syria is back on its tracks. You see, there’s no screwing around with Russians.
And Assad called Sdf ‘traitors’ yesterday, so next round will begin very soon.

Nigel Maund

SU25SM3 is a first class ground attack bomber. Sometimes, because of the Yankie interference, it needs interceptor support to drive off the F16’s and F22’s.

Potato Potato

Syrian Air Force doesn’t use frogfoots. This is RuAF.

Tudor Miron

That was sarcasm in answer to zio trolls posting around that “Russia left Syria behind”, because everyone knows that S25 are operated by RuAF

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