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Video: Russian Combat Lasers ‘Peresvet’ Go On ‘Experimental Combat Duty’


Video: Russian Combat Lasers 'Peresvet' Go On 'Experimental Combat Duty'

A screenshot from the video

On December 4, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that Peresvet combat laser systems had gone on “experimental combat duty within the Armed Forces on December 1. The defense ministry noted that the Armed Forces have been receiving Peresvet combat laser systems since 2017.

Restoring Strategic Balance: Russia’s ‘Invincible’ Nuclear Weapons:

“Among the weapon systems “utilizing novel physics principles” was a combat laser system. According to Vladimir Putin, it also began to enter service starting in 2017 and, after a vote on the MOD website, was named Peresvet. Even though it is already entering service, relatively little is known about it. It is most likely an air defense system against drones, helicopters, and low-flying aircraft. It is possible that it’s intended to defeat the new US ABM systems and US hypersonic weapons under development. Specialists believe the laser system could be used against land targets, and that it is “charged” by miniature nuclear power cells. What is not known is its effective range, and whether it could be used to disable the adversary’s satellites.”



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  • Fred Summers

    Jonas in Ukraine (who has so far been 100% correct about everything he has ‘leaked’) cryptically stated last week that: “Eyes do not like to have bright lights pointed at them. Bright lights can make eyes go blind. Russia has some very bright lights”.

    At the time I had no idea what he meant, but was this cryptic clue a reference to a very poweful laser system – the so called ‘bright light’? .

    It makes sense to me – rather than try to shoot down anything with lasers (which requires crazy power levels and computer controlled automated tracking to stay on a fast moving target) maybe the Russians have just worked out it is much easier and almost as effective to simply overload or burn-out the various sensors on most high tech stuff fielded these days (ie, drones, missiles, planes and even sattelites)?

    Choose the right wavelength and power level and they could even be pointed at a populated area with civillians, such as a shore line, knocking out every camera sensor (including fire control cameras on vehicles) without damaging the eyesight of anyone caught up in the flash.

    Food for thought.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Ah, but the US has a plan. Lockheed Martin have developed some very expensive protection for men and equipment. Only $50,000 a set.

      Military Ray-Bans :)


    • viktor ziv
    • Redadmiral

      Fred can you please put up a link to Jonas’s blog. When you are quoting a source without adding the link it negates the point you are making. Most of us here subscribe to transparency and make our posts open to the source with links to it. This blogger/s you quote from, “Jonas”, needs to become visible in order to give traction to your posts. Otherwise your interesting posts and they are very interesting become worthless.

  • occupybacon

    It will be deployed in Crimea to defend the Kerch Strait.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Here in this article I post the video of a Chinese companies new Laser AK rifle.
    Old rounds and missiles are becoming obsolete quickly. Too slow. Light moves at the speed of light.
    Lasers are no longer merely the future of warfare, they are the present, but most nations are too dumb to realize this.
    If a major war broke out today, in less the four months the Chinese or Russians would be fielding many laser rifles as well as other lasers. The side using the old slow moving gun power rounds looses.