Video: Russian Special Operations Forces Crush Al-Qaeda-linked Militants In Idlib De-Escalation Zone


A media outlet of the Russian Defense Ministry, Zvezda, has released a video showing clashes between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and the Russian Special Operations Forces in Syria’s Idlib de-confliction zone.

The Russian Special Operations Forces were de-blocking a platoon of Russian military police encircled by militants in the Idlib de-escalation zone during the Hayat Tahrlr al-Sham advance in northern Hama.

The special task group was assited by aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.


  • Lupus

    watching these pics gives a nice rush. Thx!

  • Bru

    go Syria, free your country from all the jihadi, PKK and US terrorists who have invaded it!

  • Boom!

  • Kell

    Wow amazing clear images, brilliant.

  • Bru

    Such an instant defeat-annihilition by the master-reaction of the Russian anti-terrorist forces is also a great lesson for these US-backed terrorists who will not try again…

    • Thegr8rambino

      HTS got gangraped HAHAHAHHAHA!!!

  • Livingstone

    Waaooh so amazing

  • Livingstone

    Syria remove the idiots from your country

  • Garga

    On the 1:41 mark, is that a M136 AT4 beside the body?
    Perhaps the ones familiar with those weapons can tell us.

    • Mahmoud Larfi

      “is that a M136 AT4”
      Yes it is.

  • László Hentes

    Very good job !

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Russian rifle Orsis T-5000 with termal vision the best sniper rifle!

    • Mahmoud Larfi

      The riffle at 1:33 is a British Accuracy International AX custom version for Russian Spetsnaz. Don’t know whether it’s .50 BMG or .308 Lapua.

      • Manuel Flores Escobar

        Orsis T-5000!..Russia dont use foreign weapons as they are testing Russian weapons in Syria!

        • Luis Sidorenko

          Not an Orsis T-5000 rifle, it’s an Steyr-Mannlicher SSG 08.

          • Mahmoud Larfi

            @Luis Sidorenko that’s it exactly. Thanks !

  • χρηστος

    1.06,1.39……great camera view ,,,,,,great job

  • Jesus

    HTS wanted to trap 29 Russian troops guarding the deconfliction zone, at the request of US as a diversion, within 24 hours they suffered 800 casualties and a 11 lost tanks and a wide array of vehicles and total defeat. US planners and their HTS proxies are such idiots, we are going to see this kind of idiocy displayed with the Kurds and SOF.

  • Hrky75

    Did I see a Russian fly an ATGM around the corner a 0:55? And I have a feeling that the Russians were in on the whole “offensive” thing and used the opportunity for some rough love education of HTS and their US controllers. In addition SAA volunteer battalions trained by Russian graduated with flying colors too.

    • Mahmoud Larfi

      The irony is that elite HTS receive the exact same training and use the same combat tactics as Spetsnaz and now got lectured the very hard way by the original masters of their art.

      • Lyubomir

        Exact same training my ass, you don’t know what you are talking about. LOL

        • Mahmoud Larfi

          Elite HTS forces are trained by ex Spetsnaz instructors.
          They use the same combat techniques as Russian special forces.

          Even southfront had an article last year about these ex Spetsnaz contractors embedded within al-Nusra front in Idlib, they had a website maintained by one of their leaders who was killed earlier this year in a Russian airstrike. His nom de guerre was Abu Rafiq.

          • Lyubomir

            Combat Techniques are only one element of multi-lair element frame that, constitute what Spetsnaz is. You know nothing about that, since you operate in single dimension.
            Every highly trained unit, have amazing combat techniques and training, but they are not Spetnsnaz ;)

  • FlorianGeyer

    It would be nice to think that a few US Special Forces /CIA/ Contractors were amongst the dead. :)

    • Orcbuu

      Im pretty sure Syria and allies are going into Idlib Sooner or later.

  • Thegr8rambino


    • Ronald

      He was one of the trainers :)

  • Nigel Maund

    Great stuff Russia! Most people who actually understand what Russia has done to really address the international terrorist problem understand the debt we all owe your country and its servicemen. No one but a moron believes all the Western lies over Russia in their corporately owned and corrupted MSM. So God be with you and protect your servicemen.

  • Zainab Ali

    God bless the russian special operations forces and the aerospace forces. Evidence is clear unlike the lying yankee led coalition.

  • Biswajit

    I do not Solomon, the jew ass licker in this thread. Surpise,Surprise. May be he is lurking somewhere just looking for name calling and character assasination, just like MSM.

  • Lyubomir

    I think this hole operation was a demonstration what happens if you try to escalate ‘deescalation zone”. The Jihadi inbreeds and their employers thought a handful of Russians means shit. But then the reinforcements came by and it was a rain of air strikes and hell on ground as well. That’s very strong message to everyone. HTS, Turkey and their homogangsters and the Kurdish land grabbers. Beautiful distraction of scum