Video: Russian Attack Helicopters Purge ISIS Terrorists Near Palmyra


The video shows Russian attack helicopters puring ISIS terrorists in the Palmyra countryside.

Earlier this week, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies liberated large areas from ISIS terrorists south of Palmyra in the province of Homs. Government forces secured the Palmyra-Damascus highway and a number of hills and villages. Thus, the army defended the southern flank of the Homs-Plamyra highway that will be vital supply line for government troops pushing towards Deir Ezzor.



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  • FlorianGeyer

    Very professional work by the Russian Aero Space Forces.

    • adam77

      tactically great, but strategically should have been farther East if they want to link up with PMU.

      • FlorianGeyer

        I do not see the logic in your statement. ISIS terrorists were where they were and the Russian forces attacked ISIS where they were.

  • Hrky75


  • Barba_Papa

    Unfortunately in the last incident you can see that the rats were able to flee their about to explode gun truck just in time. Although in the preceding clip it looks like they were less lucky, with one rat being seen thrown violently off his exploding vehicle.

    • Thegr8rambino

      hopefully they die of thirst/starvation/wild animal/god knows what else in the desert lol

  • Ronald

    Did T3 base get reclaimed ?
    Anyone ?

  • Thegr8rambino

    haahhahaah im so glad they are all dead, fuck them all

  • NeoLeo

    K-52 Alligator Akbar!

  • Nigel Maund

    Great work and thanks to the professional Russian Aerospace Forces!! … we all owe you a huge vote of thanks and appreciation!